Don't go thinking what you did was right! The show didn't get canceled because you weren't hurt too bad! But that doesn't make it okay! You're still a student here, with only a provisional license! When there's a fight, you rely on us! We're here to protect you kids!
Ryo Inui scolding Izuku Midoriya in "Festival All Day Long!!"

Ryo Inui ( (いぬ) () (りょう) Inui Ryō?),[3] also known as the Hound Hero: Hound Dog (猟犬ヒーローハウンドドッグ Ryōken Hīrō Haundodoggu?), is a Pro Hero, and the Lifestyle Guidance Counselor at U.A. High School.[1]


Ryo has the appearance of dog due to his Quirk. He has scruffy blond hair sticking straight out behind his head. He also wears a muzzle over his snout on his hero costume.


When angry, Ryo speaks in an incoherent and violent manner with a mix of words and a sound akin to a dog's growling.


U.S.J. Arc

Ryo and several other U.A. High School teachers arrive at the USJ to help Class 1-A and All Might against the League of Villains' attack.[4]

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Ryo howling.

Ryo howling

During the Opening Ceremony, Ryo has some final comments. Unfortunately, his anger causes his speech to come out as a mix of words and incoherent growls, ending with a howl which scares a few of the students. Sekijiro Kan relieves Ryo of his speech and reiterates what Ryo wanted to say as the Pro Hero sulked away angrily.

U.A. School Festival Arc

For the U.A. Culture Festival, Ryo is in charge of security.[5] The night before the festival, Ryo is seen yelling at Class 1-A to go to sleep.

Hound Dog & Ectoplasm searching for intruders

Ryo and Ectoplasm search for the intruders.

As the festival begins, Ryo smells the intruders[6] and heads out with several clones of Ectoplasm. They come across Gentle Criminal and La Brava after the criminals are beaten by Izuku Midoriya, and Gentle declares his surrender.[7]

Afther Class 1-A Show, Ryo praises Izuku for preventing the festival from being canceled, however he also scolds him for being out of line since he failed to contact any Heroes in the vicinity and reminds him that he is not the only Hero out there protecting the peace. Izuku acknowledges his fault which satisfies Ryo who sends Izuku flying towards the festival, telling him to have fun.[8]


Skilled Youth Counselor: As a high school guidance counselor, it is implied that he is skilled in helping youths deal with their problems.


Dog ( Inu?): Ryo's Quirk gives him the attributes and abilities of a dog, such as a heightened sense of smell.


5/6 A+
5/6 A
2/6 D-
4/6 B
Canine Loyalty
5/6 A
Ryo's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book


Sekijiro Kan

Ryo and Sekijiro appear to get along well. After Ryo has an angry fit, Sekijiro approaches him and takes over for his speech, having understood what Ryo wanted to say.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • "Inu" "犬" means "dog", "i" "井" means "well", "ryou" "猟" means "hunting".


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