Prominence Burn (プロミネンスバーン Purominensu Bān?) is a Super Move used by Endeavor using the Hellflame Quirk.


Plus Ultra Prominence Burn

The full might of Prominence Burn.

Prominence Burn appears to the most powerful technique in Endeavor's arsenal. Endeavor uses the full might of his flames to emit a concentrated beam of heat from his body that is used to vaporize his target. 

This move is so potent that it completely overpowered High-End's Super Regeneration Quirk. The powerful Nomu only survived the initial attack by moving its head out of range of the attack.[1] However, Nomu was completed incinerated the second time Endeavor landed the attack at point-blank range.[2] 

Prominence Burn appears to be Endeavor's ultimate technique that he wishes to pass down to his sons Toya and Shoto. [3]


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