Recipro Burst (レシプロバースト Reshipuro Bāsuto?) is a Super Move performed by Tenya Iida[1] and Tensei Iida[2] using their Engine Quirks.


Tenya activates Recipro Burst by forcing the torque and RPM of his engines into overdrive. This grants him explosive power and incredibly fast speed for ten seconds. After the time limit is reached, his engines will stall for a short period of time.[1]

Using this technique, Tenya was able to propel Team Todoroki fast enough to steal Team Midoriya's headband in the blink of an eye.[1] He also uses this move to enhance the striking power of his kicks, able to deliver multiple powerful blows in quick succession.[3]

Not even the agile Hero Killer Stain is able to avoid all of Tenya's kicks effectively while Recipro Burst is active.[4]


  • Recipro Extend (レシプロエクステンド Reshipuro Ekusutendo?): The radiators installed in his hero costumes legs allow Tenya's engines to cool much faster than normal. Once they're ready to be used again, Tenya can use Recipro Extend to use gain another burst of incredible speed.



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