The Quirk-Destroying Drug refers to a substance that is capable of damaging the genetic mechanisms that compose someone's Quirk.


This drug was created by the Eight Precepts of Death, a Yakuza organization led by Kai Chisaki, also known as "Overhaul", who was responsible for the conceptualization of the product itself, using the biological material of a young girl to produce it. The drug was meant to be sold through the black market, which the Eight Precepts would hold a monopoly of. Kai planned to resurrect the glory of the Eight Precepts, and the Yakuza in general, by using the drug as a way to gather huge amounts of money as well as a tool to induce fear into the modern Quirk-dependent population.

An antidote serum was developed alongside the drug, as part of Kai's scheme to have control over victims of the drug. It's unknown what happened to the serum after the League of Villains ambushed Kai's escort. There's also no other known way to cure the effects of the drug, although Shota Aizawa believes that Rewind, being the genetic source of the drug, can revert back one's Quirk Factor.


The idea of a drug that could destroy one's Quirk was originally conceived by Kai, who tried to convince his boss, the former leader of the Eight Precepts of Death, to allow the boss' granddaughter to have her body, which had manifested a unusual Rewind Quirk, used as a source of genetic material in order to cultivate said drug. Kai's plan was rejected by his boss due to its unethical nature, which led Kai to incapacitate his boss and take over the reins of the Eight Precepts.

By collecting genetic material from the girl's body (which was done through Kai's own Quirk, as he could destroy and restore her body infinitely), the Eight Precepts were able to experiment and develop a drug prototype that could damage one's Quirk Factor, the biological mechanisms behind the functioning of Quirks. The effects of this prototype, however, were only temporary, and thus were distributed solely for testing purposes. The prototype was primarily distributed in the form of injection bullets that could be fired into someone's bloodstream, disabling their Quirk for a few hours.

Requiring further funding, the Eight Precepts were able to strike an alliance with the League of Villains, who had an interest in the drug, having witnessed its effects during a skirmish with the Eight Precepts themselves. In a short amount of time, the drug was perfected, having its effects now become permanent. Additionally, a serum that could be used to restore the destroyed Quirks was created alongside the finished drug, being meant to be sold as well.

However, a rescue operation took place in the Eight Precepts' stronghold before Kai could commercialize the drug and the serum. During his battle against Mirio Togata, who was able to catch up with him before he could escape, Kai showcased the drug's effects by having one of his subordinates fire a drug-infused bullet into Mirio's body, permanently erasing his Permeation Quirk. This, however, didn't prevent Kai from being defeated and the drug confiscated by the police.

The League of Villains, however, successfully ambushed the police escort carrying Kai Chisaki and the case containing the product, retrieving the drug for their own ends.


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