Hizashi comes up with Eraser Head

Hizashi chooses the hero name "Eraser Head" for Shota.

Sometime during his adolescent years, Shota attended U.A. High School where he met Hizashi Yamada and Oboro Shirakumo, with whom he would make friends, and they would end up being called "the three dumbigos of Class A".[1] One day, while picking their hero names, Shota was unable to decide so Hizashi chose the name "Eraser Head" for him.[2][3]

During his second year, Shota began to have doubts about his ability to become a hero, feeling even unable to save a kitten he found abandoned on a rainy day when he was on his way to the U.A. The only thing he could do at that moment was to leave his umbrella to protect it and continue his walk to the high school without caring that he would end up completely wet. Once in his homeroom class, his friend Hizashi, seeing his glum mood, tries to cheer him up without much success.

Suddenly, Oboro arrives through the homeroom class window, using a cloud he created with his Quirk, making jokes about Shota and Hizashi and interrupting roll call, being admonished by the teacher. Oboro was another classmate with whom Shota maintained a good relationship. Oboro gives back Shota’s umbrella, and when he is about to ask him if anything was underneath, Oboro pulled out a cat he rescued earlier from the rain, which is met with adoration from his classmates. Shota realized that it's the same kitten he left under his umbrella.[4]

Former Class 2-A Training

Shota at School trainings.

After finishing the roll call, the homeroom teacher reminded the students soon to participate in the Hero Work-Studies, putting special emphasis on Shota, Oboro, and Hizashi since none of them have been assigned to an agency as of yet. After this, the whole Class 2-A did joint practical exercises with Class 2-B. In one of the exercises, Shota had problems with another student named Sensoji, who ridicules him for his uselessness and weak Quirk, before being separated by the teacher. The homeroom teacher knows that Shota that these problems are because Shota is not yet clear about his future as a hero.

Later, on one of the rooftops of the U.A., Shota talked with Oboro and Hizashi about his personal doubts. Oboro advised him to specialize in the battler route because he believes that Shota's Erasure can be very useful in a fight. Shota doubts his partner's statements, although the conversation changes radically when he sees that Oboro feeds the kitten with human food. Then he reminds Oboro and Hizashi that bringing animals to school is against the rules. At that moment, the third-year student Nemuri Kayama appeared, joining their conversation, and ends up adopting the kitten. The next day, Shota and Oboro talked about how Hizashi finally got assigned to an agency. Nemuri appeared again and informed them that her boss, His Purple Highness, was willing to accept them in his agency.[5]

Shota being scolded by His Purple Highness

Shota being scolded by His Purple Highness.

Shota and Oboro accepted their offer, and thus, began their Work-Studies at Purple Revolution Agency, with Nemuri and His Purple Highness. One day, while patrolling, Shota tried to stop a villain who has just made a robbery, but the criminal has a Quirk that allows him to generate smoke, and he used it against Shota, blinding him and preventing him from using his Erasure on him. His Purple Highness came to Shota's aid before he could get hurt, but the villain managed to escape. His Purple Highness criticized Shota, not for not stopping the villain, but for acting like a hero with a gloomy face. Mr. Purple advised him that if he wants to be a hero, he must inspire confidence, and for that, he must trust his own power and smile.

Back to the Purple Revolution Agency, Shota reflected on Mr. Purple's words. It was good advice, but it is impossible for him to smile if he does not do his job well as a hero, to which his friend Oboro reassured him just to keep smiling even if you screw up. Then, when they talked about what would he do against the Villain if he encounters him again, Oboro came up with the idea of lending Shota his goggles to protect his eyes from the villain's smoke.

Purple Revolution Agency Victorious

Team Purple Revolution Victorious

A few days later, while patrolling they spotted the same Villain again. This time, thanks to the Oboro's goggles, Shota was not affected by the Villain’s Quirk, being able to use his Erasure on him without problems. The Robber Villain tried to attack, but Oboro suddenly appeared and knocked him out with a blow of his quarterstaff. Shota and Oboro successfully immobilized the Villain and His Purple Highness and the bystanders praised them for their work.[6]

When the Work-Studies period ended, they returned to the U.A., where they met with their colleague Hizashi, who pointed out to Shota that he wore the same type of goggles as Oboro, and Shota clarified that he lent them to protect his eyes. For some reason, this bothers Sensoji, who had a similar idea, wearing shades to prevent being blinded by his own Quirk Blast, and accused Shota of copying his idea. Shota preferred to ignore him.

Sensoji leaves the battlefield

Sensoji leaves the fight.

At Ground Beta, their homeroom teacher organized a battle royale in pairs. Shota and Oboro formed a team, and end up facing Sensoji and Hizashi. However, the first, letting himself be carried away by his antipathy towards Shota, decided to face both of them alone. Using his Quirk, Oboro manages to disorient Sensoji, allowing Shota to stand behind him and nullify his Blast Quirk with his Erasure. Taking advantage of the situation, Oboro knocked down Sensoji with his quarterstaff, causing him to lose his shades. Sensoji wants to continue, but Shota stopped him, arguing that a two-on-one is not a fair fight and tried to return to him his shades. Sensoji can not stand the defeat and broke the shades before stomping out of the class. The homeroom teacher complimented Shota and Oboro for their teamwork and lecture Sensoji for his behavior.

Later, Shota was hanging out with Oboro and Hizashi. Oboro talked about his plans for the future in which the three of them, after graduating from the U.A. and go independent, they should start their own Hero Office. Oboro explained that he and Hizashi would start the combat, something for which Shota is not suitable but he would be the edge in battle thanks to his Erasure, allowing him or Hizashi the final blow. Shota asked Oboro if what he has said about him is just another way to say that he can't do anything on his own, but Oboro clarified he is suited to teamwork. Shota was not very convinced with the Oboro's plan, which made both he and Hizashi tease him and his broody act. Nemuri showed up and the conversation drifted to a topic that is none of Shota's business, so he decided to let his friends enjoy the moment, while he contemplated the sky, feeling how things were changing.[7]

Shota and Oboro taking care of nursery kids

Shota being cautious

A week later, Shota, Oboro, and Nemuri have returned along with His Purple Highness to continue with the Work-Studies. Shota is patrolling Tasomiya Ward with Oboro when they meet a group of nursery kids. Oboro creates a cloud to lend them a ride while Shota guides them and makes sure their group looks both ways before crossing. Oboro compliments Shota, saying he's a natural with kids and suggest he should work at a daycare or be a school teacher but Shota claims he has no attributes for kids to like the way he acts, but he is proven wrong when after the duo and kids say their goodbyes, one of the children say goodbye personally to Shota.

Shota defeats Garvey

Garvey is defeated

Oboro says to Shota he needs to stop psyching himself out and that he can do anything if he puts his mind to it. Shota doesn't believe he's good enough to work at a daycare or be a teacher, although he considers Oboro's words, The conversation is interrupted when Shota receives a call from Nemuri, warning them to start evacuating the area immediately because a villain named Garvey is wrecking the neighborhood.

Shota and Oboro quickly return to the nursery kids to evacuate them, but Garvey arrives much sooner than they would have expected. Mr. Purple appears and tries to buy them some time so they can put the children safe, but he is easily defeated by the villain thanks to his Stock Quirk. The attacks cause serious damage to a nearby building, which begins to crumble over the children. Oboro creates a cloud to protect them, saving their lives, but by doing so he cannot protect himself and ends up crushed by the rubble. Shota screams for Oboro with no response causing the kids to cry.

It starts to rain harder and harder. With Oboro and Mr. Purple defeated, only Shota Aizawa remains to protect the children from the villain. However, Shota doesn't know what to do to stop him. He starts to doubt himself when he hears Oboro's voice through his speaker cheering him on. This gives him a boost of confidence to face the villain,[8] being able to defeat him alone after an arduous battle, where Oboro never stopped encouraging him through the communicator device.

Shota remembering Oboro

Mourning over Oboro's death

Shota is being praised for defeating the villain alone, but he that insisted his friend Oboro cheered him on during the entire fight, and wants him to get treated for his wounds as soon as they can. However, he notices that something is fishy when he sees Nemuri and Hizashi are grief-stricken, and Sensoji explains that he could not hear anything from the speaker since it is completely busted, telling him it was likely he was giving himself a pep talk and imagine it was Oboro. Shota brushes Sensoji‘s comment off and looks over the fallen rubble where Oboro was knocked out, only to find out his friend in a body bag, stained with blood, and finally realizes the terrible truth: Oboro Shirakumo is dead.

The body is removed and the rain intensifies. After several minutes Nemuri tells Shota and Hizashi to take cover. Hizashi thanks her for worrying about them but replies the rain fits the mood they're in. While contemplating the area where Oboro died, Shota remembers all the moments he spent with him, and with Hizashi by his side, they mourn the loss of their friend.[9][1]

Pro Hero Eraser Head

Shota's hero career.

The death of Oboro caused a strong impact on him, and until he graduated from the U.A. Shota intensified his solo training, barely interacting with his classmates. His teachers were a bit worried about him. Even though his grades were above average, the only thing he put effort into is battle training. They thought he has become too complacent for his own good, an opinion that was reinforced when, in a conversation with his homeroom teacher, he declared that he would start his own Hero Agency as soon as he graduates from U.A. High School. The teacher tried to convince him not to rush but Shota replies that he wants to be is an independent, underground hero, specializing in anti-villains combat.

Once he graduated and acquired his diploma, Shota began his Pro Hero career as Eraser Head that will lead him to obstacles, villains and allies along the way.[10]


Vigilantes Beginnings Arc

Knuckleduster charges against Shota

Knuckleduster vs Shota.

A few months prior to starting his teaching career, Shota was a hero who got involved in police investigation about the Villain Factory, a criminal organization responsible for drug trafficking known as Trigger, and the sudden appearance of Instant Villains due to its consumption.

Shota is involved in this case when he faced Knuckleduster, a vigilante who also investigated the Villain Factory on his own, but his methods of investigation were a bit violent, to say the least, which is why Shota thinks he was a villain at first. After a short fight, both decide to collaborate together to defeat a group of Instant Villains that were attacking Koichi Haimawari and Kazuho Haneyama, two allies of Knuckleduster.

After defeating them and putting him in police custody, Shota thanks Knuckleduster for his assistance but finds his actions to be dangerous. Knuckleduster does not mind helping since he is a "virtuous citizen" and thus it is natural to cooperate with Heroes. Knuckleduster believes that Heroes need people like him so that the incident with the Instant Villains will not happen again since he is free to deliver justice without restrictions. Shota finds it ridiculous that Knuckleduster believes his unlawful justice are crimes of conscience and finds him to be a troublesome old man. [11]

The heroes arrive

The heroes arrive to stop the villains.

Days later, Kuin Hachisuka, one of the agents of the Villain Factory, causes an outbreak of Instant Villains when she used her Quirk to inject several innocent people with Trigger. Shota and other heroes like All Might, Endeavor, Best Jeanist, Death Arms, Midnight, Ingenium and more, managed to stop the Outbreak before it caused too much damage.[12]

Following this incident, he is called into a meeting at the police station with several of the heroes who participated the other day. They met Detective Tanuma, one of the police officers investigating the case of the Trigger and the Instant Villains, who speak about the unwilling civilians injected with the drug. After the meeting, the heroes decide to return to their daily chores.

Afterward, Midnight approaches Eraser Head, asking about where Present Mic was because he was supposed to be at the meeting. He explains that Present Mic had a cold and could not make it. Midnight scolds Eraser Head on his attire. In response, he teases her saying she should become a teacher or something if she likes counseling others so much. Much to his chagrin, she tells him that's exactly what she plans on doing. Continuing on she reveals that principal Nezu personally requested her and that she would start next year at U.A. High School.

Shota Aizawa & Nemuri Kayama

Shota unimpressed by Midnight's "reasons" to be a teacher.

She advises Shota that he should also become a teacher because a wide variety of opinions and teaching styles is required to educate the youth. He asks if she is joking saying if he became a teacher that would be the epitome of irrational. Despite his words, Nemuri submits a recommendation for him to the principal without his permission, and then informs Shota that he has also been accepted at the U.A., thus beginning his career as a teacher.[13]

Vs. Queen Bee Arc

Weeks later, he is invited to participate in an event at the Marukane Department Store. Although he agreed to go, he doesn't really like to participate, so he is very happy when on his way to the Marukane, he hears citizens nearby screams that a villain has appeared. Upon arriving at the place of origin of the yells, Shota meets Teruo Unagisawa, a monstrous eel-like villain.[14]

Shota Aizawa restrains Teruo

Shota fighting a transformed Teruo.

Not without some difficulties, Shota manages to defeat him, although he finds Teruo's body strange because he had trouble moving and seemed uncoordinated. While resting after the fight, Eraser notices a bee with a syringe plunged into Teruo. He smacks it away with his bonds and notices how it was sucking something.[15] Later, he is interrogated by Naomasa, one of the detectives in charge of the Trigger's investigation, about the Instant Villain situation. Eraser tells him that he doesn't think Teruo is an Instant Villain and did not see any injector on him. However, he tells him, he did see a bee on the villain. Tsukauchi mentions that many civilians mentioned getting stung by a bee during the mass outbreak of instant villains.[16]

Osaka Incident Arc

Days later, at Narufest, Nemuri Kayama is surprised to meet Shota there. He responds that he is on duty and stopping by for lunch. Naomasa arrives to talk about a new villain that had begun appearing throughout the city. He tells them that Teruo had been arrested before, however between his first and second arrests his body was drastically bioengineered, the police had found several other villains with similar alterations with high concentrations of Trigger present in them.

Shota, Nemuri and Naomasa talking

Talking with Nemuri and Naomasa.

Naomasa tells Shota and Midnight that he believes there is an organization behind the distribution of Trigger that is also administering to others and altering them to be able to withstand greater amounts of the drug, as had happened with Teruo. Shota says that the organization must have some greater goal in mind because by themselves their "Instant Villains" and "Next-Level Villains" could not do much and were more like disposable pawns. Naomasa agrees and says that is why he had come, to ask for Shota's help in the matter.[17] At first, Eraser Head is not very sure of participating, because acting as a detective is not his thing, but Nemuri Kayama convinces him to help the police.[18]

In this way, Shota collaborates with the police. For this reason, while investigating, he has a confrontation with Jiro and Ichiro Hotta, two minor dealers. After defeating them and clarifying that he is not a policeman and that he only wants information, the Hotta brothers take Aizawa to their store to continue the conversation. The brothers tell him that the Trigger that has been distributed by Naruhata in recent months is an adulterated version with dire side effects, and they tell Aizawa everything they know about the adulterated Trigger.[18]

After this meeting, the brothers become, to their dismay, in confidants and informants of Eraser Head, so that he can find out any news or rumor about Trigger appearing on Naruhata black market. Also, Aizawa decided to use their store as an improvised base of operations, which frustrates the brothers.[18]

Sky Egg Bombing Arc

Aizawa captures Octoid with his bidding cloth

Shota fighting Octoid.

In one of his investigations, Shota ends up bump into Koichi, one of Knuckleduster's companions whom he helped months ago. The young vigilante had tried to face Octoid, a new Next-Level Villain that the Villain Factory had released in the city. However, the villain turns out to be more dangerous than he initially thought so he decides to move him away from the most populated areas so that he does not cause damage, encountering Shota on his way.

Erase Head tries to stop the villain, but even for him, Octoid is too powerful and ends up being seriously injured.[19] Shota needs the help of Koichi, the Hotta brothers, and Kamachi, a friend of the Hotta brothers and a former Next-Level Villain, to capture Octoid. Even so, after an incident, the villain manages to escape, fleeing through the alleys of Naruhata; however, Shota and the others end up finding him lying on the ground, tremendously injured after having received a brutal beating by someone unknown.[19][20]

After this incident, Shota continues to collaborate with the Police Force, with Naomasa informing him of each new discovery and the and the last activities of the Villain Factory. [21] Likewise, Koichi becomes a kind of ally and gives him a USB with important data that he obtains in his vigilantism patrols. Shota gives this USB to Naomasa, who thanks to this and other information that the police obtained from other sources,[22] allows him to locate the main laboratories of the Villain Factory, in Onomura Pharma Corp..

Onomura Pharma Corp Raid

Shota participates in a raid.

Naomasa decides to organize a police operation to assault Onomura, and during the days he is organizing the operation, he paired Shota with Fat Gum and Monika, with the mission of investigating people connected to the company.[23] Finally, after several days, Naomasa has everything organized to carry out the raid. Eraser Head and Fatgum will help the police in case they have to face serious threats.

With everything ready, on the same day that Captain Celebrity's farewell show is being held at the Tokyo Sky Egg, the police forces assault Onomura’s main building. The assault forces advance towards the secret laboratories with hardly any problems or resistance. However, once there, they run into Number 6, the main agent of the Villain Factory, surrounded by a group of creatures known as Bombers. Before Shota or anyone else can stop him, Number 6 activates a device that self-detonate several Bombers, destroying the laboratory. Number 6 and five bombers escape the place and go to the Tokyo Sky Egg, in order to assassinate the Captain Celebrity.[24]

Naomasa introduces Toshinori Yagi

Shota meets Toshinori Yagi.

Fortunately, Shota and her allies manage to survive the explosion thanks to Fat Gum, and along with Naomasa, flies quickly by helicopter to the Tokyo Sky Egg. There he uses his Quirk to help the heroes who are fighting the Bombers,[25] and also asks Naomasa to call All Might to come help. Thanks to this, All Might arrives in time to save everyone after Number 6 succeeded in getting the building to collapse by causing one of the Bombers to self-destruct.[26] After the attack, while the security forces and volunteers help the affected, Shota meets Toshinori Yagi for the first time in person, without even knowing yet that he is All Might.[27]

School Days Arc

Several weeks later, as he headed to the Hotta Brothers store, he receives a phone call from Midnight. She tells him that she is delighted to be a teacher at the U.A., and Hizashi Yamada will start teaching next semester, and the only one missing is him. Shota replies that he has not agreed to being a teacher, but Midnight tells him that Hizashi believe that he just needs a good shove to take action, and she believes that he has been shying away from what really matters. Pissed of at Midnight's words, Shota ends the conversation.

Koichi and Shota shelter under an awning

Shota and and Koichi take shelter.

After this, he sees Koichi protecting a kitten from a wolf-like villain. Shota intervenes and easily defeats the villain, calling the police to take care of him. Then it starts to rain, so he and Koichi take shelter under an awning. Koichi doesn't know what to do with the kitten, and Shota quickly explains that taking care of an animal is a big responsibility. Faced with his attitude, Koichi asks if he got something against cats, because he has avoided looking at it. Shota simply replies that he doesn't want to be swayed by his emotions. If he’s not prepared for responsibility, he shouldn't get involved with something in the first place.[4]

All that situation (the rain, the cat, etc ...) makes Shota remember the years in which he was a student at U.A. and everything that happened to his partner Oboro and how his death affected him. Once the rain ceases, and Shota leaves to go to Hotta Brother's shop. Koichi decides to go with him in case someone wants to keep the kitten.

Once there, he finds that Octoid, whose real name is Ikajiro Takobe, is with the Hotta Brothers as he is going to be the cook in the cafe that the Hotta brothers plan to open. Seeing the kitten, Ikajiro decides to adopt it, and all this triggers a friendly discussion about how the cafe should be. This remind Shota of a happy moment with Hizashi, Oboro and Nemuri in a similar situation, discussing about starting his own dream Hero Agency and how it should be. All this makes him reflect on what he really should do.

Ichiro tells Shota that they even included him in their plans for the cafe, but Shota tells them not to consider him in their plans since he will leave the town soon.[10]


Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Sleeping bag

Shota arrives at Class 1-A.

On the first day of the initial term for Class 1-A, Shota arrives outside the class in his sleeping bag. He overhears Ochaco Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya talking about making friends and interrupts them. He tells the pair they can go home if they are only at U.A. to make friends and promptly introduces himself as Class 1-A's homeroom teacher. He warns his students it took them eight seconds too long to get ready for class and says that rational students would be silent and seated already. Without any further interruption, Shota forgoes orientation and takes the class outside for the Quirk Apprehension Test.

Shota instructs Katsuki Bakugo to throw a softball using his Quirk to preview the purpose of the test. The students get excited to use their Quirks but Shota warns them that the test is to gauge the students' potential and the student who comes in last has none and will be expelled immediately.[28]

Shota warns Izuku

Shota questions Izuku's ability to become a hero.

He monitors the students as they go through each test in order to assess their room for growth. During the ball throw exercise, Shota immediately stops Izuku Midoriya from breaking himself by erasing his Quirk before he can throw the ball. A stunned Izuku recognizes his goggles and reveals to the class that Shota is the Pro Hero "Eraser Head". Shota claims that the judges should not have let Izuku enroll at U.A. because of his lack of control over his own Quirk and would just be incapacitated again after just saving one person. He tells Izuku that he cannot become a hero and instructs him to take his final throw.

Shota ponders whether Izuku will break himself or give up, but to his surprise, Izuku channels his Quirk into his finger and throws the ball over seven hundred meters. Izuku turns to his teacher and tells him that he can still move and belongs at U.A. Shota is deeply impressed and responds with a wide grin.[29][30] Katsuki gets angry with Izuku and tries to attack him, but Shota quickly stops him by using his Capturing Weapon and his Quirk. He warns Katsuki to stop wasting time and asks the next person to step up.

All Might and Shota Aizawa

Shota sees potential in Izuku.

Following the conclusion of the fitness tests, Shota reveals the rankings to the class. Although Izuku comes in last place, Shota chooses not to expel him and instead tells the class he was lying. He writes it off as a logical deception to make sure each student did their best. As he leaves, Shota is confronted by All Might. All Might claims Shota was always planning to send someone homes because Shota's file in the teaching directory revealed he expelled his entire class before. Shota admits that Izuku does not have zero potential, but he can sense a connection between Izuku and All Might.[31]

U.S.J. Arc

Once the news about All Might becoming a teacher at U.A. breaks out, the media surrounds the entrance of the high school looking for a scoop. Shota confronts them himself, telling them to stop disturbing his students because All Might is not on campus. He returns to homeroom and informs Class 1-A that he has reviewed the results of combat training. First, he tells Katsuki that he is talented and not to sulk over his loss childishly so he does not waste his potential. Then he tells Izuku to work harder to gain control over his Quirk because it can be useful if he gets a grip on it.

Rescue training

Shota announces the class will partake in Rescue Training.

Moving on to their next order of business, Shota tells the students they need to elect a class president. Tenya Iida suggests the class holds an election and Shota tells them to have it done by the time he finishes his nap. Following the voting, Shota announces that Izuku is the president and Momo Yaoyorozu will be the deputy. After lunch, Izuku nominates Tenya for the job. Shota tells them to stop wasting time because he does not care who the president is.[32]

Shota announces to the class that he, All Might and another instructor will host rescue training for the students at another facility. He tells them to get ready, but also to be mindful of their costumes. They take a bus to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint where Thirteen greets the class. He asks Thirteen where All Might is and she replies that he used up all his power and needs to rest before joining them.

Capture Weapon

Eraser Head takes on the League of Villains.

Moments later, Shota feels an ominous presence as supervillains teleport inside the facility using a warp hole. He commands the students to stay back and remain together and tells Thirteen to protect them. The students are confused by the villains' arrival, so Shota makes it clear that they are real villains.[33][34] He asks Denki Kaminari to use his Quirk to try and contact the school's main campus. Although Izuku expresses his doubt in his teacher's ability to fight all the villains alone, Eraser Head reassures the young man he has some tricks up his sleeve before he leaps into battle.

The villains firing squad takes aim at Shota, but he uses his Quirk to erase their powers and then knocks them out using his capturing weapon. The other villains soon recognize him as Eraser Head and reveal his Quirk. One of them uses his Mutant Quirk to attack and is confident that Shota will not be able to erase it. Shota admits he cannot erase Mutant Quirks and instead subdues the villain using his restraining bonds. While fighting off the remaining villains, Shota notices Kurogiri got past him but cannot pursue him until he deals with the other criminals.[35]

Continuing his brawl in the Central Plaza, Eraser Head is confronted by Tomura Shigaraki. He figures Tomura is the League of Villains' leader and manages to land an elbow strike. However, Tomura finds the weak point in Shota's erasures and manages to decay his elbow. Shota's hair moves out of his face while he is using it and this shows Tomura when he blinks. Shota punches Tomura away and backs away before he realizes the monstrous villain Nomu behind him.

Episode 11

Game Over.

Nomu crushes Shota with its overwhelming strength; as Izuku, Tsuyu Asui and Minoru Mineta watch on hidden nearby. He tries to erase Nomu's Quirk, but realizes he has super strength without the need of one.[36] Tomura eventually notices the students and attacks Tsuyu. Despite Nomu breaking many of Shota's bones, the teacher manages to erase Tomura's Quirk and saves Tsuyu from being disintegrated, as Tomura compliments his will.[37] Nomu smashes Shota's head into the ground to subdue Shota, knocking him out. All Might arrives before the beast can kill him and saves him.[38]

All Might gives Shota's unconscious body to the students and they carry him back to the entrance.[39] When the battle against the League of Villains concludes, Shota is taken to be treated for his injuries by Recovery Girl and his condition worries the students.[40]

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

The two days after the League of Villains assault, school resumes at U.A. Much to the surprise of his students, Shota returns to class covered in bandages. He tells them his well being is irrelevant and that their battle is not over yet. Afraid of possibly facing more villains, the class questions what Shota means. He replies that their fight is not over because the U.A. Sports Festival is approaching. Minoru and Denki question whether it is a good idea to hold the festival so soon after the villain attack. Shota explains that it is a show of good faith, and the festival is simply too important to cancel. Many pro-heroes will be in attendance and the students must keep training and make the best of their time in the upcoming Sports Festival.[41]

Present Mic and Eraser Head announcing

Shota and Present Mic commentate for the Sports Festival.

Present Mic is able to convince Shota to commentate alongside him for the first-years' stage of the festival. When he asks Shota what competitors should look out for to start the obstacle race, Shota replies they need to watch the doorway. Shoto freezes one of the giant robots at the first obstacle, Shota comments that his action was both offensive and defensive.[42]

For the first leg of the race, all the pack leaders are from Class 1-A. Shota explains it is because his students have learned not to hesitate. The fear they felt facing real villains has helped them grow. They all know that they must act quickly if they want to stay alive. Present Mic mentions it is difficult for heroes to get popular without a flashy Quirk. Shota replies that he does not know what Hizashi means and calls him an idiot. Once the students reach the final obstacle, Shota tells Hizashi to calm down after he gets overzealous explaining the final obstacle. Izuku manages to clear the final leg of the race instantly, prompting Present Mic asks Shota what he is teaching them. Shota replies it has nothing to him. His students are powered by their own drive to succeed.[43]

Just as the Cavalry Battle is about to begin, Hizashi wakes up Shota in preparation for the battle royale. Shota notices some very unexpected student combinations.[44] When Team Todoroki manages to freeze many of the other teams, Shota notes that Shoto Todoroki adjusted his strategy to have Denki immobilize them with his electricity because he was surprised when so many people avoided his ice during the race. Towards the end of the round Team Bakugo battles Team Monoma. Shota comments that although Neito Monoma had a good strategy, there was one thing they did not consider. Katsuki defeats Team Monoma by taking their remaining points. Team Monoma forgot to consider Katsuki's overwhelming tenacity. There is a break between the second round and the finals. Present Mic asks Shota to join him for lunch, but Shota takes a nap instead.[45]

Reaction to the giant ice wall

Shota and Hizashi react to Shoto's attack.

Everyone is surprised that the girls from Class 1-A are dressed as cheerleaders for the recreational games. When Nirengeki Shoda and Mashirao Ojiro elect to drop out of the finals, Shota points out that Midnight has the final say in the matter.[46] During Izuku's match with Hitoshi Shinso, Shota talks about how the entrance exam isn't rational because students with a powerful Quirk like Hitoshi's get left out.

He also ponders to himself about how Izuku would likely defeat Hitoshi in a fight without their Quirks. Once Izuku wins, Shota thinks about how Izuku is using every trick he has picked up so far to achieve victory. During the next match, Shota watches in pure awe as Shoto freezes Hanta Sero in a giant ice prison.[47]

Shota defends Katsuki

Shota comes to Katsuki's defense.

Shota and Present Mic continue to announce the remaining matches. He is fairly annoyed when Mei Hatsume uses her match with Tenya as a commercial for her gadgets.[47] Katsuki's match with Ochaco is ridiculed by Present Mic and the crowd because of Katsuki's brutality. When the crowd starts to boo him, Shota comes to the defense of his student. He clubs Present Mic and takes the mic to call out the Pro Hero who started the uproar against Katsuki. He tells the hero to go home and hang up his cape because Katsuki's fierceness is a show of respect to Ochaco. He cannot afford to let his guard down if he wants to defeat her. Ochaco eventually counters with a meteor shower of debris from the damage stage created by Katsuki's explosions. Shota had already noticed the debris hovering above the arena during the fight. While everyone else is in shock from her sudden comeback, Shota teases them for just noticing it.[48]

Present Mic excited for Izuku vs Shoto

Interested for Izuku vs. Shoto.

Izuku faces Shoto in the first match of the second round and breaks all of his fingers to counter Shoto's ice. Shoto notices Izuku has lost some power but gained some control over his Quirk. Izuku is not fighting recklessly and says that he is simply doing whatever he can to win at his current skill level. Amazed by Izuku's resolve, Shota wonders what is driving Izuku to win despite his injuries.[49] Izuku and Shoto's final clash destroys the stage. Shota explains the explosion is because the air was thoroughly cooled and then rapidly heated.[50]

In the final match between Shoto and Katsuki, Shota notes that Katsuki's aptitude for combat is becoming more obvious with every battle. He also says that Shoto is not fighting poorly, he has simply lost his spark since fighting Izuku. Once the Sports Festival concludes, Shota meets his students back in their homeroom. They can next two days off from school to recuperate, and he will organize the offers from Pro Heroes for them after the break.[51]

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Classes resume at U.A. High two days after the Sports Festival. Shota returns to teach his homeroom class absent of his bandages. Tsuyu notes his healed injuries and he confirms Recovery Girl went overboard on his treatment. He announces that the class will be on hero informatics, worrying some of the students. Then he reveals that the students will need to formulate their hero names, much to their excitement. Shota orders them to calm down and then continues to explain that they will need to choose code names because of the Pro Hero draft nominations following the festival.

Class 1-A draft results

Shota discloses Class 1-A's draft results.

Normally U.A. students would not have to deal with the draft until their second or third year, but Class 1-A is an exception. Pro-Heroes are essentially investing in their potential, but any nominations can be rescinded if their interest in the student dies down before graduation. He reveals the total tally for the Class draft offers on the board. It is normally balanced between students, but this year there are many more nominations for Shoto and Katsuki compared to the rest of the students. Regardless of nominations or not, Class 1-A will all be interning with real Heroes. Although they got to fight against real villains, getting real field training will still be a fruitful experience. They will also need code names for the internship.

Midnight arrives to help evaluate the student's choices for their hero names. Shota explains that a hero's name represents them and is used to project their desired image. While Midnight helps the students, Shota takes a nap in his sleeping bag.[52] After the students finish choosing their code names, Shota tells them they will spend one week interning with pro heroes. Students with nominations can choose from their offers while anyone who did not receive any will choose from forty hero agencies who have agreed to take students on. He gives them until the end of the week to make their choices and dismisses them from class.

Shota sees Class 1-A off

Shota sends his students off to their internships.

In the staff room sometime after school, Shota looks over a few draft forms for those students who already chose where they want to intern. He is surprised to see that Tenya has chosen to intern in Hosu City and nowhere else, figuring that he must have gotten better offers. Once the first day of the internships arrives, Shota meets Class 1-A at the train station where he instructs them to mind their manners with the heroes and reminds them to be responsible for their costumes.[53]

While working with Present Mic in the staff room, they are both fairly annoyed by All Might's ringtone when he receives a call from Gran Torino. Shota even thinks to himself that All Might cannot possibly be serious.[54] Following the end of the internships, Shota mentions during class that summer vacation is approaching and Class 1-A will be training at a lodge in the forest. The students are very excited about this news, but whoever does not pass the final exams at the end of the term will have to serve in remedial school instead.[55]

Final Exams Arc

One week prior to the end of the term, Shota reminds his class to prepare both their minds and their bodies for the written and practical portions of the final exams. Later on, when Katsuki storms out of class, Shota notices that he has gotten worse. Shota oversees the written exams and meets with his class at the practical exam area after. Shota and several other teachers remind the students that it is possible to fail the practical. Some of the students have gathered information and know what to expect from the final. Denki and Mina Ashido are excited to say that they think they are fighting robots.

Episode 34

Nezu announces the finals will be teachers vs. students.

However, Nezu pops out of Shota's scarf and declares that the practical exam is being changed for various reasons. Students will now work in pairs to defeat one of the teachers before them. The pairs and opponents were already chosen by Shota. He announces that Shoto and Momo will face him, and Izuku and Katsuki have been paired together to fight All Might.[56]

A few days before, Shota met with all the teachers to discuss changing the practical test. In order to reflect the current times where battles against villains look to intensify, they believe make the final exam more difficult is necessary. Shota noted that they can ignore complaints about student safety, as that is the reason they utilized robots in the past. With the final say, Nezu agrees they should change the test to teachers against pairs of students in order to make the students as strong as possible. Shota explained his reasoning for each of the matchups. He decided to take on Shoto and Momo himself to teach them not to rely so heavily on their Quirks. He also assigns Izuku and Katsuki to All Might in order to help mend their broken relationship.

All of the matchups between student pairs and teachers are revealed in order. The students must either capture the teachers using handcuffs are run away by getting through a designated escape gate within thirty minutes.[57] This is to simulate situations where heroes must choose to fight or run to get help. Shota believes Izuku, Shoto, and Tenya know full well about needing to run and get help because of their interaction with the hero killer. Each teacher wears ultra compressed weights to give the students a handicap. Shota tells everyone it is time to begin and whoever is waiting to fight can watch in the monitoring room or strategize with their partners.[58]

Shota Aizawa binds Shoto

Eraser Head catches Shoto first.

Eraser Head portrays the role of a villain in the practical battle against Shoto and Momo. He finds them with their guard down and takes them by surprise by hanging by his scarf from telephone cables. He takes their Quirks from them and tells them to prioritize evasion. Shoto orders Momo to run for the gate while he swings and misses at his opponent.

Unimpressed with Shoto's plan, Eraser Head swiftly binds him using the capturing weapon and suspends him in mid-air from the cables. Shoto claims he can free himself at any moment, so Eraser Head responds by throwing caltrops beneath him and warning him to watch where he lands. Before departing to chase Momo, Eraser Head takes the time to tell Shoto his plan places too much burden on himself. He says was nice of Shoto to be considerate of the girl, but they should have talked it over more first.

Traveling along the telephone cables, Eraser Head uses his restraining bonds to move quickly through the replica city. He catches up to Momo before long and tries to restrain her, but he is unable to keep her Quirk erased and so she escapes. Despite getting free, she runs back towards Shoto rather than towards the escape gate. Shota knows Momo lost her confidence after the Sports Festival and by comparing herself to Shoto, she deems him the better student and doubts her own instincts and abilities. He would like to help her get her confidence back, but "that is not [his] job at the moment," and continues chasing her.

Momo reaches Shoto, but Eraser Head is not far behind her. Shoto takes his teacher's advice and encourages Momo to form a plan. When Shota reaches them, Momo stuns him with a flurry of flash grenades. She frees Shoto and tells him that she has a plan to pass the exam. Excited to see his students redemption, Shota wipes his eyes and smirks at his opponents.[59]

Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall

Shota avoiding Shoto's attack.

Due to his injuries from fighting Nomu, Shota cannot use his Quirk for as long and has to rest more between erasures. He commends Momo for noticing that and planning her attack accordingly. They both run away to put distance between them and Shota. They're not fast enough to escape him, but Shota is unable to keep their Quirks erased. This allows Shoto to block his visibility completely by using his biggest move: Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall.

Shota's impressed that they took advantage of his weakness and waited for the right moment. While his students strategize behind the ice, Shota remains in place to watch their approach because the escape gate is behind him. He recalls Momo telling Shoto about her plan to win and admits he is excited to see it.

Eraser Head captured

Eraser Head falls into Momo's trap.

Momo and Shoto run from behind the ice, covered in cloaks. Shota cannot erase their Quirks if they are disguised but attacks anyway because it is a disadvantage for them as well. He restrains them with his scarf, but upper bodies turn out to be just mannequins. Momo uses a hidden catapult to send bundled up restraining bonds at Eraser Head, then Shoto shoots out his flames to heat them up. Momo tells Shota the bonds are made from nitinol alloy: a is a metal with shape memory. When heated it returns to its bundled shape in an instant and ties up Eraser Head.

After the battle, Momo and Shoto discuss how smoothly her plan went. Momo admits she missed the catapult trigger and Eraser Head could have stopped them. She claims that perhaps he allowed them to win. Shota explains that while Momo was revealed, he backed off because Shoto was still cloaked and could have frozen him. Shota is handcuffed by his students and Team Todoroki & Yaoyorozu pass their final exam.[60][61]

Everyone's going to the Training Camp

Shota announces that everyone is going to the training camp.

The following day, Shota announces to his class that some did not pass their practical exam. Despite those who failed, Shota reveals that everyone is still going to a training camp in the woods. No one managed to fail the written exam, but two teams and Hanta all failed the practical. The teachers left a window for the students to win during the practical battles and only told the students they were trying to defeat them to put them on edge. The training camp is meant to build student strength, so those who bombed the practical need that training the most.

Shota admits they were never going to be separated from the others and that was just another logical ruse. Tenya is upset that Shota has lied to them again and asks if he fears his students losing faith in him. He replies that he was not lying about everything. Those who did not pass will undergo extra lessons that are far tougher then what they would face in summer school.[62][63]

Forest Training Camp Arc

Prior to summer break, Shota and Vlad King discuss the upcoming train regiment for their students and review each of their Quirks. They're interrupted by Denki, Minoru, and Izuku who ask permission to use the school pool. Shota confirms that U.A. grants them permission and dismisses them. When their allotted pool time ends, Shota kicks all of Class 1-A out of the pool and tells them to go home. [64]

Pixie-Bob's fondness for the boys

Shota asks what is wrong with Pixie-Bob.

Summer break begins and Shota meets with Class 1-A outside U.A. High School. He informs them that unlike other students, they will not rest during the break and they will train hard instead. Shota and his students board their bus and head to the training camp in the woods. While on the way, Shoto tries to inform the students that they will stop in an hour but they're all fooling around and not paying him any mind. Shot allows their behavior to slide because he knows this will be their only time to mess around.

The bus stops an hour later at the top of a mountain. Shota announces theirs no point in stopping the bus without reason and introduces the students to the Wild, Wild Pussycats members Mandalay and Pixie-Bob. Once the students realize they have to travel to the base of the mountain on their own, Shota informs them that the training camp has already begun. Pixie-Bob tosses the students into Beast's Forest and Mandalay challenges them to reach camp in three hours' time. Mandalay questions Shota's intended training schedule for the students because of its intensity. Shota explains that he's trying to get an entire terms worth of training into the students so they can gain provisional hero licenses and defend themselves against villains.[65]

Shota talks about quirk training

Shota proves Class 1-A's Quirks haven't developed enough.

The students don't make it back to camp for several more hours. Shota instructs them to bathe and eat before going to sleep. The next day, Shota makes an example out of Katsuki by having him toss another ball using his Quirk. Katsuki only manages to throw it four meters farther than he did during the fitness tests. Shota explains that although the students have grown on mental and technical levels their Quirks have not improved at all. The training camp will emphasize expanding the student's Quirks. Shota says it will be so hard the students will feel like their dying and he encourages them to stay alive.[66]

Class 1-B arrives sometime later and Vlad King introduces them to the Quirk training. Itsuka Kendo questions how Vlad and Shota could look over all the students of both classes. Shota explains the Pussycats have a variety of Quirks and experience that will handle all the students at once.[67] Shota brings Eijiro Kirishima, Rikido Sato, Hanta, Denki, and Mina to a separate facility for extra lessons until two in the morning. At seven in the morning, he brings them to join their classmates for more Quirk training. During that day's training, Izuku asks if All Might and the other teachers will join them. Shota confirms that no one else is coming because the camp is a secret. Shota escorts the extra lessons group back to the facility while everyone else undergoes the Pussycats' test of courage.[68]

Dabi attacks Eraser Head

Dabi ambushes Shota.

While Shota and Vlad King discuss the extra lessons curriculum, Mandalay sends out a telepathic message about an attack on the training camp. Shota rushes out of the building worried about the costs of a full-scale attack. Distracted, Shota doesn't notice Dabi standing outside and is suddenly ambushed by a blast of blue flames.[69]

Shota narrowly evades the attack and uses his scarf to hang from the building's roof. He erases Dabi's Quirk and uses the capturing weapon to pin him down. Shota breaks Dabi's arms while interrogating him to find out the villain's numbers and motives. Some of the students arrive at the facility and distract Shota, allowing Dabi to break free. Shota tries to restrain him again, but Dabi turns out to be a clone. As the clone disintegrates into a puddle, Dabi threatens the safety of the students.

Shota rushes into the forest and happens upon Izuku. Izuku is heavily injured from combat with one of the villains. Izuku asks Shota to look after Kota Izumi because he needs to give Mandalay a message immediately. Before Izuku rushes off, Shota warns him about going beyond his physical limits. He also gives Izuku a message for Mandalay. Thanks to Dabi's message, Shota knows that the students are the targets of the attack. He grants the students permission to engage the villains and defend themselves using their training. He worries about Izuku and his students, pleading for them not to let their journies on this night.[70] Kota tearfully asks Shota if Izuku will be okay despite his injuries. Shota tells the young boy that Izuku will be okay, and to focus on thanking him for the next time they meet.[71]

Shota rescues Class 1-B students

Shota rescues the remaining Class 1-B students.

Shota and Kota eventually reach the facility. Shota soon defeats a second double of Dabi and entrusts Kota's safety to Sekijiro Kan. The Class 1-A students want to fight, but Shota prevents them from doing so since they do not have enough information on the villains. Shota heads towards the front lines. Along the way, he helps rescue a few Class 1-B students. The attack of the Vanguard Action Squad ends and the training camp comes to an abrupt ending.[72]

One day later, Shota and Sekijiro are questioned by the Police Force regarding the events that transpired at the training camp.[73]

Hideout Raid Arc

Shota speaks to the media

Shota apologizes to the media but puts his faith in Katsuki's resolve.

Nezu, Shota, and Sekijiro appear in U.A.'s public apology broadcast. However, the apology and their safety measures are still criticized by society.[74] Shota tells the reporters that he decided to let the students fight due to not knowing the full situation in order to prevent the worst possible situation from happening and as a result, no students were killed (which would have been the worst possible outcome in his opinion); Nezu states that the situation would have been much worse if Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Itsuka Kendo did not defeat Mustard. Nezu also says that they are seeing to the well-being of their students and have not seen any signs of emotional trauma.

The reporter asks the principal if U.A. had already failed in securing the students' well-being due to not checking Katsuki's mental instability and his "villain-like" performance during the Sports Festival. Remaining calm even under pressure, Shota answers that out of all the students, Katsuki was the one who showed that his conviction to be a Hero was the strongest and believes the villains' to be foolish if they think that they can turn Katsuki into a villain. Nezu backs up Shota by saying that they are working with the Police Force to investigate Katsuki's whereabouts and promises to retrieve him.[75]

Teachers cheer for All Might

Shota watches All Might fight.

After the broadcast, Shota, Nezu, and Sekijiro watch All Might fight against All For One. After All Might's victory and return to U.A., Nezu announces his plan to transition U.A. to a boarding school as a means to mitigate the safety issues, and asks for Shota's cooperation.

Shota and Toshinori visit the homes of Class 1-A. During the visit to Kyoka's home, Kyotoku Jiro is not too happy with U.A.'s safety measures and has doubts in U.A.'s ability to protect her if she were to relocate to U.A.'s dormitories; Shota acknowledges that U.A. has been negligent in its duty to safeguard its students and vows to correct this safety issue as well as promising to make Kyoka into a fine Hero. Kyoka tells Shota to relax as her father has already agreed to allow her to relocate to U.A.'s dormitories.

During the visit to Katsuki's home, Mitsuki Bakugo is more than happy to allow her son to relocate to U.A.'s dormitories. She is confident in U.A. because Shota sees her son for who he is instead of what he can do. She also reasons that her son, even though she was worried, returned home safe and sound from his captors thanks to the Pro Heroes, which is why she is confident in U.A's ability to safeguard and raise her son. After leaving the Bakugo household, Shota decides to visit the other Class 1-A families by himself while Toshinori goes to visit Izuku.[76]

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Ten days before the beginning of the second semester, Shota is glad that everyone arrived safely. He tells Class 1-A that at the training camp they were supposed to get their "Provisional Hero Licenses" but due to the League of Villains' attack, they did not. Shota is disappointed that some of them tried to act like they have their licenses; Shota calls out Shoto, Eijiro, Izuku, Momo, and Tenya. Shota tells them that he knows that they were present at the site of Katsuki's rescue and took it upon themselves to rescue him. The rest of Class 1-A are shocked and surprised that they actually went to rescue Katsuki.

Class 1-A depressed

Class 1-A depressed after being scolded by Shota.

He also knows that the rest of Class 1-A except Katsuki, Toru, and Kyoka also knew about their plan to rescue Katsuki. He explains that their actions have been covered up but tells them that if All Might did not retire, he would have expelled them all as punishment, with the exception of Katsuki, Toru, and Kyoka. Shota advises them to go through the proper procedures next time, which will also restore the trust between them.

After Class 1-A's mood has become better as a result of Katsuki's actions, Shota shows them their new dormitory; Heights Alliance has one dorm per class and Shota takes them to the Class 1-A dormitory. Shota explains that their dorm is separated by gender: the right wing for females and left wing for males. However, the first floor is common space and contains the dining area, baths, and laundry facilities. Class 1-A take a look at their new dorm and become excited about living here. Shota then explains that their bedrooms are on floors two, three, four and five; every student gets their own private bedroom with each room having an AC unit, bathroom, refrigerator and closet. Shota gives Class 1-A a map of their room allocations and says that their luggage has already been sent into their allocated rooms. Shota ends his explanation by telling Class 1-A to spend the rest of the day unpacking and organizing their rooms. Tomorrow, he will explain the operations of their new lifestyle.[77]

Shota prepares his students for the hero license exam

Shota tells Class 1-A about their new training.

The day after, Shota re-emphasizes that the classes’ priority is earning their licenses, and impresses upon them both the seriousness of the responsibilities that come with it and the difficulty of passing the exam. He then announces that the students will be creating Super Moves.[78] Shota explains to Class 1-A that the Hero License Exam is designed to test the students' aptitudes such as information gathering, judgment, mobility, leadership, and communication in various types of trouble. However, the aptitude that is most prevalent is fighting ability.

He explains to Class 1-A that the training camp's purpose, before being abruptly brought to an end, was to help develop their special moves. Shota decides that the remaining ten days they have of summer break Class 1-A that in addition to creating their special moves, he advises them to consider upgrading their Hero Costumes to aid them in the creation of their special moves. Shota tells the class that they will spend the remainder of the summer perfecting ultimate moves before the second semester begins will be entirely spent on developing their Quirks and creating their special moves. Shota also tells that they should also think about costume upgrades. With that said, the class begins training by fighting against Ectoplasm clones.

All Might appears at the entrance to the gym. Shota tells him he should focus on recovering but All Might replies that it is his job as a teacher to oversee the training of his students. He gives out advice to the students to help them develop their special moves. Shota wonders why that sudden interest in helping students when he looks on a book sticking out of his back pocket. It is titled "Even Dummies can be Teachers! Easy Education Theory". Shota is stunned.[79]

Shota advises Toshinori to move to safety

Shota advises All Might to be careful.

Four days later at Gym Gamma in the midst of training, All Might shows up and Shota Aizawa tells him that Class 1-A is progressing nicely. However, a rock Katsuki used his AP Shot on cracks and begins falling towards All Might. Katsuki and Shota warn All Might, but Izuku jumps out with One For All: Full Cowl activated. Izuku destroys the falling wall with a single kick.[80] Shota Aizawa asks All Might to move to safety; All Might apologizes to Katsuki Bakugo.

The remaining days of training came and went. On the morning of the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam, Class 1-A travels to the Takoba National Stadium. Some of Class 1-A are nervous, but Shota encourages them to do their best so that they can get their licenses and further their goal of becoming Heroes.

Eijiro gets hyped up and initiates a Plus Ultra chant, but is interrupted when Inasa Yoarashi appears and chants it himself. One of his classmates tells him that he shouldn't barge in like that. Inasa apologizes by slamming his head into the ground and loudly proclaims that he's sorry. Inasa energetically expresses his excitement about competing with U.A. and wishes Class 1-A the best of luck. As the other students of Shiketsu High and Inasa leave, Shota tells Class 1-A that the energetic student's name is Inasa Yoarashi and states that he is a powerful contender; at U.A.'s entrance exam, the same year Class 1-A took it, Inasa received the top score and passed. However, despite receiving the top score, Inasa declined his admission offer.[81]

Mina watches Ms. Joke flirt

Shota stops Emi's advances.

Hanta is confused as to why Inasa would refuse enrollment into U.A. even though he admires the school. Shota replies that while Inasa can be awkward, his strength is great and warns Class 1-A to be careful. Suddenly, a female hero approaches Shota and states that it has been a long time since they’ve seen each other, although Shota seems upset about her presence. She is Emi Fukukado, known as “Smile Hero” Ms. Joke and tries to make him laugh and flirts with him, but Shota shoots down all of her advances. When Tsuyu comments about their closeness, Ms. Joke replies that it is because their workplaces were close to each other, working together several times, and ended up falling in love. Shota denies the part about them being lovers.

In order for her to stop joking, Shota asks her what she is doing there. She replies that she is a teacher from Ketsubutsu Academy, and she is there with her students, who also participate in the exam. After the students of both schools introduced each other. Shota tells his students to get ready for the exam, and Emi asks if he told his class about something that happens every year at the Provisional Hero License Exam and Shota replies that he hasn’t.

Ms. Joke teases Shota

"Why am I always surrounded by the annoying ones!?"

Later, watching from the bleachers, Ms. Joke sits near Shota and jokes about his fly being down, to his displeasure, but soon she changes the subject and remarks she is surprised that he hasn't expelled any of his students and wonders if Shota likes his current class, although Shota is indifferent about Class 1-A, much to Ms. Joke’s laughter.

The preliminary round of the Provisional Hero License Exam begins. Emi decides to bring up the piece of information that Shota did not tell his class yet. Ms. Joke says to Shota that while the format changes every year, one tradition remains the same in every Provisional Hero License Exam: The "Crushing of U.A.". While contemplating how his students defend themselves with great efficiency from the attacks of students from other schools, Shota tells Emi that it didn’t matter if he told them or not about the tradition of taking out U.A. because it wouldn't change the fact that they'd have to overcome obstacles like true heroes must do every day. He also says that Pro Heroes Quirks are also widely known and apologizes that his students are more advanced than hers. [82]

Shota Aizawa and Emi Fukukado watching students

Watching students with Emi.

As the first exam progresses, and the number of participants remaining to pass it is announced. Shota says it's frustrating he can't tell who pass and fails the exam. Ms. Joke wonders why he is worried. Shota explains that he is not worried but has high expectations because two of his students (Izuku and Katsuki) have a big effect on the rest of the class. They aren't leaders or the most popular, but Izuku and Katsuki's passion inspire everyone in the class and raises the standard for success. As a result of their presence, Shota feels that Class 1-A should perform spectacularly which is why he has high expectations.[83]

Shota continues to observe the performance of his students from the stands until the Provisional Hero License Exam finally ends. Everyone in Class 1-A, except for Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki, have managed to pass and obtain their provisional licenses. After this, everyone returns to U.A. [84]

Shota Aizawa punishes Izuku and Katsuki

Shota scolds Izuku and Katsuki.

Later that night, while preparing tomorrow's classes, one of the security robots reports him about a fight between Izuku and Katsuki in ground Beta, and tells him to come and stop them. Shota leaves his room to go discipline the boys, but before he can proceed further All Might stops him and asks to let him handle it instead.[85]

After their fight, Shota restrains Izuku and Katsuki while scolding them for having a fight on school grounds. Shota wants to punish them severely for breaking the rules, but Toshinori steps in and tells him the reason for the fight was brought about due to Katsuki feeling guilty about his retirement. Although Shota understands the reasons, he considers that they still deserve an appropriate punishment for their transgression.

Shota punishes them by placing them under house arrest; Izuku three days and Katsuki four days. During their house arrest, Shota states that they will be cleaning the dormitory common spaces day and night and they must write a written statement of regret. Shota tells them that if their injuries do not heal they must go to the infirmary and they must not dare think about relying on Chiyo Shuzenji. Having criticized them enough, Shota tells them to go to bed.[86]

Shota catches Mina whispering

"Any problem, Ashido?"

In the classroom, Shota tells his class that starting from today they will resume normal class activities. Shota warns them that the training will be tougher than last semester. Tsuyu asks him to tell the class more about the Hero Work-Studies. Shota obliges, describing it as hero activities done off-campus, closer to the real thing than the Workplace Training after the Sports Festival. Ochaco expresses frustration at needing to work so hard to be scouted after the Sports Festival if they were to do internships anyway.

Shota explains that the Hero Work-Studies are an opportunity to make use of the connections they garnered at the Sports Festival. The Hero Work-Studies are managed at the discretion of students themselves nowadays because in the past each office would conduct their own recruiting efforts which would cause them to fight over U.A. students. Since most of them have Provisional Hero Licenses, Class 1-A can now participate in formal, longer-term activities. Shota tells Class 1-A that they will be expected to write about their experiences but he will explain it at a time later.

Shota says they will learn more details later, and introduces Present Mic to teach the first period, English. Shota also instructs his students not to share any information to Izuku or Katsuki until their punishments are over.[86]

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Shota Aizawa annoyed with Nejire Hado

Shota Aizawa annoyed by Nejire's personality.

Three days later, just when Izuku's house arrest ends and he can return to class, Shota decides to properly talk about the Hero Work-Studies. He brings in three third-year students who have experience with Work-Studies and rank among the top of all U.A.; Mirio TogataTamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado, known as The Big 3.[87] Shota asks the three students to introduce themselves, but each one acts in a disconcerting and bizarre way, only managing to confuse the students of Class 1-A, who wonder if they really are the best in the UA.

Shota sees that U.A's Big 3 lacks rationality. Mirio Togata tells him not to worry as he is the star performer today. Mirio steps in and tries to break the ice with a joke but no one in Class 1-A understands his joke. Mirio insists that the best way for the first year students to learn about work studies is to fight him, much to Class 1-A's surprise. Shota tells Mirio to do as he pleases.

Everyone moves to Gym Gamma where Class 1-A (save for Shoto and Katsuki) all at once against the lone Mirio. Hanta Sero asks Mirio if he really wants to fight all of Class 1-A at the same time, to which Mirio replies that he is serious and tells Class 1-A to attack him whenever they want. Class 1-A students attack Mirio, but he, skillfully using a combination of his Quirk and technique, Mirio has defeated half of Class 1-A within a few minutes. Shota tells Class 1-A to take this great opportunity and learn from it because as he knows it, Mirio Togata is the closest man to becoming the Number One Hero which includes the pro heroes as well, which shocks the rest of Class 1-A.[88]

Shoto Todoroki watches Mirio defeat his classmates

Shota watches Mirio defeat his students.

Shoto is astonished and surprised at the level of great strength Mirio Togata has displayed. Shota Aizawa asks Shoto why he's not fighting and the student replies it's because he didn't earn a Provisional Hero License and feels that he doesn't have the right to engage Mirio in combat. Meanwhile, the fight continues. The remaining half of the students try to fight back, after Deku could discern how his Quirk works, but still, Mirio defeats them all without any problem.

While Class 1-A recovers, Mirio states that the reason he wanted to fight Class 1-A is to show the experience he gained from the Hero-Work Studies; Mirio was able to transform his Quirk and reach the top. Mirio encourages the first years to participate at Hero-Work Studies, even if they're scared so that they can grow stronger. Class 1-A begins to see that Hero Work-Studies are different from the Field Training they went through.[89]

Next day, Shota tells Class 1-A that the majority of teachers have voted against the Hero-Work Studies and have called it off. This news saddens Class 1-A. However, Shota says that the first years will be allowed to have Hero Internships with offices that have a good track record.[90] Izuku, Ochaco, Tsuyu, Eijiro, and Fumikage are the only students who decide to participate.

Rescue Team Meeting

Heroes gather for a conference.

Weeks later, Shota is invited to a meeting regarding Shie Hassaikai in Sir Nighteye's offices, the hero who trains Mirio and with whom Deku is doing his Hero-Work Studies.[91] Deku, Ochaco, Tsuyu and Eijiro along with the Big Three, also participate in the meeting, as well as numerous heroes, among which are Fat Gum; Eijiro and Tamaki's Hero-Work mentor, Ryukyu; Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Nejire's Hero-Work mentor, and Gran Torino.

Ochaco and Tsuyu ask why Shota is here, to which he explains that they asked him for his help. Sir Nighteye reveals that he called for this meeting to share information as well as to discuss how to proceed in dealing with an organization named Shie Hassaikai. Thanks to the information all the Heroes provided him with, Sir Nighteye was able to make substantial progress with his investigation.

They had recently discovered that Shie Hassaikai had contacted the League of Villains, although apparently a dispute between the two groups broke out. Continuing to explain about the latest movements of Shie Hassaikai, the criminal organization had been selling illegal drugs for economic benefits. However, the most alarming thing is that a band faced by the Fat Gum group used a bullet that contained a drug that breaks Quirks. Tamaki was shot with one of these bullets, and couldn't use his Quirk for a while, but thankfully Tamaki was able to naturally recover.

Nighteye Hero Conference

Conference at Nighteye Agency.

Shota Aizawa explains that Tamaki's Quirk injury is different from his Erasure as he does not attack Quirks. Shota explains that a Quirk is born after a human body's structure is specially altered by plus alphaing it. The Plus Alpha in a Quirk is called the Quirk Factor. Shota explains that his Erasure momentarily halts the activation of the Quirk Factor which allows him to cancel other people's Quirks; his Erasure cannot damage the Quirk Factor. Fat Gum follows up by explaining that, thanks to Eijiro's brave actions by protecting Tamaki, they were able to obtain another bullet with the contents still inside. Fat Gum explains that after examining the contents of the bullet, they discovered that inside the bullet were human blood and cells, which disturbs the U.A. students.

Sir Nighteye explains that Kai Chisaki, the Leader of the Shie Hassaikai, has a Quirk called Overhaul. Kai's Quirk gives him the ability to disassemble and reassemble objects. He also explains that Chisaki has a daughter, Eri. She had no birth certificate and details about her are unknown; Izuku and Mirio encountered her on their patrol and she had a number of bandages on her. Sir Nighteye explains that Kai is probably using his daughter to make those Quirk destroying bullets, which disgusts everyone. A frustrated Izuku and Mirio lament their failure in attempting to rescue Eri, and stand up and declare that this time they will definitely rescue her.[92]

Shota Aizawa encourages Izuku

Shota cheering up Izuku.

After discussing the matter further, and clarifying that the objective will be to rescue the girl, Sir Nighteye ends the meeting. With the meeting over, Izuku and Mirio explain to their classmates what occurred between them and Chisaki and Eri. Shota spots his Class 1-A students and talks to them about originally suspending their Hero-Works since the League of Villains is involved. However, knowing that if he tries stops Izuku, he would go to rescue Eri, Shota gives Izuku and the others permission to take part in Eri's rescue operation.[93]

After several days of waiting, the police and hero operation is finally organized to raid the Shie Hassaikai Headquarters to rescue Eri and arrest Overhaul. Shota is part of the main assault group led by Sir Nighteye. At 8:30 AM, the Heroes and Police Force are outside the Shie Hassaikai Headquarters and commence the operation. Suddenly they are attacked by Rikiya Katsukame, but Ryukyu's group decide to take care of him while the rest enter the mansion.[94] The heroes are defeating and arresting the subordinates who try to stop them until they reach a room that connects with the underground routes that the Yakuza uses to escape.

Shudder! The Underground Labyrinth

The heroes raid the Hassaikai's hideout

Sir Nighteye's group head down toward the basement but are surprised to see a wall that Overhaul created with his Quirk to block them. The heroes destroy the wall, but at that moment Mimic, general manager of Shie Hassaikai, uses his Quirk Mimicry to alter the walls and manipulate the underground labyrinth. Fat Gum asks Shota to disable Mimic's Quirk, but Shota is unable to since he cannot see Mimic's body. Mirio decides to go on ahead and phases through the walls, while Mimic causes the floor to open up beneath the Heroes, causing the heroes to fall down a single floor, where three members of the Shie Hassaikai (Toya Setsuno, Yu Hojo and Soramitsu Tabe) are waiting for them.[95]

Tamaki declares to the rescue team that he will take care of the Yakuzas, while the rest must keep up with the raid. To help him a little, Shota uses his Erasure to nullify the quirks of the Eight Bullets and leaves Tabe unconscious. Leaving Tamaki behind to take care of the Yakuza, the group continues to advance along the underground route.[96]

Mimic targets Eraser Head

Mimic targets Eraser Head.

After a while, Shota Aizawa is concerned that Mimic has not made a single move against them yet. As he feared, Mimic attacks them again with a piece of manipulated wall, although this time he directs his attack specifically against Shota, trying to separate him from the group by throwing him into another room, where more members of the Shie are waiting for him. However, Fat Gum shoves Shota out of the way because the Heroes need him, being he who ends up in another room. He is surprised to see that Eijiro is with him. Eijiro tells Fat Gum that he was also trying to protect Shota as well.[97]

Sir Nighteye's group is having trouble traversing the basement due to Mimic's interference. Mimic uses his Quirk to close everything in an attempt to crush Sir Nighteye's group. Shota Aizawa is annoyed that he cannot see Mimic's real body. Suddenly, the walls open up; Izuku charges forward but Shota stops him. Izuku and Shota find themselves separated from Sir Nighteye's group. Sir Nighteye and a group of Police Force officers are concealed in one space, Izuku and Shota in another and Rock Lock, a hero who has been with them since the mission began, in his own space.

Rock Lock is attacked by Himiko Toga, and hearing his cry, Deku destroys the wall that separates them. Izuku and Shota see Rock Lock on the ground and another Rock Lock near him. Rock Lock tells them that an imposter appeared and tried to attack him. Shota goes to check on the “impostor” and quickly realizes that it is a trap. He quickly uses his Erasure on the other Rock Lock when he was ready to stab Deku, revealing that he is actually Himiko in disguise.

Shota tries to counter Himiko

Himiko evades capture at the hands of Eraser Head.

Shota uses her capture weapon in Himiko, but she quickly avoids being captured, stabbing Shota in the back in the process. Fortunately, the wound is not serious but Himiko manages to escape.[98] Shota berates himself for being careless in not thinking that there would not be casualties and is surprised that Tomura Shigaraki and his League of Villains would side with Kai Chisaki. Meanwhile, in another concealed space, Twice and a Kendo clone confront Sir Nighteye, who easily predicts the clone's movements and destroy it with ease.

Twice runs away meeting Himiko Toga. The two had been forced to work with Shie Hassaikai, even though Overhaul had killed Magne in their first meeting. But nevertheless, Tomura Shigaraki sent them to join the Yakuza because they would have the opportunity to get payback for Magne's death by sabotaging them from the inside. Himiko and Twice start badmouthing of Yakuza, Shie Hassaikai, and its members, which enrages Mimic, causing him to start manipulating the maze in a chaotic fashion.[99] 

Nighteye Squad capture Mimic

Nighteye Squad captures Mimic.

His yells in rage are heard by Shota and Deku, and the latter manages to discern Mimic's location. Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl and smashes the ceiling, revealing the real Mimic. Shota immediately uses his Erasure to disable Joi's Mimicry, and Sir Nighteye throws his Hyper-Density Seals into Mimic's face which knocks him out.[100]

Having dealt with and defeated Joi Irinaka, the Heroes and Police Force decide on their next course of action. Rock Lock tells them to leave the League of Villains to the Police Force while Sir Nighteye, Izuku, and Shota go ahead and rescue Eri. Everyone agrees with his plan. With Mimic defeated, the underground labyrinth can no longer be modified.[101]

Nighteye Squad arrives on the battlefield

Nighteye's squad arrives on time!

The three arrive at Mirio, Overhaul, and Eri's location. Since Mirio went ahead of the group to stop Kai, he defeated Shin Nemoto and Deidoro Sakaki, two members of the Eight Bullets and Chronostasis, Overhaul's main assistant, and was fighting Chisaki to protect Eri. However, Chisaki took advantage of Mirio's desire to protect the girl at all costs and made Shin fire one of his perfected Quirk-destroying bullets against Eri, forcing Mirio to cover Eri and get hit by the bullet, which destroys Mirio's Permeation. But even without his Quirk, Mirio continued to fight and protect Eri for several minutes before getting badly wounded by Kai, buying just enough time for Izuku and the others to smash his way into the room.[102]

Hari uses Chronostasis

Chrono attacks Shota.

Once the three arrive at the place, Shota tells Sir Nighteye to secure Eri and help Mirio while he and Deku face Kai. The leader of the Shie Hassaikai tries using his Quirk but to no avail, as Shota has disabled it with his Quirk. Cornered with nowhere to run, a distressed Chisaki yells at Chronostasis.

Shota notices something approaching them and pushes Izuku aside; Shota's shoulder is struck by a minute hand that is emanating from Chronostasis's head. Shota is forced to blink due to the cut from Chronostasis, which allows Chisaki to use his Quirk again, deconstructing and rebuilding the room in which they are, stalling Izuku and Shota.[101]

Chrono captures Shota Aizawa

Shota is captured by Chronostasis.

While Deku and Sir Nighteye fight Overhaul, Shota is taken by Chronostasis to an isolated room, where he is blindfolded. Shota tries moving but the villain explained to him it is useless because he has injured him with his Quirk, causing him to move slower than a snail. Hari has hit Shota with the one hour hair hand and so his movements will be slowed for an hour. Chronostasis tells him that the reason he keeps him alive is due to Kai Chisaki's interest in Quirk-erasing powers, like Shota’s Erasure.[103]

Outside, the fight between Deku and Chisaki intensifies. Chisaki uses his Quirk to merge with Rikida into a monstrous creature, while Deku, with the help of Eri and her Quirk Rewind, can use One For All 100%. Meanwhile, in the underground, Chronostasis becomes worried that Overhaul might be defeated. Thinking that the finished product and serum is more important than Shota Aizawa’s Quirk, he prepares to execute him.

Shota cancels Rewind

Shota cancels Eri's Quirk, saving Izuku's life.

Fortunately, he is saved by Tamaki Amajiki when he turns his hand into a swordfish and pierced Hari's hand. Tamaki is accompanied by several policemen, who arrest Kurono. Tsuyu Asui appears from behind and asks Tamaki to come with her to the surface. She also carries Shota. Once up, they discover that Izuku had managed to defeat Kai Chisaki with Eri's help. Suddenly, after the victory, Eri's Quirk starts going out of control, which is about to kill Deku. With the help of Tsuyu, Shota uses his Erasure on Eri to deactivate her Quirk and save Izuku.

The police raid ends successfully, the Shie Hassaikai is dismantled and all its members arrested, Eri is rescued, and the police confiscate Overhaul’s experiments, including the Quirk-Destroying Drug as well as the serum. However, many of the heroes who participated in the operation were injured in the clashes, some seriously, so they were taken to the nearest university hospital.[104]

Izuku and Shota at the hospital

Shota informs Izuku about his teammates.

Shota got ten stitches due to Himiko's stab, but fortunately his wound is nothing serious. He goes to check Izuku, who is also fine. While walking through the hallway, shota apologizes to him for not being with him during the critical moments of the battle before going on to explain the conditions of the Heroes. Although with different severity, no one has life-threatening injuries and they will recover with it time. However, Shota explains that Eri still has not woken up; also she is currently in quarantine because her Quirk is too dangerous, and she can't control it properly, so he tells Izuku that they cannot rely on Eri's Quirk.

They meet All Might, Nighteye’s sidekicks, and Recovery Girl and a surgeon gives them the bad news: the wounds that Sir Nighteye suffered during the fight against Kai proved to be too serious, and unfortunately there is nothing they can do for. Everyone goes to Sir Nighteye's room, and soon Mirio Togata joins them. In his last moments, Sir Nighteye says goodbye to everyone, thanks to have met All Might and Deku, and uses his Quirk Foresight one last time to look into Mirio’s future, assuring him that he will become an outstanding hero. Sir Nighteye passes away peacefully after telling everyone to keep smiling as society needs smiles and laughs to bring about a brighter future.[105]

News about the League of Villains' attack

Shota watches the news about the League's attack.

Sometime later, Shota spoke with Mirio and told him of a possibility of Eri getting control of her Quirk in the future, which will allow her to be able to restore him to a state where he had his Quirk. The next day, after watching in the news that the League of villains attacked the police escort, stealing Quirk-Destroying Drug and mutilating Kai Chisaki, Shota Aizawa tells Izuku not to feel responsible for it.[106]

Remedial Course Arc

Shota has a conversation with Ochaco, who feels guilty for being unable to save Sir Nighteye's life, but Shota Aizawa replied that she bears no responsibility and the fault lies with the Heroes, asking her to take time and think about what she wants to do in the future. Ochaco replies that she wants to save people.

Work Studies group at Sir Nighteye's funeral

Shota goes to Nighteye's funeral

Later, Shota and his students end up returning to the U.A., but he must return to the hospital to keep an eye on Eri since he is the only one who can prevent Eri's Quirk from going out of control again. Because of this, All Might and Present Mic must replace him to accompany Shoto and Katsuki to the Provisional Hero License Course Training.[107]

With the beginning of October, Shota attends Sir Nighteye's funeral, accompanying U.A. students. who participated in the Shie Hassaikai Raid and All Might.[108]

U.A. School Festival Arc

Shota talking about the importance of the School Festival

Shota talks about the school festival.

In Class 1-A, Shota announces that U.A. will be having a School Festival and explains that the School Festival is sponsored by the other departments such as the General Department. However, Shota points out that part of the festival will be within U.A. and tells Class 1-A to pick out a program to perform at the School Festival. Tenya asks ideas from Class 1-A; many of them give creative ideas such as Denki's maid cafe or Ochaco's mochi shop. Soon, Class 1-A reaches many ideas. Before class ends, Shota tells Class 1-A to make a decision by tomorrow otherwise the class will be doing a public lecture.[109]

Shota Aizawa tells Izuku that Eri has requested to see him and Mirio. the two boys visit Eri in the hospital, rejoicing that she is well, but from the conversation they have, they realize that Eri is unable to smile. Then Izuku has an idea and asks Shouta if Eri can come to the School Festival. Mirio explains to Eri that the School Festival is an occasion that U.A. High School hosts where there will be lots of events on display where people can enjoy themselves while tasting delicious food such as candied apples, which catches Eri's attention.

Shota agrees with the idea and phones Nezu to get his approval.[110] Later, at U.A. High School, Sekijiro Kan comments to Shota Aizawa on his Class 1-A's band and dance performance, considering it to be admirable.[111]

Days later, while students in class 1-A practice for their performance at the School Festival, they are visited by Eri and Mirio. Shota Aizawa states that they received permission from Nezu to bring Eri to the School Festival, although he recommends that they first take the girl to visit the school so that she gradually gets used to the festive atmosphere. Eri visits the school accompanied by Izuku and Mirio before returning to the hospital[112]

Food stand

Shota and his students accompanying Eri.

When it's the day of the school festival, Shota and Mirio bring Eri back to the U.A. The girl is a little nervous about everything. [113] Before the dance begins, the three go to visit class 1-A, where they are told that Izuku was not there at that time, that he had left the U.A. to run errands and for some reason was taking longer than he should (They did not know that Izuku had been fighting and defeated Gentle Criminal). Fortunately, Izuku arrives on time.[114]

Class 1-A Perfomance goes without incident and Izuku's plan is successful, since Eri is able smiles again.[115] After the dance, Shota, Deku, Mirio and others accompany Eri to enjoy the rest of the festival's events until it ends, and she must return to the hospital.[116]

Pro Hero Arc

Eraser Head and the Big Three taking care of Eri

Eraser Head and the Big Three taking care of Eri.

As November comes to a close, at U.A. in the lounge, Shota reveals to Izuku, Eijiro, Ochaco, and Tsuyu that Eri will be looked after by U.A. Shota states that the decision for U.A. to look after her is because she does not have anyone who can take care of her and he is the only one who can prevent her Quirk from going out of control again. Mirio will also be helping him to take care of Eri and welcomes Class 1-A to visit her once in a while since they will all be busy. Then, Shota tells his students to return to their dormitories as they will have visitors, resulting to be the Pussycats.[117]

After the Hero Billboard Chart JP, the city is attacked by a special Nomu, as it is much more powerful than all seen so far and capable of reasoning. At U.A., Shota, along with other teachers, watches a report of the Nomu attack and is horrified as it showed Endeavor being overwhelmed by the Nomu's attack. Shota asks Eri to go to her room, so she can not see the violent scene, and ordered Thirteen to take care of her while he heads towards Shoto's location, concerned about how this can affect him.[118]

Class 1-A cheers Shoto up

Class 1-A cheers Shoto up.

Shota finds Shoto watching the report with his friends, worried about his father and encouraging him to keep fighting.[119] When Endeavor stands up victorious and Shoto collapses to his knees, relieved his father is still alive. Shota stood over him as he prayed for his father.[120] Dabi appeared before Endeavor and Hawks, Shota commented on his actions.[121]

Three days later, after Endeavor leaves the hospital, Shota accompanies Shoto to his home when he is granted permission to leave school grounds and be with his family. Fuyumi invites Shota to come in too, but he respectfully declines.[122]

Joint Training Arc

Shota Aizawa strangles Neito Monoma

Shota strangles Neito to shut him up.

As Izuku and Toshinori are walking down the hallway, they run into Shota and Hitoshi walking out of a room. He comments on Izuku’s and Toshinori’s close relationship and tells Toshinori to calm down when he acts flustered. He then tells Izuku to suit up, as they have a busy day ahead. When he arrives at Ground Gamma, he uses his Capturing Weapon to choke Neito in the middle of a rant and announces that Hitoshi is trying to join the hero department, and will be joining their exercise.[123]

Shota asks Hitoshi to introduce himself to the other students and helps Vlad King explain the rules of the Joint Training Battle.[124] Shota watches silently during Hitoshi’s first battle of the exercise.[125]

Chapter 198

Shota asks his students their opinion of their performances.

After the first battle ends, Shota asks his students to state what they’ve learned during the exercise. When Hitoshi expresses his frustration about his difficulties with the Capturing Weapon, Shota reassures Hitoshi by pointing out that it took him 6 years to master the weapon, and tells him to use his feelings as motivation in the next battle. He then advises the rest of the team about how to improve for the future. As Toshinori and Midnight contemplate their students’ growth, Shota and Vlad join them and asks for their opinion on Hitoshi, and Shota explains that the exercise is Hitoshi’s “exam” to determine whether or not he will join the hero program.[126]

During the second battle, Shota watches silently as Momo declares her confidence.[127] After Class 1-B’s victory, Hitoshi notes the destruction caused by the battle, and Shota replies that this normal, but scolds Manga and Itsuka for causing too much damage.[128]

When Kaminari and several other Class 1-A students protest Vlad’s biased commentary during the start of the fourth battle, Shota tells them to stop, reminding them that their losses would be serious in the real world and that the Class 1-B students have had better tactics.[129] After Class 1-A’s victory in the fourth battle, Shota complimented his students on their teamwork, then rejoined Toshinori, Midnight, and Vlad to watch the final battle.[130]

All Might asks Shota to call off the match

Hearing All Might plea for the 5th match to be called off.

As the final battle of the exercise progresses, Shota watches with shock as a strange black substance appears from Izuku’s arm.[131] Once the crisis is averted, Shota asks that the battle be allowed to continue, despite Vlad’s protests, as the students still want to fight. While watching the fight between Izuku and Hitoshi, Shota remembers his time training Hitoshi to use the Capturing Weapon.[132][133] Shota expresses confusion when Izuku uses Blackwhip properly for the first time and comments when it disappears.[134]

After the end of the battle, Hitoshi once again laments his performance and asks if this was his “exam”, to which Shota avoids the question and announces the assessments. He asks Izuku about his outburst during the battle and compliments Uraraka’s growth. When Hitoshi continues to berate himself, Shota briefly chokes him with his weapon and reminds him that the other students went through a lot of training to achieve their skills, telling him to focus on improving himself. Shota announces that Hitoshi has passed his test. He then asks Monoma to visit Eri the next day.[135]

Shota and Hizashi talk about Oboro

Shota and Hizashi talk about Oboro Shirakumo.

The next day, Shota presents his case for Hitoshi’s transfer to the other faculty members and earns Nezu’s approval. After the meeting, as they are walking down the hall, Present Mic notes the similarities between Hitoshi and Shota in his younger years, and asks if he has taken him as a pupil for that reason, although Present Mic also asks if he does it for Oboro Shirakumo. Shota requests that if he wants to say something he should keep it short, as Shota has somewhere to be. Hizashi evades the question saying that he is just reminiscing.

Later, Shota meets Eri, Neito, Izuku, and Mirio outside of the teacher dorms, and explains he wants Neito to copy Eri's Rewind Quirk. Deku and Mirio are with her, since Shota did not want to leave Eri alone with Neito, in case his eccentric personality could affect her mental health negatively.

Shota asks Neito to help him with Eri

Shota asks Neito to help him with Eri

Neito attempts to copy Eri's Quirk. He grows the horn that is required for its usage, but says that he is incapable of using the Quirk itself because is an accumulation-type Quirk. Neito explains that he can copy the fundamental abilities of a Quirk, not something requiring stored-up energy as he cannot copy what has already been stored. Neito apologizes for not being able to help more, but Shota thanks him for trying. Shota explains to Mirio and Izuku that as Eri doesn't understand how to properly use her power, he hoped that Neito's Copy Quirk would help her and make it easier for her to learn it as well.

Eri feels sad and apologizes for causing everyone trouble, saying everyone would be better off if she didn't have her ability, but Izuku encourages her, and tells her that he is sure she will learn to control her power to help others. Eri says that she'll try her best after all.[136]

My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising

Shota reassuring All Might about the program

Shota reassuring All Might about the program.

During fall, Shota Aizawa informed Class 1-A  students that they will participate in the Hero Work Recommendation Project, a new program sponsored by the Hero Public Safety Commission to help with their training after everyone obtained their provisional licenses. He explains they will perform hero’s duties on Nabu Island, a remote place in southern Japan, acting their own "U.A. Agency" without the aid of any teacher, although their work would involve mostly minor deeds due the island's relatively low crime rate.

Weeks go by, and shortly after winter begins, Class 1-A is sent to Nabu Island,. As the Class 1-A members are helping around the island, at U.A. High School All Might worries about whether they will be okay. Shota assures Toshinori that he should not be concerned, as Nabu Island is a quiet place where there have been no incidents involving villains in the past thirty years, and the students should be relatively safe from any significant threats.

Shota Aizawa rescues his students

Shota rescues his students.

Unfortunately, his words prove wrong as the island is attacked by the villain Nine and his gang, although the students managed to defeat them and send an S.O.S. Shortly after Class 1-A emerged victorious over the threat, a field force of professional heroes and the military arrived on Nabu Island. Shota is one of the heroes who arrive to the island to help his students and provide first aid.

After several weeks helping with the repairs, everyone returns to the U.A.[137]

Endeavor Agency Arc

Shota taking care of Eri

Shota taking Eri to enjoy Christmas with Class 1-A.

A few days before winter break, Shota attends with other U.A. teachers to a meeting at the U.A. Conference Room. Here, Nezu notifies all of them that the Hero Public Safety Commission has made a request that from now on, every hero course student is required to train by attending Hero Work-Studies. The Commission has many doubts about what happened in Deika City, and they suspect that the League of Villains was involved in the disaster that occurred there, so the Commission surmises some kind of huge imminent crisis, and wants all heroes to be ready for what can happen, although they try to be ambiguous with their requests.

Days later, at Christmas Eve, Shota brings Eri to the Heights Alliance to enjoy Christmas with Class 1-A. Izuku notices that Eri's horn has become bigger, and Shota tells him that Eri is now much more positive and optimistic. Apparently, she took Izuku's words of encouragement to heart. Everyone celebrates Christmas and have fun, holding a surprise gift exchange.[138]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Shota and Hizashi arrive at Tartarus

Shota and Hizashi arrive at Tartarus.

Winter break ends and students return to the U.A. High School. After Tenya greets his classmates in the classroom and tells everyone to head for Ground Alpha, Shota comes in and tells everyone to get moving, where Mina greets him a Happy New Year. Then the loudspeaker informs him to go to the faculty office. Once there, he and Present Mic are informed of an important discovery about the villain Kurogiri that agitates them, and makes the leave the school to go to Tatarus. All Might replaces Shota to supervise the exercises of Class 1-A.

Once in prison, Shota and Hizashi are received by Naomasa and Gran Torino, who reminds them that Nomu are created by modifying human bodies but their hearts and brains are all twisted so they are not considered living beings but mere puppets, at least that’s what they initially believed, Gran Torino adds. Shota tells Gran Torino to get to the point to which Naomasa tells him that saying this is necessary to prepare themselves mentally.

Shota and Hizashi meet personally with Kurogiri

Interview with Kurogiri.

The four enter Kurogiri's cell. The old hero and detective explain that they interrogated Kurogiri several times but never obtain any relevant information about the League of Villain. However, upon studying him they discovered relevant data: Kurogiri's Quirk is in fact a culmination of multiple Quirk factors combined into something new; and the root factor bears a striking resemblance to a Quirk used by an old friend of the two Pro Heroes. with this they concluded that Kurogiri is a nomu created with the corpse of Shota and Hizashi friend Oboro Shirakumo.[139]

Naomasa and Gran Torino explain that they have failed trying to obtain information from Kurogiri, but they hope that due to their friendship with Oboro, both Hizashi and Shota can awaken the consciousness of their former friend from Kurogiri. Shota says that if they think they can save him through their 'bonds' they're getting their hopes up. Gran Torino replies that with a strong enough basis, miracles can be possible. Hizashi questions if it shouldn't be the Oboro's family who does that to which Naomasa says they will contact them if he and Shota fails. Shota says he'll be damned to let Oboro's parents learn of this stuff.

Shota Aizawa pleads to Oboro

Shota Aizawa pleads to Oboro.

Shota and Hizashi enter the visiting room to talk to Kurogiri. Shota uses his Erasure on the villain but the black fog doesn't vanish. Kurogiri only asks about Tomura's well-being, and Hizashi yells at him that watching over him is a stupid job only to notice Shota's saddened expression.

Shota starts talking to Kurogiri about moments when he was Oboro like when they met for the first time, when he picked up a stray kitten that Shota left behind, or when he lent his goggles to protect his eyes. Kurogiri questions what he is talking about while Shota kept saying that Oboro kept pushing forward without thinking of the consequences, even though death meant the end for him. Shota yells that he wants people like Oboro to become heroes who can pull other people along and live long lives. He shows his goggles to Kurogiri and yells to him, with tears in his eyes, that if Oboro is still in there, then they should strive to be heroes together again.[1]

Chapter 255

Shota refuses to give up.

Despite Kurogiri's resistance, Shota's words begin to awaken Oboro's consciousness within him. Finally, the black fog that forms Kurogiri's head scatters enough to show the shadowed face of Oboro Shirakumo. Oboro tries to call Shota, who asks him to keep fighting. Oboro says "hospital" before the fog hides his face again and Kurogiri falls unconscious. Naomasa congratulates both heroes for their help. Hizashi cares about Shota since having used his Erasure for so long must have affected his eyes. Shota tells him that it doesn't matter, that they are just dried out, while he cries.

Later, at the prison front door, Shota and Hizashi say goodbye to Naomasa and Gran Torino. Shota would have liked to have been more helpful, but the detective corrects him that they have made progress thanks to them. Gran Torino apologizes for having forced them to reopen an old wound but something's bound to come of it.

When Shota wonders why All For One creates the Nomu, Gran Torino recalls a metaphor told to by the villain, in which he compares the creation of the Nomu as producing wine. After Shota and Hizashi leave, Naomasa calls the Public Safety Commission President to tell them the last clue obtained.[140]

Shota and Hizashi depressed

Shota and Hizashi continue to be affected by the truth.

Once in the teacher's dorms at Heights Alliance, Shota and Present Mic dejectedly talk about recent events. Shota expresses his distrust of the Hero Public Safety Commission, suggesting that they must know something's up, due to their insistence on students participating in work studies, something Hizashi agrees with. Shota changes the subject, asking Hizashi what he would do if they were to discover where the Nomu are being made. Hizashi angrily gives a sarcastic response before turning the question on Shota.

Before he can answer, Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki interrupt, rushing in to tell them that Eri is unwell. Arriving at her room, Shota discovers Nejire Hado holding a crying Eri, who complains about her horn feeling weird. Shota erases her Quirk, and gently pats her on the head, telling her not worry.[141]

At night, Shota finds All Might sitting outside, asking him what he's doing, to which All Might says he isn't doing much. He asks about Eri to which Shota tells him she's asleep and he'll start training her this week. All Might offers his help, to which Shota appreciates. He then asks what's bothering All Might, to which he says that while he has decided to live, he can't help but feel powerless when he sees how much they've developed.

Shota talks with Toshinori Yagi

Shota talks with Toshinori Yagi.

Shota tells him that because he bore the title of Symbol of Peace for so long, it's hard for him to accept that there are so many other things he can do for the students, such as being there for them, and to keep being the person he knows he is. All Might accepts the advice while asking what Shota wanted, to which he tells him that Naomasa sent a message to him asking for him to delay his meeting with Stain.[142]

Several months pass until it is the end of March. It turns out that the word Hospital they got from Oboro turned out to be an essential clue in the investigation carried out by the Hero Public Safety Commission, who have Hawks infiltrated the Paranormal Liberation Front, the new villain organization that emerged from the union of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army. For several months, Hawks leaks essential information aboute the PLF to the Commission: hideouts, members, plans, strength, structure, etc... and most importantly, the location of its leader, Tomura Shigaraki, in the Jaku General Hospital.

Paranormal Liberation Raid begins

The mission to take down the PLF begins!

Therefore, The Commission organized a large force of Pro Heroes to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front. Shota joins the team of heroes led by Endeavor in charge of storming the hospital.[143] Before the raid started, he participates with other heroes in a meeting where Detective Naomasa informs them that Kyudai Garaki, the current board chairman of Jaku General Hospital, is Tomura's ally and the creator of all the Nomu. He also reports that he has no Quirk and there is a section of the hospital that only he can access.

The raid of the Jaku General Hospital begins, and the heroes quickly encounter Dr. Garaki in the corridors of the hospital.[144] Kyudai is aghast at the unexpected appearance of the heroes and tries to flee, but Shota stumbles him with his Capturing Weapon and uses his Erasure on him proving Kyudai has a longevity Quirk. Shota ties up the Kyudai with his binding weapon and declares that this is revenge for everyone the doctor has messed with.

Jaku Hospital Nomu

The Nomu attack.

Suddenly, several Nomu tear through the floor and kill Kyudai, who it turns out not to be the real doctor, but a clone created with Double. The real Kyudai Garaki is in his secret lab and releases a horde of Nomu to fight the heroes as he tries to wake up Tomura from his stasis.[145] The Hospital soon becomes a battlefield, with heroes and creatures fighting through hospital wards and corridors, although some heroes like Mirko and Crust manage to go ahead and storm the laboratory, where they have to face several High-End Nomu.[146]

After getting rid of minor Nomu, Shota, Present Mic and Endeavor run to the laboratory to assist them in battle, while the rest of heroes are in charge of defeating the rest of the creatures and evacuating the civilian hospital. First they meet Crust and three more heroes fighting against a High-End Nomu that blocks the entrance to the lab. Shota uses his Erasure to cancel the Nomu's Quirks and remove him from the entrance, so they can all enter the lab and help Mirko against three other High-Ends.

Heroes vs. High-Ends

Eraser Head and co. fight the High-Ends.

The "Woman" High-End takes notice of Eraser's Quirk and avoids his gaze, as Eraser Head wonders if the High-End figured out his Erasure. After getting far away enough from the Heroes, Woman combines her Liquification and Rupture Quirks to unleash multiple shots of liquid at the Heroes, having to be protected by Crust and his Shield Quirk. During the confrontation, Mirko manages to damage the capsule in which Tomura is located before being injured and violently pushed back by one of the High-End. Despite her injuries, she yells at her allies to take down Kyudai and can't let Tomura awaken no matter what.[147]

The fight continues, and Shota continues to use his Quirk to nullify the High-Ends until reinforcements arrive. He remembered how Woman escaped his eyesight and is probably fighting Endeavor, and as much as he wants to go after it, he can't go deeper into the lab because he is currently holding three of them back. He yells to X-Less and Present Mic to go on ahead of him. One High-End tries to stop them but is hit by a Super Move by Crust. Shota tells Present Mic that he is counting on him as he makes his way through the lab.

Decay destroying the entire laboratory

The Heroes flee from Tomura's decaying rampage.

With his Voice Quirk, Present Mic shatter Tomura's capsule completely before Dr. Garaki wakes him up, shortly after punching the doctor himself in retaliation for the damage he has done, especially to his friends. The reinforcements finally arrive and overwhelm the High-Ends, declaring that they finally win.[148]

Despite having previously verified that his heart was not beating, Tomura Shigaraki awakens,[149]. Seeing the situation, he immediately uses his Decay, which spreads rapidly.

Crust sacrifices his life to save Shota Aizawa

Crust sacrifices his life to save Shota's.

The laboratory begins to crumble, and the heroes try to run away as fast as they can from the destruction. Ryukyu yells to Shota to grab on to her, as she was carrying several Heroes on her back. Just as Shota launched his Capturing Weapon to latch on, a High-End grabs him by the leg as it disintegrates. Crust uses one of his Shoot Shield to cut the Nomu's hand to save him, but he's caught by the decaying wave. Shota can only watch in horror as Crust crumbles to dust, smiling and giving a thumbs up. Thanks to his sacrifice, Shota is one of the few heroes who manage to escape from the hospital before it ends completely destroyed.[150]

The wave of decay is extinguished shortly after reaching the nearby city, where citizens are being evacuated by students, being Deku one of them. Endeavor, who had also escaped destruction, begins to attack Tomura, but Tomura is hardly interested in him. Endeavor radios Burnin to inform her that he is fighting Tomura, but for some reason the villain is heading to the city in search of something called "One For All".

Izuku overhears the conversation, and quickly realices that Tomura has not only sensed him but plans on coming towards him, Izuku is quick to leave the city in order to protect his friends and the civilians, being followed by Katsuki. Izuku then uses the private channel to explain to Endeavor and everyone who is listening that he is Tomura's target.[151]

Shota ready to protect his students

"I won't let you lay a rotten finger on my students."

Tomura catches up to Izuku and Katsuki, and before they can fight Gran Torino appears and takes the boys away, while Ryukyu attacks Tomura. Shota emerges from the dust cloud to cancel Tomura's Quirk, allowing Ryukyu knocks Tomura into the air.

Shota asking to himself why Deku and Katsuki are there, wondering if Tomura is after them. Thinking back to Crust and his friend Oboro Shirakumo, Shota understands that they had sacrificed their lives so that he can be there to face Tomura. He says out loud to Tomura that he won't allow him to lay a rotten finger on his students. Tomura simply replies him how cool he is.[152]


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