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{{Nihongo|'''Shinya Kamihara'''|紙原伸也|Kamihara Shinya}},{{Ref|vol=10}} also known as {{Nihongo|'''Ninja Hero "Edgeshot"'''|忍者ヒーロー エッジショット|Ninja Hīrō Ejjishotto}}, is the No. 4 [[Heroes|Pro Hero]].{{Ref|chap=184}}
{{Nihongo|'''Shinya Kamihara'''|紙原伸也|Kamihara Shinya}},{{Ref|vol=10}} also known as {{Nihongo|'''Ninja Hero "Edgeshot"'''|忍者ヒーロー エッジショット|Ninja Hīrō Ejjishotto}}, is the No. [[Heroes|Pro Hero]].{{Ref|chap=184}}

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One must never neglect defense. Especially when attacking...

Template:Character Infobox/Pro Shinya Kamihara (紙原伸也 Kamihara Shinya?),[1] also known as Ninja Hero "Edgeshot" (忍者ヒーロー エッジショット Ninja Hīrō Ejjishotto?), is the No. 5 Pro Hero.[2]


File:Edgeshot color2.png

Shinya is a male of average height with grey, spiky hair that covers half of his face.

He wears an elaborate dark-colored ninja costume with a scarf and a mask that hides the lower half of his face.



Hideout Raid Arc

After Katsuki is captured by the League of Villains' Vanguard Action Squad, Edgeshot is enlisted to the Hideout Raid Team, alongside with All Might, Endeavor and Best Jeanist ready to begin the strategy meeting.

File:Top Heroes Preparing.png

The next night, All Might, the Police Force, and a large number of pro heroes await for their infiltration of the League of Villains's hideout. While waiting, All Might and Gran Torino converse to each other that All For One is making his move. The infiltration begins with the Police Force and the pro heroes standing outside the League of Villains' hideout; All Might prepares to attack.

All Might breaks into the hideout with Kamui Woods swinging in and restraining the League of Villains with his Lacquered Chains Prison, while Gran Torino stops Dabi from using his Quirk with his kick. All Might checks Katsuki and compliments him for not being afraid, much to Katsuki's chagrin. After Kurogiri attempt to bring the Nomus fail, All Might criticizes Tomura for underestimating them and declares that it is game over for him and his League of Villains.[3]

However, Tomura refutes All Might's claim and orders Kurogiri to create portals so that they can escape, but Edgeshot knocks Kurogiri unconscious. Gran Torino asks Tomura the location of his boss, All For One. Tomura does not answer and instead screams out his hatred for All Might. Suddenly, mysterious black liquid appears out of thin air with Nomus appearing out of the phenomenon which surprises the League of Villains and the pro heroes; Edgeshot notices that the black liquid is not Kurogiri's doing since he is unconscious. More Nomus begin appearing from the masses of the mysterious black liquid. All Might grabs Katsuki. However, Katsuki begins dissolving into the black liquid and disappears, much to All Might's fury.[4]

Edgeshot along with the other pro heroes deal with and apprehend the Nomus. Afterwards, Edgeshot along with Endeavor and Shinrin Kamui go to All Might's location where he is battling All For One.

Edgeshot uses his Quirk and great speed and attempts to attack All For One. However, Edgeshot is only able to slightly graze the might villain who dodged his attack. Edgeshot and Endeavor battle All For One until the mighty villain blasts them away so that he can deal with All Might.[5]

Quirk and Abilities

Foldabody (紙肢 Shishi?): Shinya can manipulate the thinness of his body and stretch his limbs. However, through rigorous training he is able to transform faster than the speed of sound.[4]

  • Ninpou: Thousand Sheet Pierce (忍法 千枚通し Ninpō Senmaidōshi?): Shinya flattens and twists himself into a pointed string and then pierces his opponent.[4]



  • (To the League of Villains) "One must never neglect defense. Especially when attacking..."[3]
  • (To the League of Villains) "Hello. Kamino Pizza Delivery."


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