Shoto Todoroki & Mezo Shoji vs. Mashirao Ojiro & Toru Hagakure is a battle fought between U.A. Students Shoto Todoroki and Mezo Shoji (Team B) against their classmates Mashirao Ojiro and Toru Hagakure (Team I) during the Battle Trial.


Team B & Team I move to Battle Building B following Team A's victory over Team D. Mashirao and Toru are designated as the villains. Toru tells Mashirao that she is giving it her all and removes all her clothes to completely disappear because of her Quirk. Mashirao ponders his embarrassment as he realizes how strange it is to be standing in a room with a naked girl.[1]


All Might announces the beginning of the battle, the siren goes off and the timer starts. Mezo uses his Quirk to transform his Dupli-Arms into ears that detect movement on the north side of the fourth floor. Mezo mentions that their opponents are both barefoot on that level of the building and that Toru is likely trying to ambush them.

Shoto battle trial

Shoto freezes the building.

Shoto responds by asking Mezo to exit the building for his own safety. Shoto believes that Team I is trying to fight a defensive battle and states his team has already won. Shoto uses his right side to completely cover the building with a solid layer of ice. Both Mashirao and Toru's feet are frozen to the ground. Mashirao comments on how powerful Shoto's Quirk is. Shoto walks through the entrance to the room and Mashirao takes a fighting stance. He warns Mashirao that prying himself free would rip the skin off his feet and make it difficult to fight.

In the monitoring room, All Might commends Shoto for effectively incapacitating his opponents without compromising his teammate or the payload. Katsuki watches in horror and Eijiro comments on how strong Shoto is. Shoto walks right by Mashirao and places his hand on the payload, securing victory for his team.[1]


Shoto uses his left side to melt away the ice from the entire building. Then he taunts Mashirao by telling his opponent that he is simply on a different level of strength. Shoto exits the building while Mezo watches in amazement. The other students in the monitoring room comment on Shoto's strength and how he got into U.A. High based on recommendations alone.

Later on, Katsuki admits to Izuku that after watching Shoto's fight, he does not believe he can win against him in a head to head fight.[1]


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