Sen Kaibara (回原 (かいばら) (せん) Kaibara Sen?), also known as Spiral (スパイラル Supairaru?), is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.


Sen is a young man with dark, shaggy hair, and dark eyes, which are rather thin and lazy-looking. He seems to have a modest athletic build, the same as most of his classmates, and a slight tan.

His hero costume appears to be a windbreaker with rings around the base of the neck and arms. Over this, he wears a large trench coat and gloves.


Sen is a stoic person who remains mostly calm and focused during many occasions. He is also shown to be more mature than Neito Monoma, telling the latter to quit provoking Katsuki Bakugo and focus on his goal during the Cavalry Battle.[2]

Despite his serious demeanor, Sen can sometimes warm up during times when he drops his solemn behavior, such as when he shows enthusiasm in fighting against Mashirao Ojiro during the Joint Training Arc.[3]

Volume 22 mentions that he's rather belligerent in terms of personality and often gets dragged along in his friends' antics. Sen is also described as an "ikeman", having the appearance of a good-looking man. [4]


Mashirao Ojiro vs Sen Kaibara

Sen uses his Quirk proficiency in tandem with his hand-to-hand combat abilities to overpower an experienced martial artist like Mashirao Ojiro.

Overall Abilities: Sen has shown to possess some proficiency in close quarters combat. By using the gyrating effects of his Quirk in tandem with his hand-to-hand combat abilities, Sen can deliver powerful spinning attacks that can damage his enemies, which are amplified if he uses his drill gloves.

During the Joint Training Battle, Sen used his gyration-based fighting style to force Mashirao Ojiro, an competent martial artist, on the defensive. Before he overpowered Mashirao, Sen was quickly overtaken by Tenya Iida, and whilst being carried away, Sen stated he wasn’t using his full power, implying that even when holding back, Sen is still very formidable.


Gyrate (旋回 Senkai?): Sen's Quirk allows him to rotate any part of his body like a drill. The effects of Gyrate turn Sen's limbs into something akin to large rotary tools. This enhances his hand-to-hand combat abilities significantly.


Drill Gloves: Sen wears a pair of spiral-patterned gloves that cover only his fingers. These gloves increase Sen's offensive capabilities as they can be used to damage his foes greatly and make physically defending against his Quirk impractical. Thanks to his Gyrate Quirk, these spirals act like a drill and cut into an enemy.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Sen likes cameras.
  • Sen's name contains the kanji for "revolve" (?), "field" (?) and "rotation" (?).
  • Sen's second English voice actor, Matt Shipman, also voices Inasa Yoarashi.


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