One must never neglect defense. Especially when attacking...
Shinya Kamihara to the League of Villains in "Clash"

Shinya Kamihara ( (かみ) (はら) (しん) () Kamihara Shin'ya?),[1] also known as the Ninja Hero: Edgeshot (忍者ヒーロー エッジショット Ninja Hīrō Ejjishotto?), is the former No. 5 Pro Hero, and the current No. 4 Pro-Hero.[2] He is also the leader of The Lurkers.


Shinya is a slim, muscular male who stands a bit shorter than most of his top-class heroic peers with gray hair shaped into three sharp points that cover the right side of his face, dark gray eyes and he wears a mask that covers his mouth.

Edgeshot's hero costume adapts the appearance of a traditional ninja. He wears a blue mask that covers his mouth tied with red yarn. Edgeshot sports red shinobi shozoku underneath a blue robe. His arms are covered in a thin dark cloth that tucks into his white forearm sleeves. There are red straps attached to his belt and his robe that extend outward.

Edgeshot has a gold mask attached to his shoulder and sports a signature red scarf that features a white patch attached to the front of it. Edgeshot finishes his costume with blue socks and yellow geta sandals.



Befitting the nature of a shinobi, Edgeshot is a calm and focused individual. He is able to maintain a level head even in crisis situations and encourages his teammates when they begin to panic.

Edgeshot is quite intelligent and is good at analyzing situations and strategies. He was able to discern the nature of All For One's warping Quirk after only seeing it in action once. Edgeshot is quick to take initiative to prevent conflict and brave enough to take action in the worst of circumstances. In order to assist All Might, Edgeshot even took on the likes of All For One.


Edgeshot and Endeavor team up to take on the incredibly powerful All For One.

Overall Abilities: Edgeshot was ranked 5th of Japan's Pro Heroes, before taking the spot of No. 4 after All Might's retirement. He had fully mastered his Quirk, Foldabody, and incorporates his proficient Quirk handling into his ninja-style very well. Edgeshot flattens his body to pass through extremely tight spaces, including doors, creating secret passages. He can transform any section of his body at will, and often flattens it into multiple shapes to pierce his opponent's organs. Edgeshot mainly uses his Quirk to strike quickly and incapacitate his opponents. He does this by folding his body into a thin blade that pierces his opponent's body before they can even react. By cutting off the blood flow to their brain, Edgeshot can knock someone unconscious almost instantly. Edgeshot is also capable of fighting in mid-air by folding his body into a drill-like shape and maneuvering around his target.[3]

As he is ranked very highly, Edgeshot is a highly formidable hero, which has been proven in his fight against the League of Villains. Edgeshot swiftly pierced the bodies of both Kurogiri and a low-level Nomu, cutting off the blood circulation to their brains, effectively incapacitating the villains. In Kurogiri's case, Edgeshot incapacitated him before the former could warp anyone away. Magne noted how she couldn't even fathom what happened because of the Ninja Hero's speed.[4] During the Kamino Incident, Edgeshot showcased his camaraderie and mettle by tag-teaming with Endeavor in order to help a struggling All Might subdue the immensely powerful All For One, and emerge unscathed.

Tactical Intellect: Edgeshot has shown to be very intelligent, and possesses a strategic and analytical mind. When a horde of Nomus began to appear at the Villain's Hideout, Edgeshot surmised that the unexpected Warping was being performed by somebody else, which was proven to be correct, in the form of All For One.


Edgeshot demonstrates his Quirk against a Nomu.

Foldabody ( () () Shishi?): Shinya's Quirk allows him to make his body and limbs extremely thin and long, effectively allowing him to transform himself into a razor-sharp string. He is able to transform faster than the speed of sound.

Shinya can use his Quirk to move around quickly, slip through tight spaces, and pierce targets by folding himself into sharp shapes.[4]

Super Moves

  • Ninpo: Thousand Sheet Pierce ( (にん) (ぽう) (せん) (まい) (どお) Ninpō Senmaidōshi?): Shinya flattens and twists himself into a pointed string and then pierces his opponent before cutting off their blood flow and knocking them unconscious.[4]


4/6 B-
6/6 S
5/6 A
4/6 B
6/6 S
Shinya's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book

Battles & Events

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