"Hammer" Soji (鉄槌 (ハンマー) (そう) () Hanmā no Sōji?) is a yakuza member affiliated with the Abegawa Tenchu Kai.


Soji is a muscular man with light-colored hair and a beard who has the kanji 雷 ("thunder") tattooed on his left shoulder.

He is dressed like a construction worker.


Not much is known about his personality at this time.


Soji Sketch by Betten Court

Soji sketch

One day the Abegawa Tenchu Kai's headquarters are attacked by a single assailant, the vigilante Stendhal. The four present executives quickly activate their respective Quirks to battle the intruder. Soji, Tetsu, and Haruhisa simultaneously attack Stendhal, who is then forced to jump in order to dodge the barrage of attacks. Rojiya Yonenaga throws his manhole with a considerable amount of force at the vigilante. Stendhal, however, licks the blood samples of the four executives and thus paralyzes them with his Quirk. He then quickly finishes them off with one single slash, killing them.[1]



Unnamed Lightning Quirk: Soji's Quirk allows him to generate lightning.


Hammer: Soji uses a hammer in conjunction with his Quirk.


  • Soji is based on Marvel Comics' Thor.


  1. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Manga: Chapter 9+α.

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