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{{Quirk Infobox
|name= Rewind
|image= Rewind (Anime).png
|japanese= 巻き戻す
|romaji= Maki Modosu
|user= [[Eri]]
|quirk type= Emitter
|quirk range= Close Range
|debut= [[Chapter 156]]
|anime debut= [[Episode 76]]
}}is the [[Quirk]] used by [[Eri]]. It is the result of an extremely rare mutation, and bears no resemblance to any Quirk on either side of her family's lineage.{{ref|chap=156}}
==Description{{Nihongo|'''Rewind'''|巻き戻す|Maki Modosu}}==
Rewind gives Eri the ability to reverse a being's body back to a previous state.{{ref|chap=161|page=5}}
[[File:Eri_rewinds_monster_Overhaul.gif|thumb|220px|left|Rewind reverts Overhaul and Rikiya back to their normal forms.]]
[[Category:Mutation Quirks]]
[[Category:Mutation Quirks]]

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