My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Sky Egg Bombing Arc


Forest Training Camp Arc

Episode 40

Pixie-Bob and Mandalay introduction.

Shota Aizawa brings his students to a mountainous area in order to train under the Wild, Wild Pussycats. When the students arrive, Pixie-Bob and Mandalay try to introduce themselves as half of the Pussycat's team but are interrupted by one of the students, Izuku Midoriya, who recognizes the Pussycats and explains their history.

Izuku mentions how long they have been active and this irritates Pixie-Bob, who angrily seizes him by the face and states she is still eighteen years old at heart. Mandalay explains that Class 1-A is still far away from the base camp and will have to travel there through the Beast's Forest. She gives them three hours to reach their goal or else they will not receive lunch.

Earth Flow

Pixie-Bob throws the students into Beast's Forest.

The students try to run back onto their bus but Pixie-Bob uses her Quirk to push them off of the mountaintop and into the forest. Pixie-Bob creates earth monsters from dirt clods using her Quirk. They act as obstacles for the young students to traverse through Beast's Forest, giving the landscape its name. She is initially surprised when she reads a high energy alert across her monitor. Izuku, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo, and Tenya Iida work together to destroy the first beast.[1]

Almost eight hours later, Class 1-A finally makes their way to the base camp. Battered and bruised, the students are confused on how it took them nearly eight hours to complete a three-hour journey. Mandalay taunts them and says she meant it would take the Pussycat's three hours. Pixie-Bob admits she is still impressed and takes a special liking to the four boys who destroyed the first beast.

Pixie-Bob and Ragdoll hand out ingredients

Pixie-Bob and Ragdoll hand out ingredients.

Afterward, Pixie-Bob and Mandalay serve the students dinner. Pixie-Bob is surprised how crazily some of the students act because of their hunger. She explains that this will be the only night that they will cook for the students, and so they should enjoy it. Later on, Ryuko joins Shino in her office with Izuku as they discuss Kota Izumi's tragic past. Ryuko explains that Kota's parents were heroes who were murdered in the line of duty.[2]

The next day, the full Wild, Wild Pussycats team unites to train both Class 1-A and Class 1-B. Pixie-Bob and her teammates all explain their Quirks and how it will help train all forty students at once. Pixie-Bob says her Quirk can be used to build the perfect training terrain for the hero hopefuls. That evening, Pixie-Bob and Ragdoll give students the ingredients to cook their own curry.[3]

Pixie-Bob defeated

Pixie-Bob is crushed by Magne.

On the third day of training, Pixie-Bob announces there will be a test of courage that night. When the night arrives, Pixie-Bob explains that Class 1-B will be trying to scare Class 1-A students during a hike through the forest.

During the event, Pixie-Bob notices the smell of the forest burning. Then she is suddenly attacked by Magne and Spinner of the League of Villains. Before she can react, Magne uses her Magnetism Quirk on her, drawing Pixie-Bob to her iron rod to knock her unconscious.[4] Tiger and Mandalay fight to protect her and the students, until the League of Villains decides to leave after fulfilling their objective, which is to kidnap Katsuki Bakugo. Her teammate Ragdoll is also kidnapped

Hideout Raid Arc

Pussycats comfort Tomoko

The Pussycats are reunited.

Pixie-Bob suffers serious head trauma from the attack but she survives. Following the Vanguard Action Squad's invasion, Pixie-Bob is taken to the hospital to have her wound treated. Sometime afterward, Pixie-Bob's injury heals.

Tiger rescues Ragdoll from the League of Villains, but when the team find out that her Search Quirk had been stolen by All For One, preventing her from continuing to work as a hero, Pixie-Bob along with Tiger and Mandalay comforts a devastated Ragdoll.[5]

Pro Hero Arc

The Pussycats visit the U.A. High School after its School Festival. Pixie-Bob and her team use their classic introductions again. Pixie-Bob and her teammates share chocolate Mandalay made with the students.

The Pussycats announce that they are going to come back to work as heroes

The Pussycats visit class 1-A.

As he gives out tea, Rikido Sato asks why the Pussycats have decided to pay them a visit. Pixie-Bob replies that they came to celebrate Ragdoll's reinstatement, although as an office lady of sorts. Pixie-Bob explains that they received a message from Tartarus regarding Ragdoll's stolen Quirk by All For One. It is being investigated to uncover the quirks he has taken.

Before leaving, the Pussycats explain that despite everything, they’re coming off their hiatus because there are still many fans who support them and want to see them back in action.[6]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Hospital Raid Team Meeting

Rock Lock is informed about Dr. Garaki.

Next year, by the end of March, thanks to the police investigations, and the information leaked by Hawks, who was acting as a spy, the Hero Public Safety Commission organize the Heroes and the Police Force to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front.

The Pussycats participates with other heroes in a meeting where Detective Naomasa informs them about Dr. Kyudai Garaki, the current board chairman of Jaku General Hospital, is an ally of Tomura Shigaraki and the creator of the Nomu, and that there is a section of the hospital that only he can access. When Naomasa shows them the photo of a little nomu next to Dr. Garaki, Pixie-Bob cannot contain the unpleasant impression that the creature causes on her.[7][8]

Pixie-Bob tries to stop the Decay

Pixie-Bob tries to stop Tomura's decay from spreading.

The Pussycats are part of the team of heroes led by Endeavor in charge of raiding on Jaku General Hospital. While one group, of which the Pussycats are part, are in charge of evacuating patients, visitors and hospital staff from the building, another group is in charge of arresting Garaki, although the situation gets complicated when he releases a horde of Nomu to escape to his secret laboratory and awaken Tomura from his stasis.[9]

Regardless, the heroes manage to defeat all the creatures, storm the laboratory, and arrest Garaki before he could awaken Tomura.[10] It seemed that the mission had successfully ended, but at that moment Tomura awakens and uses his Decay. The Decay spreads through the hospital, completely disintegrating it and killing several heroes who were trying to flee. However the destruction does not stop but continues to spread. Pixie-Bob tries to use her Quirk to hold the decay back, but it doesn't work and the decay spreads to the city. It is unknown if Pixie-Bob managed to survive.[11]


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