Meta Liberation Army Arc

In his office at the Detnerat Company. His secretary Miyashita shows him the rough-cut of the second commercial announcing the Detnerat's entrance into hero support gear business.

Rikiya and Miyashita discuss the company's prospects in hero support market. When Miyashita notes that the company has a lot to overcome do to their newness in the market, Rikiya points out Detnerat is at least the lead in 'meta ability-related' goods. Miyashita is confused about the term 'meta ability'. Rikiya corrects himself to say 'Quirks and shows Miyashita his copy of the Meta Liberation War by Destro. After Miyashita tells him that he had also read it but he believes Destro was nothing but a terrorist whose unjustified actions caused the death of innocent people. He also criticizes the literary style as pretentious. Without warning, Rikiya wraps his arms around Miyashita's body and beings to question him on his family. After Miyashita answers his mother is deceased, Rikiya starts to squeeze on his assistant's neck. While squeezing his neck, he tells Miyashita that he is disappointed with his viewpoint and had considered introducing him to the members of the Meta Liberation Army. Ignoring Miyashita's pleas, he ultimately snaps his neck and Miyashita falls dead on to the floor. Looking at his dead employee, Rikiya sheds tears and declares he won't forget him. Later on, Rikiya meets with his followers and declares their intention to destroy the League of Villains.[1]

During the meeting Rikiya mentions that the products he is leaking to the black market are being monitored and are designed to self-destruct so they cannot to be traced back to the Detnerat Company and interrupt the company's research. Tomoyasu Chikazoku says that the guess the Rikiya wanted has arrived. As the guards walk in a badly beaten-up Giran Tomoyasu states that Giran has not talked nor revealed any of his clients though he is known to help the League with supplies and recruits and therefor surely has valuable information. Giran mocks the Rikiya's face while revealing his irritation at a 'big and legitimate company' entering his market. Rikiya asks for his price. Giran replies that he doesn't do business with people he doesn't respect nor would he sell out his customers all while avoiding confirming his associations with the League. He laughs that Rikiya should try approaching him again the right way. With a somewhat manic smile, the President responds that the two will be spending a plenty of time together.[2]

Rikiya contacts the League of Villains with one of Giran’s phones. He asks the League to check the news, then introduces himself and the Meta Liberation Army, and espouses the Army’s beliefs. After reporting on Giran’s status, Rikiya flaunts the Meta Liberation Army’s influence and size to the League, and reveals his knowledge of their location. He asks that the League come to Deika City, where he will release Giran and offer them a choice: Fight and die at the hands of the Meta Liberation Army, or be attacked and arrested by heroes that he will call to their location.[3]


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