He's going after me...! I'm his natural prey! You would think that, Class A. This psychological trap was set... before the match even began! This's how I work.
Shihai Kuroiro in "Operation New Improv Moves!"

Shihai Kuroiro ( (くろ) (いろ) () (はい) Kuroiro Shihai?)[2], also known as the Scheming Hero: Vantablack (陰謀ヒーロー ベンタブラック Inbō Hīrō Bentaburakku?), is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.


Shihai is a tall young man with fluffy white hair and black eyes, which are long and thin in shape. His most prominent feature is his pitch black skin, its unusual color most likely due to the Quirk he possesses, and his face usually holds an unsure or irritated expression.

His hero costume consists of a simple black jumpsuit with light shoes and large wristband on his left arm with three rectangular indentations.


Shihai is a sly, deceitful schemer, who prefers to catch people off guard. He appears to enjoy dark concepts and has a penchant for dramatic speech, similar to that of Fumikage Tokoyami. [3]

Shihai appears to have a crush on Kinoko Komori, as he nervously averts his eyes and stammers while speaking to her, and celebrates internally when she praises him in the Joint Training Arc.[4]


Enhanced Speed: When he is merged into the darkness, Shihai shows the ability to move at great speed; grabbing Yuga Aoyama and dashing away with him as a prisoner before anyone could react.[5] He was also able to dodge out of the way of Momo Yaoyorozu’s thrown nets by leaping into the dark shadow of a pipe.[6]


Black ( (ブラック) Burakku?)[2]: This Quirk allows Shihai to merge into anything that is black in color. He can then move said 'black' things but at the same time is limited to black things that are normally capable of moving. As such he was able to merge into Fumikage's Dark Shadow and take brief control over it to attack Fumikage.

Battles & Events

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Joint Training Arc


  • Shihai's favorite food is squid ink pasta.
    • Shihai shares this trait with Mezo Shoji, who is also fond of the dish.
  • His favorite thing is Taboos
  • His name contains the kanji for "black" (?), "color" (?), and "domination" (支配?).
  • Shihai's Hero name "Vantablack" is based on a substance that is known to absorb more than 99.9% of light, making it the darkest substance in the world and appearing to be nothing but a black void.


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