Self-Detonation[1] is the Quirk of the Bombers.


All Bombers have the ability to self-destruct through a large explosion that is generated in their prominent bellies. Their bellies swell and begin to glow for the explosive energy they accumulate before detonating.[2] The power of the blast varies depending on the Bombers, with the largest specimens generating more powerful explosions. However, even the self-destruction of the smaller ones is powerful enough to cause serious damage.

Due to their automaton mentality, the Bombers do not self-detonate by their own will, but only when they receive an order to do so. Apparently, self-detonation is a Quirk that is activated through a devices used by a third party.[2]

Specialized Bomber punches Captain Celebrity

Bomber performing exploding punches

Through bioengineering, the Villain Factory can ensure that some specimens can combine this Quirk with others to carry out special attacks without causing the immediate destruction of the Next-Level Villain. This is the case of the Specialized Bomber, who was modified so that it could combine its self-detonation with a six-armed Quirk and regeneration, allowing him to perform explosive punches and regenerate any lost limb to throw more explosive punches.[3] It can even concentrate more detonating power in its fists to perform more powerful attacks.[4]


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