The Quirk Amplification Device is a support item invented by David Shield.


Wolfram using the Quirk Amplification Device

The Quirk Amplification Device Activated.

In order to restore All Might's power, David and his assistant Sam researched for years to develop equipment that could revitalize Quirks. They eventually invented a support item that can exponentially increase the power of the user's Quirk without directly effecting the body. This means the user's Quirk can be enhanced without the negative side-effects of drugs like Trigger.

The invention proved to be so dangerous that sponsors at I-Island confiscated it. David and Sam went to questionable lengths to get the device back, only for it to be stolen by Wolfram. The extra boost to Metal Manipulation allowed Wolfram to greatly extend the reach and power of his Quirk, and combined with his enhanced muscle Quirk, Wolfram could even overpower All Might.

The device itself is a sophisticated headset. It was destroyed after Wolfram's defeat.[1]


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