Ryuko Tatsuma is a hero who managed to reach the top ten of Japan's best heroes, reaching the ninth position. At some point she hired Nejire Hado to work at her Hero Office.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

Sky Egg Bombing Arc

On the occasion of Captain Celebrity's return to the United States, Makoto Tsukauchi decides to organize a farewell show at the Tokyo Sky Egg, inviting several of Japan's most famous heroes to participate.[1] Ryukyu is one of them.

However during the event, the Tokyo Sky Egg is attacked by creatures known as Bombers, sent there by villain Number 6 to assassinate Captain Celebrity.[2] Ryukyu and numerous heroes go out to face the creatures. Collaborating with Mirko, she manages to defeat one of the Bombers.

In retaliation for the heroes' intervention, Number 6 causes a Bomber to self-destruct in a large explosion, causing the building to collapse.[3] Fortunately, All Might arrives in time to avoid catastrophe, saving thousands of lives.[4]


Shie Hassaikai Arc

Ryukyu and her trainees

Ryukyu congratulating Ochaco and Tsuyu.

Upon Nejire's recommendation, Ryukyu hires Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui. Days alter, after witnessing how Nejire, Tsuyu, and Ochaco take down two giant villains, Ryuko praises them and notes that Nejire improved the timing of her attacks. Ryuko then proposes that she deems them all fit enough to take part in Sir Nighteye's team request.[5]

Ryuko is among the Pro Heroes and their sidekicks present at Sir Nighteye's meeting. As Nejire asks Ryuko what the meeting is about, Ryuko tells her that Sir Nighteye is about to explain.[6] Nighteye explains that he has been investigating a Yakuza group known as Shie Hassaikai, whose leader Overhaul had recently become involved in drug trafficking and had contacted the League of Villains.

Ryukyu investigates the Shie Hassaikai

Ryukyu investigating the Shie Hassaikai.

Thanks to the fact that Fat Gum and his Trainees defeated some villains connected with the Shie Hassaikai, a special bullet was recovered. This bullet content allows to eliminate the gifts temporarily. After examining the contents, they discovered that inside the bullet were human blood and cells. Ryukyu surmises that the bullet contained the DNA of a Quirk that destroys other Quirks. Sir Nighteye adds that Izuku and Mirio encountered Overhaul's daughter Eri, who had bandages running up and down her legs, and suspects Overhaul is using Eri to create the Quirk Destroying Drug. This revelation disturbs everybody and Ryukyu expresses sadness and shock over the thought of Chisaki using his own daughter to create weapons.[7]

After the explanation, they all agree to rescue the girl. During the following days Ryukyu participates in the investigations to find out Eri's whereabouts, until Sir Nighteye discovers that she is in the Shie Hassaikai Compound.[8] The next morning at 8:00 AM, in front of the Police Station, Heroes partaking in the rescue operation have been given detailed information about the Shie Hassaikai's complex underground facility and and the Quirks of the people who are part of the organization.

Ryukyu Dragon Form Anime

Ryukyu stops Rikiya with her dragon form.

At 8:30 AM and the Heroes and Police Force are outside the Shie Hassaikai's Headquarters and commence the operation. While the heroes and the police forcer waited outside, suddenly, the gates smash open courtesy of Rikiya Katsukame and he begins to attack them. Ryuko turns into a dragon, and easily intercepts Rikiya’s punch with her draconian claw. Ryukyu orders her Heroes from the Ryukyu Offices to deal with Rikiya and asks the other groups to move on. Ryukyu smashes the large Shie Hassaikai member to the ground as the other Heroes and Police Force members start storming into the headquarters.[9]

Ryuko’s group managed to overpower Rikiya and knock him unconscious. Ryukyu orders the Police Force to restrain Rikiya while Nejire Hado, Ochaco Uraraka, and Tsuyu Asui prepare to head after Sir Nighteye's group. Suddenly, Ochaco and Tsuyu along with the Police Force become tired due to Rikiya inhaling their vitality, much to Ryukyu's surprise since she thought she knocked him out. Conscious, Rikiya reveals that the drug he took is kicking in which has enhanced his Quirk and now he can absorb a target's vitality simply by inhaling.

Ryukyu Squad crashes into the battlefield

Ryukyu Squad suddenly appears!

Now larger and stronger than before, Rikiya attacks the Police Force only for Ryukyu to take them to safety. 20 minutes pass and Ryukyu's group is in a standstill against the rejuvenated Rikiya. Only Nejire continues to fight against him.

Suddenly, Izuku Midoriya appears and states that he called reinforcements and that their objective is underneath a nearby crossroad. With this information, Ryukyu hatches a plan, transforms into her dragon form, and charges at Rikiya. With the help of Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Nejire, she crashes Rikiya against the point indicated by Izuku, collapsing the crossroad, and causing Ryukyu's group along with Rikiya to fall down right into the Yakuza's underground pathway, in the middle of the battle between Izuku and Kai.[10]

Ryukyu thanks Izuku

Ryukyu thanks Izuku for his bravery.

Actually, the Izuku of the surface reveals to be Himiko Toga, who used her quirk to impersonating him. With her are Twice and a copy of Mr. Compress, whom they sent to capture Eri, but Ryuko notices the presence of the League of Villains’s members. While Izuku continues fighting against Kai, she destroys the Mr. Compress clone and sends Ochaco to the surface to get a seriously wounded Sir Nighteye to the ambulance.[11]

Izuku manages to defeat Kai and the mission ends in success, Eri is rescued and the organization dismantled. Ryukyu orders the police to call ambulances for the injured and asks them to search for the League of Villains as well, although Himiko and Twice manage to escape. Ryukyu also takes a moment to thank Izuku for his incredible bravery. With that, the rescue mission completed at 9:15 AM.[12]

Remedial Course Arc

Fat Gum and Ryukyu say goodbye to their interns

The students say goodbye to their tutors.

Unfortunately, Nighteye died from the injuries he sustained in his fight against Overhaul, which is why at the beginning of October, Ryuko Tatsuma attends his funeral along with the rest of the heroes and the students who participated in the Hero Work-Studies.

Due to what happened, they are informed that the Hero Work Studies program is postponed for the moment, so Ochaco, Tsuyu and Nejire say goodbye to Ryukyu.[13]

Pro Hero Arc

Ryukyu Speech

Ryukyu doesn't consider herself worthy of her position.

Months later, the Hero Billboard Chart JP is shown, and it is seen that Ryuko has dropped a rank of the ten best heroes in Japan, dropped from the ninth to the tenth position.

During the ceremony, when she gives her opinion on how she feels about her ranking, Ryuko honestly says she does not feel worthy to be in the top ten, because there are lives she could not save and promises she will continue to strive to be a hero more befitting of the rank. Her words move the hero Crust, who tries to cheer her up.[14]

Endeavor Agency Arc

During the second round of Work-Studies, Ryukyu employees Ochaco, Tsuyu and Nejire once again.[15]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Reinforcements restrain Woman

Ryukyu and the heroes raid the lab.

By the end of March, thanks to the police investigations, and the information leaked by Hawks, who was acting as a spy, the Hero Public Safety Commission organize the Heroes and the Police Force to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front. Ryukyu is part of the team of heroes led by Endeavor in charge of raiding on Jaku General Hospital, and arresting Dr. Kyudai Garaki, ally of Tomura Shigaraki and creator of the Nomu. [16][17]

Shortly after beginning the operation, Dr. Garaki releases large number of Nomu to confront the heroes. He even frees the High-End nomus to gain as much time as possible to wake Tomura, who is stasis in his secret lab after undergoing an operation to obtain more power.[18][19] In spite of everything, the heroes manage to prevail and enter the lair. Ryukyu and other heroes use their abilities to restrain the High-End Woman, allowing Endeavor to land a finishing blow that decapitates her instantly.

The Hospital Team Evacuating

Ryukyu and the other Heroes evacuate the hospital.

All Nomu are defeated and during the confrontation, the capsule that contained Tomura is destroyed before Kyodai could reactivate his heart. Facing his defeat, a heartbroken Dr. Garaki declares that the Devil's Dream has finally ended.[20]

However, against all odds, Tomura Shigaraki awakens, despite having previously verified that his heart was not beating. Seeing the situation, he immediately uses his decay, which spreads rapidly through the laboratory, disintegrating everything in its path. Ryukyu rescues and carries Eraser Head, Manual, Rock Lock and several other unnamed heroes in her dragon form before the place ends up completely disintegrated. Unfortunately, most heroes die from Tomura's Decay. Tomura's Quirk is so powerful that it destroys the entire hospital and the mountain it is on, reaching the city nearby. [21]

Ryukyu attacks Tomura

Ryukyu attacks Tomura.

Despite knowing of Tomura's power increase, Ryukyu is one of the Heroes who challenges him, when he heads to the city to face Deku. Ryukyu flies up to Tomura and swipes him with her claws. Tomura touches her claw as it approached to destroy her, but Eraser Head uses his Erasure to cancel Tomura's Quirk, and Ryukyu knocks Tomura into the air.[22]


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