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==Characters in Order of Appearance==
==Characters in Order of Appearance==
{{Scroll box|*[[Izuku Midoriya]]
*[[Izuku Midoriya]]
*[[Inko Midoriya]]
*[[Inko Midoriya]]
*[[Toshinori Yagi]]
*[[Toshinori Yagi]]
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*[[All For One (Character)|All For One]]
*[[All For One (Character)|All For One]]
*[[Shoto Todoroki]]
*[[Shoto Todoroki]]

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ODD FUTURE (オッド フューチャー) is the fourth opening theme of My Hero Academia anime adaptation. It is performed by UVERworld (ウバー ワールド) .

Single Track List

  2. PLOT

Characters in Order of Appearance


I Keep my ideals それぞれの天命を


What's going on?
まだそう やり残してんだろう
What's going on?

Dreaming 意思逆走
四角い空 心の隙き間埋めぬ
未来の解像度下げ 僕らは目をそらしては

I Keep my ideals それぞれの人生
愛も夢も危険なほど 簡単に火がついちゃうのさ

I Keep my ideals sorezore no tenmei wo

(What's going through?)

subete wa mi kara deta sabi
haburi yoku fuyashita kuro rekishi
ari to arayuru mono wo sutetari
mi ni oboe no nai unmei ni korosarekaketa koto mo atta shi
shinda me wo shite ikita jiki
soredemo kyou mo ikasareteru tte koto wa

What's going on?
mada sou yarinokoshiten darou
shuusei no shiyou no nai hibi no naka demo
What's going on?
hito to wa chigau to mitometa ue de
kanousei no rutsubo hiraku

Dreaming ishi gyakusou
shikakui sora kokoro no sukima umenu
akenu yoru kara nukeyou
mirai no kaizou do sage bokura wa me wo sorashite wa
naritai mono nante nai to usobu ita hibi wo

I Keep my ideals sorezore no jinsei
ai mo yume mo kiken na hodo kantan ni hi ga tsuichau no sa
gongu nari sorezore no tenmei wo

I keep my ideals alive when destiny calls!
(What’s going through)

Everything is like a rust escaping me
And we’re living in a darker history
Every single excuse I ever made
I just gotta learn to thrown them all away
And I think I still remember all my lies
I was always living with dead eyes
But now I gotta live every day more alive!

(What's going on?)
Well, I guess that I haven’t finished yet
Lived the day-to-day but never tried to fix it
(What's going on?)
Well, I guess that I’m different than the rest
Now I recognize that this is a test, yeah …

Reverse in my mind, between the silver line …
My heart's in the sky -
Through the darkest night!
Let's run till the dawn's first light!
Dropping the resolution of the future
We're looking away in the day-to-day
Let's try to stop living a lie!

I keep my ideals alive!
If you can live through all of the danger, and get to the love and the dreams, then you’ll be alright
Just try not fall when destiny calls!

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『僕のヒーローアカデミア』ヒロアカ3期ノンクレジットOPムービー/OPテーマ:「ODD FUTURE」UVERworld

『僕のヒーローアカデミア』ヒロアカ3期ノンクレジットOPムービー/OPテーマ:「ODD FUTURE」UVERworld

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