The Quirk Training Camp is a specialized training program that takes place following the end of the first term at U.A. High. Class 1-A and Class 1-B travel to the Beast's Forest to develop their Quirks under the supervision of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Eraser Head, and Vlad King.


Day One

U.A. faculty decides to send students away to training camp over the summer break because of the growing threat of villain attacks like the U.S.J and Hosu Incidents. Students need to be able to defend themselves from further potential villain attacks, and they also must become stronger in order to acquire their Provisional Hero Licenses in the future.

Earth Flow

"Training Camp begins now!"

The plan has students stay with the Wild, Wild Pussycats hero team on their nature reserve for one week in order to improve their Quirks. 

Class 1-A and 1-B both leave on the same day from U.A. High School to the Beast's Forest. When Class 1-A arrives at the top of the mountain overlooking the forest, they are attacked by Pixie-Bob. Mandalay and Pixie-Bob task the students with making their way to base camp by fighting their way through the forest against Pixie-Bob's earth beasts.[1]

Class 1-A doesn't make it to base camp for over eight hours. They eat, unpack, and bathe afterward. Shota Aizawa announces the true training camp will begin the next day.[2] 


Day Two

On the first day of training camp, Shota brings his class to a cliffside and has Katsuki Bakugo throw a ball with his Quirk like he did during the Quirk Apprehension Test. To the shock of the students, Katsuki only manages to throw the ball a few meters further than he did during the fitness test despite so much time has passed since then. Shota explains that the students have improved through technical skill, stamina, and mental prowess, but their Quirks have not improved all that much.[2]

The same morning, Vlad King wakes up his students and explains that they will improve their Quirks by pushing them beyond their limits. Vlad King explains that Emitter types need to raise their maximum limits while Transformation and Mutant types need to train the part of their body related to their Quirk. Itsuka Kendo inquires how they plan to train each individual student in two classes of twenty people. Class 1-B joins Class 1-A during their training and Shota Aizawa explains that the Pussycats are a hero team perfectly equipped to help every student improve.

Class 1-A's training methods are as follows:[3]

Student Quirk Training Method
Katsuki Bakugo's Quirk Training Explosion Katsuki plunges both his hands into a drum of boiling hot water to expand his sweat glands. Then he immediately creates a large scale explosion toward the sky. He does this repeatedly in order to increase the scale of his explosion attacks.
Shoto Todoroki's Quirk training Half-Cold Half-Hot Shoto sits in a tub of bathwater and uses his Quirk to regulate the temperature of the water by alternating between ice and fire. This gets his body used to freezing and helps him control the temperature of his flames.
Hanta Sero's Quirk training Tape Hanta sits on a cliff and produces tape continuously. This increases his tapes capacity as well as its strength and shooting speed.
Eijiro Kirishima's Quirk training Hardening Kirishima hardens his body to be hit by Mashirao with his tail. This improves the strength and durability of both their Quirks with every hit.
Mashirao Ojiro's Quirk training Tail Mashirao attacks Eijiro with his tail while the latter's body is hardened. This improves the strength and durability of both their Quirks with every hit.
Denki Kaminari's Quirk training Electrification Denki runs his electric current through a high capacity battery. This trains his body to endure high levels of electricity.
Koji Koda's Quirk training Anivoice Koji does loud vocal exercises to build up his vocal cords and expand the range of his Quirk. It’s also good for helping him become less shy.
Yuga Aoyama's Quirk training Navel Laser Yuga fires off his laser repeatedly so he can attack even when his stomach hurts and to increase the range of his laser beams.
Fumikage Tokoyami's Quirk training Dark Shadow Fumikage trains alone in a dark cave where Dark Shadow goes berserk. He trains to keep Dark Shadow under control even when its going wild in the dark.
Ochaco Uraraka's Quirk training Zero Gravity Ochaco floats inside a large plastic ball while it bounces around the training area. By turning continuously in zero gravity, Ochaco trains her inner ear canals to decrease nausea and increase the amount of weight she can nullify.
Tenya Iida's Quirk training Engine Tenya runs long distances in order to increase leg strength and stamina.
Tsuyu Asui's Quirk training Frog Tsuyu scales the side of the mountain using her tongue and all the muscles in her body in order to work them out.
Rikido Sato's Quirk training Sugar Rush Rikido works out while eating the sweets he needs to power up his Quirk.
Momo Yaoyorozu's Quirk training Creation Momo eats while using her Quirk to amplify her creations and shorten the amount of time needed to make them.
Kyoka Jiro's Quirk training Earphone Jack Kyoka stabs solid rock with her Earphone Jacks to strengthen them and increase the quality of sound from her Quirk.
Mina Ashido's Quirk training Acid Mina intermittently creates acid against a solid rock to increase her skins durability.
Minoru Mineta's Quirk training Pop Off Minoru continuously pops the balls off his head to increase the durability of his scalp so that he won't bleed.
Mezo Shoji's Quirk training Dupli-Arms Mezo creates multiple Dupli-Arms in order to try and track down Toru.
Toru Hagakure's Quirk training Invisibility Toru hides her presence from Mezo as he tries to search for her.
Izuku Midoriya's Quirk training One For All Izuku trains by fighting against Tiger and working out his muscles.

After the second day in Beast's Forest, Pixie-Bob and Ragdoll provide the students with ingredients to make themselves curry for dinner. Tenya Iida points out that this is a way for the students to learn how to care for rescued victims who need food and re-encouragement.[4] Students who failed the First Term Final Exam stay up with Shota until 2 a.m for extra lessons.

Day Three

The training camp resumes at 7 a.m and the extra lessons group is pushed to keep up with their classmates by their teacher. Everyone resumes their training and Pixie-Bob announces that night everyone will participate in a test of courage mini-game where students will be pitted against one another. Following the third day of training camp, the students prepare a beef stew for dinner.

The test of courage begins after dinner. Pixie-Bob explains that Class 1-B students will go out into the forest first. They are tasked with scaring pairs of Class 1-A students trying to retrieve their name tags from the middle of the route. Tenya believes the Pussycats are trying to make the students get creative with their Quirks and refine their ideas by competing against one another.

Twelve minutes after the test of courage begins, the Vanguard Action Squad invades the training camp.[5]


The Vanguard Action Squad Invasion ultimately cut the training camp short. Students were either sent home or admitted to the hospital depending on their status immediately following the attack.[6]

Training for the students to receive their Provisional Hero Licenses resumed following the Kamino Incident. Shota Aizawa, Midnight, Ectoplasm, and Cementoss took it upon themselves to train Class 1-A to not only develop their Quirks but Super Moves as well.[7]



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