One For All: Full Cowl - Shoot Style (ワンフォーオール フルカウル シュートスタイル Wan Fō Ōru Furu Kauru Shūto Sutairu?, localized as: One For All: Full Cowling - Shoot Style) is a variation of One For All: Full Cowl that is centered around offensive kicks rather than All Might-inspired punches.


Izuku Midoriya uses Shoot Style against Katsuki Bakugo

Izuku delivers an 8% Shoot Style kick.

Shoot Style was developed by Izuku during his training for the Provisional Hero License Exam. In order to reduce the strain on his arms and to step away from the shackles of imitating All Might, Izuku decided to focus his new fighting style around using his legs.[1]

Having learned to use Full Cowl to quickly move around from Katsuki Bakugo and Gran Torino, Izuku completed his new fighting style by learning kicking techniques from Tenya Iida. At the same time Izuku developed Shoot Style, Mei Hatsume invented Iron Soles to help compensate for Izuku's own leg strength and greatly increase his kicking power.[2]

To use Shoot Style, Izuku concentrates Full Cowl's effects in his legs rather than his arms for his smash attacks, enabling him to use their naturally greater power to improve his striking strength. Combined with the Iron Soles support items, Izuku can kick through solid rock and create shock waves from the force of his smash attacks.[3]

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