Shimura (志村 Shimura?) is the father of Tenko Shimura and Hana Shimura and the son of Nana Shimura. Not much of him is known at present, except that he died when his son's Quirk went out of control.[1]


Nothing is known about his current appearance. In his youth he had dark hair and was missing a front tooth, wearing a simple t shirt and sneakers.


Nothing is known about his personality at this time.


Hana shows Tenko Nana's picture

A young Shimura with his mother.

He is the son of Nana Shimura, he was placed into foster care by his grieving mother when his father died. Nana also prevented her close friends from searching for him before her own death.[2]

Despite being abandoned by his mother, he held on to a picture of her with him as a child.[3]

He later married and had a daughter named Hana Shimura and a son named Tenko Shimura (alias: Tomura Shigaraki). His son would go onto become the successor of All For One, the very villain who killed his mother, Nana Shimura. He was killed after Tenko lost control of his Quirk. The only thing that remained of him was his disembodied hands that his son currently wears as his villain costume.[1][3]


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