Romero Fujimi ( (ふじ) () () 召呂 (めろ) Fujimi Romero?) is a student of Isamu Academy High School.[1]


Romero has a generally slouched and unkempt apperance. Much of his visual design draws a semblance of the undead variety; grey hair, lack of eyebrows, bug-wide eyes, nose often simplified as two dots, and overly distinctive teeth.

In his hero costume, Romero's posture straightens. A system of nozzles are attached and the lower portion of his face is covered by a mask in order to aid his quirk. The long black coat is similar to both a lab coat and a dark sorcerer's robes.


He seems to constantly look down on the UA students, which causes him to clash with Katsuki Bakugo, of whom he has been said to be similar to.

Like many of the other students, he idolizes All Might.


Romero took an instant dislike of Katsuki from the moment they met. He uses his Quirk to create zombies and gets turned into one.



Zombie Virus (ゾンビ ヴィルス Zonbi Virusu?): Romero's Quirk allows him to discharge a pink gas from his body which transforms anyone who breathes it in so that they have the mental capacity and appearance of a zombie (as well as invulnerability and the ability to turn other people into zombies by biting them).

However, much like the villain Mustard, Romero is not immune to the transformative power of his gas and has to wear a breathing mask as protection.


  • Romero's name is composed of "wisteria" ( fuji?), "looking" ( mi?), "dew" ( ro?), "summon" ( me?) and "spine" ( ro?).
    • An alternate reading of his name combines the Japanese word for "immortality" (不死身 Fujimi?) and a reference to George Romero (the famous filmmaker responsible for the Night of the Living Dead series), both of which are references to his Quirk.


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