Rojiya Yonenaga (米長路次也 Yonenaga Rojiya?) was a Yakuza member affiliated with the Abegawa Tenchu Kai.[1]


Rojiya is a tall man with a good physical bearing, he has a large scar on his left eyebrow. His dress consists of basic social clothing, a white suit with a blue blouse underneath, and an overcoat over his shoulders.


Much of Rojiya's personality is unknown except for being a serious and composed man. He is also known for never showing signs of drunkenness and for his peculiar habit of collecting manhole covers, which he uses in combat.


As an executive member of the Abegawa Tenchu Kai, Rojiya was very respected by the other members, he had the peculiar habit of collecting manhole covers, which he used on combat. It is said that he went through a bullet storm with nothing less than his manhole cover.


While enjoying sake in a bar, Tetsu complains about the fact that their organization has been categorized as an official villainous organization and gets infuriated when he notices that Rojiya does not seem to be bothered at all about this. Rojiya states that it does not matter to him because a man's way of life does not change from one day to another even if someone like All Might is watching. After agreeing with him Tetsu encourages him to drink more.

After they finished drinking Rojiya decides to take a manhole with him and Tetsu orders his subordinate to stand guard until the police arrive because no one is supposed to fall into the hole that was previously covered by the manhole.

One day the Tenchu Kai's headquarters are attacked by a single assailant, the vigilante Stendhal. The four present executives quickly activate their respective Quirks to battle the intruder. Tetsu, Haruhisa, and Soji simultaneously attack Stendhal who is then forced to jump in order to dodge the barrage of attacks. Rojiya throws his manhole with a considerable amount of force at the vigilante. Stendhal, however, licks the blood samples of the four executives and thus paralyzing them with his Quirk. He then quickly finishes them off with one single slash, killing them.[2]



Rojiya's Quirk

Manhole Throw

Unnamed Strength Enhancement Quirk: Rojiya had a physical enhancing quirk that allowed him to throw manhole covers with great force and speed. When active his right arm glowed and sparks emitted from it. His special move was throwing the manhole at his target at the speed-of-sound - turning it into flying guillotine - after his teammates had forced the opponent into the air.



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