Pro Heroes vs Impromptu Villains is a battle between several Pro Heroes against innocent people who were transformed into Impromptu Villains by Kuin Hachisuka.


Teruo is interrogated by the police to find out where he got the Trigger he used, but like almost all of the suspects who underwent villainification, he tells them that he received it from someone he does not know. Aware that they can not get much more information from him, Naomasa Tsukauchi and Tanema decide to let him go without charges. Teruo leaves the police station, not knowing that he is being followed by Naomasa.

Jube Namimaru and Ichimoku Samazu see Teruo and send a message to Pop☆Step. Koichi and Kazuho go out to meet them in a cafe, thinking that they might be able to obtain information about the person who gave the drug to Teruo. When they arriving at the cafe they only meet Ichimoku, and Knuckleduster, who is also there reading a newspaper. Ichimoku explains them that Jube and Teruo had gone for a moment to pick up some merch.

However, the villain Kuin Hachisuka has other plans...[1]


The heroes are victorious

The heroes are victorious.

Kuin uses her Queen Bee Quirk to release a swarm of worker bees with special abdomens, filled with Trigger. Kuin uses her army of bees to injecting the drug into innocent civilians. In an instant an ordinary crowd of people turns into a horde of Impromptu Villains with out-of-control powers. As a result, they start causing chaos at the streets, and as civilians run away from the Impromptu Villains, Naomasa calls for backup.

Suddenly, numerous Heroes appear on the scene, such as Air Jet, Ingenium, Endeavor, Midnight, Eraser Head, and several others. Even All Might himself appears to subdue the Impromptu Villains. In a short space of time, all the people who were transformed into Impromptu Villains have been suppressed by the Heroes.[1]


During the chaos and confusion caused by this villain outbreak, Teruo separates from Jube, meeting Kuin shortly after, who convinces him to accompany her. On the other hand, Knuckleduster manages to catch one of Kuin's worker bees. This angers him because he knows who is responsible for the outbreak earlier on. The rest of the day he mulls over being unable to find the person responsible for the chaos today.[1]


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