Sorahiko Torino vs. Kurogiri is a battle fought between Pro Hero Gran Torino against the League of Villains member Kurogiri during an incident simultaneous with the Shie Hassaikai Raid.

Naomasa Tsukauchi, the Police, and Gigantomachia are also involved in the incident.


Just prior to the battle between the Heroes and Overhaul's Shie Hassaikai, Deku wonders why Gran Torino isn't present.

Sir Nighteye and the Police chief present explain that the League of Villains are making big moves and Detective Tsukauchi is moving in on them. Sir Nighteye adds that Gran Torino was disappointed about missing out on the raid but had to help the police.[1]

With the fall of All For One, Kurogiri believes the League has grown too weak. With permission from Tomura, the Warp Villain goes off in search of a certain power All For One left behind for them.[2]


The details from the beginning of this battle are unknown.

Gigantomachia appears!

Thanks to eyewitnesses around the area, the Police are able to track Kurogiri's position and catch him in an unspecified mountain range. Gran Torino tackles the villain to the ground and mentions that if the Police can capture him then his allies will follow suit.

Kurogiri admits he moved recklessly and got himself noticed, but states that there is another evil-doer in the area that he has business with. A giant presence moves through the trees and gets the heroes' attention. Kurogiri reveals that All For One had another apprentice in hiding: Gigantomachia! [3]

Gigantomachia proves to be a powerful villain that levels the mountainside. Moderately injured, Gran Torino manages to escape with the Police and Kurogiri.[4]


Gran Torino informs All Might of the developments via cell phone. All Might mentions the noose around the League of Villains is tightening but Gran Torino argues that the new villain complicates things even more than ever. Police reinforcements return to the area but Gigantomachia isn't found.[4]

One month later, the hulking villain makes his way to the League of Villains hideout where he challenges All For One's successor. The villains realize that he is the power Kurogiri went to seek out, after believing he had failed to do so.[2]


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