The Recycle Shop: Hoppers is a second-hand store run by brothers Ichiro and Jiro Hotta.


Located in Naruhata, the store is easily identifiable thanks to its enormous sign on top of the scaparate, with the name of the shop and it emblem, which are two grasshoppers, a clear reference to the owners's Quirks.

Within the establishment there is a lot of second-hand goods to sell: furniture, appliances, utensils, etc... The Hotta brothers also had a warehouse on the outskirts, where they stored more merchandise, but the building was destroyed during a confrontation against a Next-Level Villain.

Apart from their legitimate business, the Hotta brothers are also drug dealers involved in Trigger trafficking, although they deal a normal, legal version of the drug to help stop balding and erectile dysfunction, staying away from any issue with the adulterated version, which has caused numerous incidents related to Villains in the last months.[1]

During his investigations on the traffic of Trigger and the actions of the Villain Factory, Aizawa decided to use the store as an impromptu base, even having actual meetings with Detective Naomasa in the shop, to the dismay of the Hotta brothers.[2] They get even more annoyed when Koichi decides to use their store as a hangout as well.[3]


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