Octoid is a Next-Level Villain in Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


Octoid is a huge, muscular, jet-black-skinned humanoid. Due to its nature of his Quirk, he has six arms, and in each of his limbs there is a row of suckers. Besides his arms, he has two large tentacles he keeps hidden in his torso, and uses to attack the enemy by surprise.[1]

His head has no hair, and above his mouth it seems to be almost completely devoid of facial features, except for a couple of lines that run across his face, going from the fissure of his lips to his forehead. Actually he has a pair of very tiny eyes hidden in each of the lines.[2]


Enhanced Strength: Octoid was given augmented strength when he was turned into a Next-Level Villain,[3] his strength was such that he could quickly incapacitate Pro Hero Shota Aizawa.[1]

Enhanced Speed: Octoid was given augmented speed when he was turned into a Next-Level Villain.[3]

Enhanced Durability: Octoid proved to be able to shrug off attacks from Shota Aizawa, Koichi Haimawari, the Trigger-enhanced Hotta brothers and the bodily-enhanced Kirihito Kamachi with no damage, with Kirihito's scythes being unable to cut his skin.[1][2]


Octoid prepares to finish off Aizawa

Octoid with eight arms

Cephalopod: Octoid possess a Cephalopod Quirk, making him appear like a humanoid octopus.[3] He possess six arms normally, along with two extra hidden arms.[1]

Super Moves

  • Eight-Arm Rush: Octoid attacks his foe with a barrage of blows from his eight arms.[3]


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