Sansa Tamakawa ( (たま) (かわ) (さん) () Tamakawa Sansa?) is a member of the Police Force.


Sansa is a lean man with large yellow eyes and the head of a ginger tabby cat.

He wears a pale blue button-up shirt with a protective vest over the top, and is dressed like most Police Force members, with the exception of a golden bell at his neck.


Not much is known about Sansa's personality, other than that he is usually seen acting very professionally as a policeman.


U.S.J. Arc

Sansa is among the Police Force members who take the defeated League of Villains members into custody. Before Naomasa Tsukauchi leaves to see All Might in the infirmary, he orders Sansa to handle the rest.[1]

Forest Training Camp Arc

The Police Force, Sansa being one of them, come to Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall (Wookiees) after Ochaco Uraraka called. Then, the Police Force temporary closes down the mall to search for Tomura Shigaraki with local Pro-Heroes' help, but they are unable to find the suspect.[2]


Sansa Prototype
  • In his first sketches, Sansa's vest was more detailed, he wore no collar, wore a striped shirt and wore a large holster for his gun.
  • His name contains the kanji for "ball" ( tama?), "river" ( kawa?), "three" ( san?), and "tea" ( sa?).
    • Additionally, "Tama" is a common cat name in Japan.
  • Sansa's English voice actor, Zach Bolton, also voices Hound Dog and Centipeder.


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