U.A. High School


Eraser Head

Eraser Head and Vlad King

Sekijiro and Shota.

They are both Pro Heroes and homeroom teachers of the Department of Heroes for their respective classes. As Sekijiro views Class 1-A as his rivals, this rivalry is extended toward Shota, with Sekijiro acting out competitively towards him.

Despite this rivalry, Sekijiro knows when to cooperate with Shota during serious moments. This was shown in their meeting with the media where he was worried that Shota would lose his temper though was surprised when the latter kept calm and agreed with the heckling.

All Might

While the two have not interacted with one another a lot, Sekijiro respects All Might.

He voiced his regret for not acknowledging the large burden that All Might had to shoulder until it was too late.

Class 1-B

Vlad King and Class 1-B

Sekijiro and his class

As their teacher, he openly supports his students.

In Forest Training Camp Arc, Sekijiro tells his students to train, so they could surpass Class 1-A. When they are attacked by the League of Villains he was concerned for the well-being.

During the Joint Training Arc, he tells them to try hard and was impressed by their victory in the second round, despite being told to be impartial.

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