We will tear down the existing framework and rebuild this world... as a place where people are free to be themselves and use their abilities as they see fit!
Rikiya Yotsubashi to the League of Villains in "Cockroaches"

This article is about the Meta Liberation Army's Grand Commander. For the Eight Expendables' member of the Shie Hassaikai, see Rikiya Katsukame.

Rikiya Yotsubashi ( () (ばし) (りき) () Yotsubashi Rikiya?),[1] also known as Re-Destro (リ・デストロ Ri-Desutoro?), is the President and CEO of the Detnerat Company, a lifestyle support company, as well as the Grand Commander of the modern Meta Liberation Army, which he runs in secret. He is also the son of the infamous villain Destro,[2] and is the main antagonist of the Meta Liberation Army Arc.[1]


Rikiya is a tall, odd-looking middle aged man with a prominently long, pointed nose and obtruding chin, as well as small, dark eyes. He has short, orangey-brown hair, set noticeably far up his forehead, a widow’s peak pointing downwards in the center, and he wears it swept back around his head. He doesn’t have any visible eyebrows, and also possesses two dark moles on the left of his forehead. Sometimes, when he feels upset, a dark fire-like stain spreads around his eyes, becoming a large facial stain that resembles a domino mask.

In his youth, he had a similar appearance but wore his hair differently, leaving it down with one lock over his face.

He is always seen in a suit that consists of a green dress shirt, a green tie and a black, pinstriped blazer with matching dress pants. He has also been seen wearing a black hat while on his way to a meeting with the rest of the Liberation Army leadership.



At first, Rikiya seems like a completely normal and balanced person. He generally acts as an easygoing individual who has no problem with people making fun of him, even his employees, and genuinely believes in making a better world for people with difficult Quirks.

However, this public persona is merely a façade, for he is a devout follower of his father's ideals and believes that Quirks should be celebrated rather than suppressed and controlled. Rikiya does not hesitate to kill and torture people to achieve his goals, and he does not tolerate the insult or lack of respect for either Destro or the Meta Liberation Army. When his secretary Miyashita defined Destro's book as pretentious and the Liberation Army as terrorists, he kills him on the spot. However, he does seem to show some remorse by shedding genuine sad tears about the act.[2] He also values his colleagues and was saddened by Curious’ death at the hands of Himiko Toga, even crying about it.[3]

Due to his dissatisfaction with the current hero society, he's prone to pointing out its flaws and shortcomings, normally using villains as examples. He believes that, despite the various Quirks that exist, people still need to fit into a very specific mold to be accepted by society, and are otherwise callously cast out. He holds that villainy is an escape many such outcasts turn to because they have little other options. He uses this to further endorse his agenda, claiming that in a society with completely liberated Quirks, no one would have to feel alone or estranged.

He is quite condescending, as he views Tomura as nothing more than a hoodlum and his ragtag organization as a group seeking nothing more to destroy with no real ambition. He also mocked Tomura on not having a proper education when speaking to him about his own goals.[4]


Corporate CEO: Rikiya is the Chief Executive Officer of the Detnerat Company, an industry that specializes in making clothing and other items for people with "abnormal" bodies.

Leadership Skill: Rikiya is currently the Supreme Commander of the new Meta Liberation Army. A military force that consists of over 100,000 members.

Tactical Brilliance: Rikiya set up a situation that forced the League of Villains into a war with the Meta Liberation Army. He was able to consider multiple details and made the correct assumption that the League of Villains didn't have any Nomu on hand.

Meta Ability

Unnamed Arm Gigantification/Skin Reinforcement Quirk: Rikiya seems to possesses a yet to be named dual ability Quirk that allows him significantly increase the size of his arms, as well as harden his skin, resulting in a blackening effect.[5]


  • Rikiya’s first name is composed of the kanji for "power" ( riki?) and "to be" ( ya?), and his surname contains "four" (四ツ yotsu?) and "bridge" ( bashi?).
  • His design and mannerisms seem to be based on the Batman villain The Joker, particularly his portrayal in The Killing Joke.


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