Ochaco's Memory

Young Ochaco with her parents.

Her parents own a construction business that hasn't gotten a particularly significant amount of business in years, which affected their lifestyle. Neither of their Quirks are compatible with the jobs, but their daughter's is. Even as a small child, Ochaco desired to help her family out in any way she could, wanting to work for them and use her Quirk to help them make money. That way, they could reduce labor costs and sell their heavy lifting equipment.

However, her father always told Ochaco that the way to truly make him and her mother happy would be for their daughter to achieve her own dreams. As a result, she aspires to become a Pro Hero, wanting to help people and make enough money to give her parents an easy life.[1] 


Entrance Exam Arc

Izuku meets Ochaco

Ochaco meets Izuku at the Entrance Exam.

Ochaco attends the U.A. Highschool Entrance Exams. She notices Izuku Midoriya tripping and uses her Quirk to float his body, preventing him from falling over. She apologizes for using her Quirk on Izuku without permission. She nervously admits to him her concerns about the test and departs by wishing him good luck.[2]

During the practical portion of the exam, Ochaco scores twenty-eight points by using her Quirk on the villain-bots. Suddenly, a gigantic villain bot appears and tears apart the testing arena. Ochaco gets caught under debris as the robot approaches, putting her in danger of being crushed. Izuku puts his safety aside and rushes to her aid. It what was a complete shock to Ochaco, he defeats the massive robot with one powerful blow.

Izuku Falling (Anime)

Ochaco saves Izuku.

However, Izuku breaks both his legs and his right arm in the process and begins to free fall. Ochaco frees herself from the debris in time to safe Izuku from falling from the great height. She smacks him just in time and uses her powers to float him as he's about to crash. The exams end shortly after. [3]

Ochaco returns to U.A. after the exams and asks Present Mic if she can transfer some of the points she'd earned onto Izuku. She tells Present Mic that Izuku had a zero score and that she needed to repay him for saving her. Present Mic thanks Ochaco for stopping by, but Izuku earned enough rescue points to pass. Ochaco also earned forty-five rescue points. Combined with her villain points, this places Ochaco third in the exam.[4]

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Izuku blushes next to Ochaco

Ochaco and Izuku reunite on the first day of school.

Ochaco is the last person to arrive in Class 1-A on the first day of school. She happens upon Izuku and Tenya talking at the door. Izuku is clearly embarrassed, but this doesn't stop Ochaco from telling him how awesome his punch from the exam was. A man clad in a sleeping bag, lying on the ground appears behind the trio. They are frightened when he tells them that they're taking up too much time chatting.  

This man introduces himself as Shota Aizawa: their homeroom teacher. He immediately tells the class to dress in their P.E. attire and go to the training grounds. Ochaco is concerned that they will miss orientation, but Shota claims there isn't any time for formalities.[5] Class 1-A follows Shota outside, where he announces that they will undergo Quirk apprehension tests to determine their standing in the class. The person who places last will be immediately expelled. Ochaco expresses that she feels this is unfair to the students. Shota replies that many of the world's disasters are unfair and that the students will need to "Go Beyond" that.

In the fifty meter-dash, Ochaco uses her Quirk: "Zero Gravity" to negate the gravitational pull on her clothes and shoes. The added speed allows her to finish in 7.15 seconds, which is faster than her previous score from junior high. On the pitch test, Ochaco achieves an infinite score by floating the ball into the atmosphere.[6] Izuku goes next, but Shota erases his Quirk to stop him from breaking his arm. Izuku recognizes him as the Pro-Hero Eraser Head, but Ochaco and other students do not recognize that name. Then Izuku throws the ball over seven hundred meters by breaking his finger and Ochaco cheers him on.

Izuku, Ochaco and Tenya shocked

Nobody gets expelled.

Following the physical tests, Shota reveals the student's scores. Ochaco places tenth out of the class while Izuku comes in last. Just when Izuku believes he's been expelled, Shota reveals that no one is going home and that threat was just a logical deception. Ochaco and most of the students are shocked by this revelation.

Afterward, Ochaco catches up with Izuku and Tenya to ask them if they want to walk to the station together. She recognizes Tenya by his name but accidentally calls Izuku by Deku. Izuku explains that Deku is a nickname that Katsuki uses to bully him. Ochaco likes the name Deku. She says it would make a great hero name and that it's cute. Ochaco and her new friends Tenya and Deku walk home together.[7]

Battle Trial Arc

Ochaco eats lunch with Izuku and Tenya the next day. That afternoon, they attend Hero Basic Training class taught by All Might. All Might announces their first lesson will be combat training. Ochaco and her peers dress in their new costumes and meet their teacher at training ground beta. She tells Izuku she likes how simple his costume is, but dislikes how her own costume is too tight on her. All Might begins to explain the Battle Trial the students will undertake but gets interrupted when Ochaco and others keep asking questions. The students are paired up into teams of two and will fight mach-battles inside buildings. One team will be designated as the heroes while the other will be the villains. The objective of the heroes is to capture the villains or recover the payload the villains protect.

Izuku and Ochaco team up

Ochaco and Izuku team up.

Class 1-A draws lots to choose their partner and Ochaco ends up with Izuku as her partner. All Might chooses their opponent at random as well. Ochaco and Izuku are chosen to be the hero team up against Katsuki and Tenya.[8] They wait outside the building for five minutes after their opponents enter.

Ochaco tells Izuku that she's excited to be able to see All Might up close. Her enthusiasm is interrupted when she realizes Izuku is so nervous that he's sweating through his costume. Izuku admits that he's afraid to face Katsuki because of how powerful he is. He goes on to say that he must do better and that he won't lose in the Battle Trial. Ochaco says it's a fated battle between rivals and that they will win as a team.

They enter the building and Ochaco follows Izuku around the narrow corridors until Katsuki surprise attacks them. Izuku grabs Ochaco in time for both of them to evade Katsuki's explosion. Katsuki attacks again, but Izuku catches his arm and uses a shoulder toss to counter and slam Katsuki onto the ground. Ochaco cheers as she watches Izuku tell Katsuki that "Deku" is the name of a hero.[9]

Tenya finds Ochaco

Tenya catches Ochaco hiding.

Katsuki recovers and kicks Izuku. Izuku tells Ochaco to go ahead without him while he fights Katsuki. Ochaco reaches Tenya and the fake bomb on the floors above. She walks in on Tenya getting himself into the villainous mindset. Ochaco finds this funny and lets her guard down by laughing out loud. Tenya notices her and reveals that he's removed anything for Ochaco to float from the room. As he monologues over his plan, Ochaco contacts Izuku and tells him she found the payload in the middle of the fifth floor.[10]

Katsuki uses a giant explosion to attack Izuku that shakes the entire building. In the chaos, Ochaco floats herself and makes a jump for the weapon. However, Tenya is too fast for her and uses his Quirk to keep it out of her reach.

Home Run Comet

Ochaco attacks Tenya.

Izuku and Ochaco come up with a plan where the former uses his Quirk to break up the higher floors of the building. This gives Ochaco the opening and the tools to use her Quirk effectively. She swings a large pillar to send stones flying at Tenya, nicknaming the technique Home Run Comet. While Tenya avoids the attack, Ochaco jumps onto the payload and wins the Battle Trial.[11]

Following their battle trial, Ochaco, Tenya, and Katsuki are critiqued in the monitoring room. All Might declares Tenya the MVP of the trial and asks the class why he chose Tenya. Momo answers his question. She says Ochaco dropped her guard mid-battle and she took advantage of the trial by using an imprecise special move. Izuku returns to class later on. Ochaco walks in with Denki soon after and immediately runs over to Izuku. She is concerned about his wounds but he tells her that he's fine. He asks where Katsuki went. She tells him Katsuki left and Izuku goes after him.[12]

U.S.J. Arc

Interview With Ochaco

Reporters ask Ochaco about All Might.

Ochaco gets questioned by reporters on her way to school the next day. They ask what All Might is like in person. Ochaco can't quite describe him, but she does call him very muscular. Class 1-A votes for their Class President during homeroom. Tenya suggests the class vote for it. Ochaco quietly uses her vote on Izuku so Katsuki doesn't notice. Izuku and Momo are voted in as class representatives. 

At lunch, Ochaco eats and talks to Izuku and Tenya about the class president.  Tenya tells Izuku he voted for him as well. Ochaco mentions that Tenya looked the part of being class president. Tenya accidentally mentions his families hero agency, prompting Ochaco to ask if his family is wealthy. Tenya admits that he comes from a family of Pro Heroes and that the hero Ingenium is his elder brother. 

Ochaco reaching for Tenya

Ochaco gets caught in the panic.

Suddenly the school's alarms go off and the students begin to evacuate in a panic. Ochaco and the others get caught in the mob created by the panic. She calls for Tenya's help and he reaches his hand out to her. He requests that she help him float above everyone else. Using his Quirk, Tenya moves over the corridor and dispels the panic by informing everyone it's just the media trespassing on campus grounds.[13]

Later on, Shota announces to the Class that they will partake in rescue training at an outside facility. Ochaco gets dressed in her costume save for her helmet. She notices Izuku wearing his P.E. uniform rather than his costume. He explains it got wrecked during combat training. Class 1-A boards the bus and Katsuki eventually starts fighting with his peers. Momo complains that their conversation is too vulgar, but Ochaco says that it is fun to hear them argue. Class 1-A reaches the Unforeseen Simulation Joint and soon greeted by the Space Hero: Thirteen. Thirteen speaks to them about the importance of using their Quirks to help others. The teacher's speech is interrupted when villains suddenly enter the facility through a warp gate.[14]

Shota fends off the villains on his own and leaves Thirteen to evacuate with the class. They prepare to escape, but they are cut off by the villain Kurogiri. He explains he and his allies are the League of Villains. They came to the U.S.J. to kill All Might, but he isn't there. Katsuki and Eijiro attack the mist villain. Kurogiri is able to avoid their attack and counterattacks by warping the class across the facility. Tenya grabs Ochaco and Rikido and evades the warp gate.

Only Ochaco, Tenya, Rikido, Mezo, Mina, and Hanta remain on the entrance platform with Thirteen. Thirteen instructs Tenya to run back to the main campus to get help. He's reluctant at first, but Ochaco and the others encourage him to save the day. Kurogiri overhears their plan and attacks. Thirteen counters with their Black Hole Quirk to vacuum in Kurogiri's mist.[15] Kurogiri turns Black Hole's power against Thirteen by opening a gate behind them. Thirteen is nearly torn in half and is ultimately defeated by the villain.[16]

Ochaco grabs Kurogiri

Ochaco finds Kurogiri's weakness.

Ochaco and Mina to rush to Thirteen's side as Tenya makes a break for the door. As Kurogiri chases Tenya, Ochaco notices his neck armor and grabs it. She uses her Quirk to float Kurogiri's real body. He tries to recover, but Hanta and Rikido use their Quirks to throw him farther away. Thanks to all of their help, Tenya makes it out of the U.S.J. to run back to the school.[17]

All Might appears at the U.S.J. and rescues Shota from the villains. Ochaco finds Tsuyu and Minoru carrying Shota back and offers to help them. She cheers All Might on during his fight with the villain Nomu.[18] Ochaco is overjoyed when Tenya eventually returns to the fight with reinforcements to save everyone from the League of Villains.[19] In the aftermath of the attack, Class 1-A are debriefed by Detective Tsukauchi. Ochaco and Tenya ask abou Izuku's wellbeing. The police officer confirms Izuku will be fine. Ochaco and all her other peers return to U.A. High uninjured.[20]

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Ochaco's game face

Ochaco's excitement for the U.A. Sports Festival.

Two days after the attack on the U.S.J., Ochaco and her classmates return to school to discuss the attack. Shota returns to class and the students get lectured about the importance of the upcoming U.A. Sports Festival. At lunchtime, Ochaco puts her game face on and emphatically and repeatedly expresses to everyone that she's going to do her best in the festival. Shortly after, Izuku and Tenya ask Ochaco why she wants to become a hero.

Embarrassed, Ochaco explains that she wants to become a hero to make money. This surprises Izuku and Ochaco apologizes for appearing to be greedy. Tenya says that it's perfectly fine to strive to support her own wellbeing. Ochaco explains that her families business hasn't been getting work and that they're poor. Izuku and Tenya state that Ochaco could float the equipment, to which she agrees. She expressed this idea to her father years ago, but he told her that she should achieve her own dreams to make them happy. Now Ochaco strives to become a pro-hero to make enough money to give her parents an easy life.

Izuku & Tenya listen to Ochaco

Izuku and Tenya embarrass Ochaco by asking about her motivations.

All Might suddenly appears and takes Izuku out for lunch. Ochaco finds this adorable and excuses Izuku. She joins Tenya for lunch and asks what All Might could want with Izuku. Tenya points out that Izuku helped All Might at the U.S.J. and that they both have similar Quirks.[21]

Later on after class, Class 1-A's doorway is blocked by a mob of students. Katsuki points out that they're rival students scouting out the competition and demands that the "extras" move out of the way. A student from the general studies course confronts Katsuki and declares war on Class 1-A. This shocks Ochaco and her peers, who don't know who this student is. Then a student from Class 1-B appears and yells at Katsuki. Ochaco and the others fear everyone hates their class thanks to Katsuki.

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Class 1-A enters the U.A. Sports Festival.

Ochaco trains for the next two weeks prior to the festival. On the day of the U.A. Sports Festival, Ochaco gets ready with her classmates in the waiting room. Shoto confronts Izuku and quietly earns Ochaco and everyone else's attention. He declares that he will defeat Izuku, to which Izuku responds that he will aim for the top. Class 1-A is called out onto the festival arena, where Katsuki gives the pledge. Ochaco and the others aren't surprised when all he says is that he will win.[22]

The first round of the festival is an Obstacle Course four kilometers around the outside of the stadium. Ochaco makes it through the doorway despite Shoto's ice attack but is stopped by the "Robo Inferno" blockade of villain bots.[23] Ochaco uses her Skill Release technique to destroy the robots in her path. She eventually makes it to the second leg of the race: "The Fall".

Ochaco and Mina meet Mei

Ochaco and Mina encounter Mei.

Ochaco and Mina watch Tsuyu effortless traverse the pitfall laced with pillars connected by tightropes. Ochaco questions when the school had time to build this obstacle. Then a student from the support course appears and loudly introducers her gadgets. Ochaco and Mina ask her why she can use those tools. The girl explains students from support can use any tools they develop themselves. She uses her gadgets to cross The Fall, all while wildly announcing it all. Ochaco watches in awe before pumping herself up to continue on.[24]

Ochaco finishes the race in sixteenth place, qualifying her for the second event: the Cavalry Battle. She congratulates Izuku on getting first place. Midnight explains the Cavalry Battle rules. Ochaco points out that each team will have a different point value based on its member's placement in the first event. Midnight yells at Ochaco and Mina to be quiet and allow her to finish explaining.[25]

Team Midoriya is formed

Team Midoriya.

The Cavalry Battle lasts fifteen minutes, and each team must try to steal opponent headbands that represent point value. Ochaco chooses to team up with Izuku because it's better to team up with friends. They try to recruit Tenya but he refuses because he wants to defeat Izuku and joins Shoto. Mei Hatsume asks to join Izuku so her gadgets can be in the spotlight. Ochaco recognizes her as the girl from the obstacle course, but Mei ignores Ochaco completely. Ochaco takes notice of how well Izuku and Mei start to get along. Izuku recruits Fumikage as the last member of Team Midoriya.[26]

At the start of the event, Team Tetsutetsu traps Team Midoriya using one of their Quirks. Ochaco finds herself unable to get free, but Izuku uses Mei's jetpack to carry his team away from the other competing teams. Ochaco uses her Quirk to float everyone while wearing Mei's hover soles. She steps in one of Minoru's balls and gets her foot stuck to the ground. Team Mineta charges at Team Midoriya and attacks using Minoru and Tsuyu's Quirks.

Momo tells Team Midoriya they were tricked

Izuku uses the jetpack to forcibly free Ochaco and takes to the skies once more. This time, they are met by Katsuki who tries to blast them out of the air. Fumikage's Dark Shadow protects the team and Ochaco makes a safe landing. She points out she can no longer fully control their flight path with one of the soles busted. Izuku chooses not to risk it and to rely on their increased mobility from Zero Gravity. Before they get any rest, Team Midoriya is confronted by Team Todoroki.[27]

Team Todoroki and several others attack Ochaco's party all at once. Denki electrocutes the other teams while Dark Shadow protects Team Midoriya. Even with increased mobility, Team Midoriya can't outrun Tenya's team. Izuku skillfully outmaneuvers Team Todoroki for most of the remaining time. With only a minute remaining, Tenya uses a special move to steal Izuku's headband in a blink of an eye. Izuku pleads with his team to counterattack because they don't have another chance. Although Fumikage is hesitant, Ochaco encourages the team and rushes them towards their opponents. Ochaco's support prompts Izuku to use his Quirk and attack Shoto head-on.[28]

Ochaco and Dark Shadow

Ochaco advances to the final event.

Izuku manages to grab one of Shoto's headbands. Mei notices that he grabbed the wrong one in the fray. Team Midoriya makes one final push but time runs out. Fumikage reveals to his team that he was able to grab one of Shoto's headbands in the chaos. This gives them enough points to place in fourth, qualifying them all for the final event. Afterward, Ochaco talks to Tenya about keeping his special move a secret. She notices Izuku is missing and asks where he went.[29]

After their lunch break, Denki and Minoru trick the girls of Class 1-A into dressing up as cheerleaders. Momo is devastated to find out they were fooled so Ochaco tries to console her. Midnight draws lots to pick the matchups for the final event: a one on one fighting tournament. Ochaco is matched up against Katsuki, who she's surprised to find that he has no idea who she is. The students are given an intermission before the finals, which Ochaco uses to cheer and calm her nerves.[30]

She watches as Izuku fights Hitoshi Shinso in the first fight. Izuku nearly walks out of the ring while under the spell of Hitoshi's Quirk. Ochaco and Tenya are worried during the battle, but Izuku eventually comes out on top. All three of them are terrified when Shoto freezes Hanta in a giant wall of ice.[31] After Ibara Shiozaki defeats Denki, Ochaco notices Izuku muttering about counter-strategies. He apologizes for thinking out loud and explains this is a hobby of his. He even shows Ochaco his data on her. Ochaco says that Izuku is amazing because of his drive and focus. Ochaco leaves to the waiting room after Tenya's advertisement laced duel with Mei.

See you in the finals

Ochaco says she will meet Izuku in the finals.

Tenya happens upon Ochaco in the waiting room and is scared by her nervous expression. She admits that she is afraid to fight Katsuki. Izuku walks in shortly after and offers a strategy for Ochaco to prevail. Ochaco thanks Izuku for the trouble, but politely declines his offer. She says she may have relied on him too much in the Cavalry Battle and was embarrassed when Tenya chose to be independent of them. Ochaco plans to tackle this challenge on her own and tells Izuku that she'll see him in the finals. Following Eijiro and Tetsutetsu's match, Ochaco and Katsuki enter the fighting stage for the eighth and final fight of the first round.[32]

Katsuki warns Ochaco to withdraw from the match because he's not holding back. She refuses and rushes Katsuki as their battle begins. She knows Katsuki starts the fight with a right hook but is unable to evade his Explosion Quirk. She throws her jacket through the smoke as a feint and attacks Katsuki from behind. She nearly touches him, but Katsuki reacts quickly and blasts her away. Ochaco rushes Katsuki repeatedly, forcing him to counter-attack by blasting her with the full force of his explosions. Even after being exploded over and over, Ochaco remains steadfast in standing up to Katsuki.

Ochaco releases the meteor shower

Ochaco releases the meteor shower.

Ochaco thanks Katsuki for keeping his focus on her. She had been using her Quirk to float the debris created by the explosions. Ochaco collected a large amount of rubble that floats above the stadium. Once Katsuki realizes her plan, Ochaco releases the debris and sends a meteor shower falling down on Katsuki. She tries to take advantage of the opening created by her attack and rushes Katsuki.

To Ochaco's complete shock, Katsuki blasts all of the stones away in one massive blast. Katsuki comments that he knew Ochaco had a plan because he remembered that she's friends with Izuku. Ochaco is discouraged by her failure, but she still tries to fight on. However, she collapses shortly after. Her body has been pushed past its limit and despite her will to go on, Ochaco faints and Katsuki is declared the winner.[33]

Recovery Girl heals Ochaco and she returns to the waiting room. Izuku enters the room, surprised to see her doing well. Ochaco pretends to be optimistic about the fight and Izuku almost notices. Her father calls, but she ignores it to encourage Izuku about his upcoming battle with Shoto. After Izuku leaves, Ochaco calls her father back. He congratulates her on a job well done. Ochaco says she didn't do very well and failed. He heartens his daughter by saying that she will make a great hero and that he's very proud of her.

Ochaco crying

Ochaco makes her father proud.

Ochaco is moved to tears by her dad's words. She wipes her tears away and leaves marks around her eyes from rubbing them. She returns to the stands just as Izuku and Shoto face off. Tenya notices the marks and Fumikage says to use Izuku's battle as inspiration.[34]

As their battle begins, Ochaco ponders how Izuku can avoid Shoto's ice.[35] Izuku eventually inspires Shoto to unleash his flames. Ochaco is surprised to see the full might of Shoto's Quirk.[36] After Izuku is defeat, Ochaco joins Tenya, Tsuyu and Minoru visit him in the nurse's office. They are distraught when they learn he needs surgery, but Recovery Girl escorts them out.[37] Ochaco continues to worry about Izuku during the battle between Fumikage and Mina. Izuku returns to the stands after the second round. Ochaco expresses her concerns but Izuku says he wants to watch everyone's hard work pay off.

Ochaco cheers for Tenya during his battle against Shoto. She's disappointed when he's defeated. During Fumikage's bout with Katsuki, Ochaco points out that Fumikage can't attack because of the light created by Katsuki's explosions. She and Izuku welcome Tenya back to the stands after his loss. His phone starts to vibrate, making him shake. Ochaco and Izuku are frightened at first, but Tenya explains.[38] Tenya leaves after answering the phone. He explains that Ingenium was hurt in a fight with a villain. Ochaco and Izuku watch the final fight between Shoto and Katsuki.[39]

Ochaco's parent surprise

Ochaco's parents surprise her.

Afterward, Ochaco attends the closing ceremony along with all the other festival participants. Following the U.A. Sports Festival, Shota grants Class 1-A two days off from school to recover. The next day, Ochaco returns to her apartment from shopping. She ponders what she'll have for lunch and then notices her door is unlocked. Her parents surprise her with a party to celebrate her achievements in the festival. Ochaco expresses that she's very happy to see them.[40]

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Ochaco chooses Uravity as her hero name

Ochaco chooses "Uravity" as her codename.

Ochaco returns to Class 1-A once classes resume at U.A. High School. Shota announces that their current period will be spent on Hero Informatics. He explains that the students will need to choose their hero names. The pro hero draft nominations are revealed and Ochaco finds out she has twenty offers from pros. Ochaco is excited to see that both she and Tenya received nominations. Shota announces that all the students will intern with pros whether they received offers or not.

Midnight joins the class to help the students choose their hero names. Ochaco chooses and presents the name "Uravity", much to Midnight's liking. Izuku decides to choose the name Deku. He later gives credit to Ochaco for inspiring him to look at the name in a different light as Ochaco is visibly proud of Izuku's choice. Following choosing hero names, Shota tells the class they will have two days to choose among their nominations. Even those who received none will have a list to choose from because everyone will spend the next week interning with a pro-hero agency.[41]

Gunhead agency choice

Ochaco chooses Gunhead's agency.

At lunchtime, Ochaco decides on her workplace of choice. She tries to ask Izuku about his choice, but he's too busy muttering. Ochaco, Mashirao, Mina, and Tsuyu snap him out of it. Ochaco tells them that she's chosen the Battle Hero Gunhead's agency to intern at.

Izuku points out that Gunhead is a fighting hero and that he thought that Ochaco wanted to be a rescue hero like Thirteen. Ochaco replies that since her bout with Katsuki she has wanted to broaden her horizons. She explains that Gunhead sent her an offer and by interning with him she can get stronger and get a different perspective. Then she asks Izuku why he's trembling in his chair. He explains that it's exercise.

Ochaco asks Izuku to walk with her and points out that Tenya left without them. Izuku says Tenya likely already chose his internship. Then All Might suddenly appears and takes Izuku away. Later on, they meet back up and Izuku tells Ochaco he got an internship offer. She's excited and they walk home together. They're dismayed to find that Tenya has left school without them. Just prior to the start of internships, Class 1-A meets at the train station. Shota see's them off and they separate to go to their workplace of choice. Just before Tenya leaves, Izuku and Ochaco tell him he can talk to them if he needs a friend.

Ochaco and Gunhead patrol

Gunhead takes Uravity on patrol.

On the first day of internships, Ochaco goes on patrol with Gunhead. He explains that his agency specializes in controlling crime. They get requests for all types of jobs all at once filtered by the city district. After the job is complete, the heroes must file a report in order to be paid for their service. After explaining, Gunhead points out that Uravity will catch on quickly. Ochaco notes that she didn't expect Gunhead to be so friendly.[42]

The next day, Gunhead trains Ochaco and others on the basic fighting form. Ochaco notices that Gunhead strikes a cute pose while teaching her.[43] Later, Ochaco receives an ominous message from Izuku containing only his location in Hosu City. She eventually finds out that Izuku, Shoto, and Tenya fought against the Hero Killer: Stain. She calls Izuku after the incident and finds out he's okay. Izuku confirms he's in good health, and Ochaco lets him rest so she can learn about what happened later. Gunhead catches Ochaco on her phone and teases her about talking to her boyfriend, to her embarrassment.[44] Towards the end of the internship, Gunhead trains Ochaco on fighting someone armed with a knife. She uses a fake knife to attack, and Gunhead easily takes her down while explaining it step by step. When she's defeated, Ochaco admits that Gunhead's martial arts are amazing. She realizes that despite his cuteness, Gunhead is a fierce combatant.[45]

Ochaco's fighting spirit

Ochaco's newfound fighting spirit.

Ochaco returns to U.A. once the internship concludes. Tsuyu asks her how the internship went. Clad in a fierce aura, Ochaco replies that it was very enlightening. Her peers point out that she's found her fighting spirit and she's changed a lot in only a week.

Class 1-A takes part in a rescue race during All Might's basic hero training class. When the first group takes their starting positions, Ochaco puts her bet on Tenya to win. However, she's surprised and amazed to see that Izuku has a new mastery over his Quirk, allowing him to traverse the race using a variety of athletic moves. Ochaco and her peers point out that Izuku's new moves are very similar to the way Katsuki propels himself through the air using his explosions before Izuku loses balance and is passed up.[46]

Ochaco and the girls of the class change in the locker room after the races conclude before Minoru tries to peep on them but Kyoka stops them. After the school day ends, Ochaco walks home with Izuku and Tenya.[47]

Final Exams Arc

One week prior to final exams, Ochaco eats lunch with Tsuyu, Toru, Tenya, Shoto, and Izuku. They discuss what might be on their upcoming written and practical exams. Ochaco placed thirteenth in the midterms, making her nervous for their tests. Neito interrupts them to taunt Izuku, Shoto, and Tenya about their run-in with Stain. Itsuka knocks him out to stop him and tells the group she believes the practical exam will consist of fighting villain-bots.

Ochaco studying

Ochaco studying for finals.

After returning to class, Mina and Denki are overjoyed the learn about the practical. Katsuki berates them both for not being able to control their Quirks. Then Katsuki calls out Izuku for stealing his moves. Ochaco points out that Katsuki is referencing how Izuku was flying around like Katsuki during the rescue race. Ochaco spends the few days leading up to the exam studying at her apartment. The day of the practical arrives following the three days of written tests and Class 1-A meets up with many of the teachers at the central plaza of the exam arena.

Shota and Principal Nezu reveal that the practical exam has been changed. Ochaco is surprised to learn that students will be fighting in pairs against the teachers.[48] All of the match ups are revealed in order. Ochaco and Yuga are set to face Thirteen in the fifth practical battle. They will be allotted thirty minutes to either capture them or escape the battle stage through an escape gate. All teachers will wear compressed weights to give the students a handicap.

Ochaco waits inside the monitoring room for her battle to arrive. She meets Izuku inside. He explains his partner Katsuki doesn't want to speak. Ochaco replies that she's trying to gain inspiration from the other fights since Yuga is occupied looking at himself. Ochaco cheers for Eijiro and Rikido in their bout with Cementoss. Izuku states they will lose because their Quirks have time limits while Cement does not. They are both shocked when Eijiro and Rikido are quickly routed and fail their exam.[49]

Ochaco and Izuku cheer on Fumikage and Tsuyu in their fight with Ectoplasm. When they pass, Ochaco is happy to say that they are both smart heroes. They also watch Shoto and Momo's battle with Shota. Ochaco notices Shota does not chase them after Shoto uses his giant ice wall against him. Izuku points out that he may have overused his eyes. Ochaco and Yuga go next in a battle with Thirteen.[50] Soon after it begins, Ochaco and Yuga are forced to cling to a guardrail for dear life as Thirteen uses their Quirk to suck them in. Ochaco starts to wonder what Izuku would do in this situation and Yuga notices. He asks Ochaco if she has romantic feelings for Izuku.[51]

Ochaco and Yuga pass

Ochaco defeats Thirteen.

Ochaco is extremely embarrassed and lets go of the rail. Thirteen stops their Quirk from turning Ochaco into dust. Ochaco uses this opening and her training from Gunhead to efficiently take down Thirteen. When Thirteen tries to resist, Yuga pins them down and Ochaco puts on the handcuffs.[52] Ochaco returns to the monitoring room after passing her own exam.[53] She cheers for all of her peers, including Izuku and Katsuki's epic battle with All Might.[54]

Class 1-A returns to homeroom after the finals. Shota announces that Ochaco passed both her written and practical exams. Even those who failed the exam will go on a school trip to a training camp in the woods over summer break. Class 1-A (save for Shoto and Katsuki) decides to go shopping together the next day at the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall in order to get supplies they will need for the trip. Most of them go their separate ways to find what they need, but Izuku and Ochaco remain together. Izuku tells Ochaco he needs new weights and asks what she needs. She replies that she just needs bug spray and then remembers Yuga inquiring about their relationship. She gets embarrassed and runs off, leaving Izuku alone.[55]

Izuku, Ochaco and Tomura

Ochaco tends to Izuku after the encounter with Shigaraki.

Ochaco eventually regrets leaving Izuku behind. She rationalizes her feelings for Izuku as platonic admiration and goes to find him. Ochaco finds Izuku entangled with League of Villains leader: Tomura Shigaraki. She threatens Tomura and he leaves. He warns Izuku not to follow him as he disappears into the crowd. Ochaco calls the police, but Tomura escapes.[56]

The Police Force arrive due to Ochaco's call and temporarily close down the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall to investigate the whereabouts of Tomura.[57]

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Forest Training Camp Arc

The next day after the shopping trip at U.A., Shota informs Class 1-A that the destination for their lodge trip has been changed and the new destination will only be announced on the day of the event. The first semester has come to a close and summer break has begun.

Earth Flow

Ochaco and her classmates are caught in Pixie-Bob's landslide.

On the day of the event, Class 1-A boards a bus that will take them to the forest lodge destination. An hour later, Class 1-A’s bus stops for a restroom break. However, Class 1-A notes that Class 1-B isn’t at the rest stop. Suddenly, two females wearing cat-like costumes and a small boy appear; Izuku excitedly introduces the females as the professional Hero Team, the Wild, Wild Pussycats.[58]

Mandalay explains to Class 1-A that they will be staying at the base of a mountain which is a part of their domain; they have three hours to reach the base of the mountain using their Quirks as they please and those who don’t arrive there by 12:30 pm won’t be served lunch. Soon, Class 1-A realizes that they have already arrived at their destination and their training camp has already begun with the Pussycats being their supervisors.

Some of Class 1-A try to leave, but Pixie-Bob uses her Quirk to create a landslide of dirt that causes Class 1-A to fall into a forest called the Beast's Forest, which they must traverse to reach their destination. Suddenly, a sand-beast confronts Class 1-A; Koji tries using his Quirk to control the beast, but it does not work due to the beast being made out of dirt. Izuku, Shoto, Tenya, and Katsuki mobilize and use their Quirks to destroy the dirt beast.[59]

Class 1-A in Beast's Forest

Class 1-A bands together to face the challenge.

After Izuku, Tenya, Shoto, and Katsuki destroy the dirt beast, Class 1-A begins traversing the Beast's Forest, being attacked by more dirt monsters created by Pixie-Bob, and the students must destroy the beasts in order to move forward. Ochaco collaborates with Tsuyu to defeat them: Ochaco uses her Quirk to nullify the gravity on the monsters, Tsuyu uses her tongue to throw them high into the air, and then Ochaco releases it so it falls hard to the ground.

Despite their efforts, the journey through the forest to the Cabin takes around about eight hours. Class 1-A arrives at the facility, battered and exhausted. Pixie-Bob admits that she thought they would take longer to get to the facility; she praises Class 1-A for figuring out her Earth Beasts quickly and easily.

Class 1-A fetch their luggage from the bus and put it in their rooms. They go to the dining hall to have dinner. After finishing eating dinner, Class 1-A head over to relax in the hot springs.[60]

Ochaco Uraraka's Quirk training

Ochaco training her Quirk.

Quirk training begins the next morning at 5:30 AM. Shota greets his students and tells them that they will undergo reinforcement training to strengthen and upgrade their Quirks which will allow Class 1-A to obtain their temporary licenses. To improve her Quirk, Ochaco floats inside a large plastic ball while it bounces around the training area. By turning continuously in zero gravity, Ochaco trains her inner ear canals to decrease nausea and increase the amount of weight she can nullify.[61]

On the third day, both Ochaco and Yuga are shown being given extra focus by Shota due to both of them barely passing the practical exam by U.A. standards. That night, the Pussycats prepare a test of courage to the students of the U.A. Class 1-A students traverse the forest while Class 1-B students try and scare them in the dark. The members of class 1-A must enter in pairs of two, and Ochaco and Tsuyu are paired together for the test as the fifth pair. Their fun event is interrupted by the arrival of the League of Villains' Vanguard Action Squad, attacking the students and tutors. One of them, Himiko Toga, sneaks up behind Ochaco and Tsuyu, ambushing them.[62] When Shota authorizes Classes 1-A and 1-B to fight back against the villains, Tsuyu and Ochaco are already facing Toga.[63]

Tsuyu and Ochaco are fighting Himiko Toga who managed to slightly wound Ochaco's arm. Himiko notes that her Quirk requires her to make big wounds in order to suck her targets' blood. However, thanks to her machine, her Quirk's weakness is compensated by the machine's ability to drain blood from tiny wounds. Himiko begins to attack, to which Tsuyu responds to by flinging Ochaco away with her tongue. Tsuyu tells Ochaco to run back to the facility and call for help and says that she also plans on retreating with her. Suddenly, Himiko manages to wound Tsuyu's tongue with her knife. Tsuyu tries running away, only for Himiko to pin her hair to a tree with her machine.

Ochaco uses Gunhead Martial Arts

Ochaco slamming Himiko down.

Himiko prepares to drain Tsuyu's blood, however, Ochaco arrives at Tsuyu's aid, which causes Himiko to turn her attention to Ochaco. Himiko attacks with her knife, only for Ochaco to dodge. Ochaco then uses the martial arts skills she learned from Gunhead to force Himiko onto the ground. Straddling Himiko's back, Ochaco tells Tsuyu to restrain her arms.

However, Himiko begins talking to Ochaco, calling her spectacular while noting that they are similar, as they are in love with someone. She tells Ochaco that she knows how she feels because they are girls; and begins talking about people who are in love strive to be like the ones they love, which enrages Ochaco. Himiko notes that love stories are fun and uses her machine to stab Ochaco's leg to drain her blood, who was unable to stop her due to being caught off guard with Himiko's talking.

Suddenly, the Bakugo Escort Team arrives and sees Ochaco. Himiko stops draining Ochaco’s blood and pushes Ochaco aside, not wanting to engage a large group of enemies and not wanting to die. Before retreating, Himiko sees Izuku and blushes. Himiko retreats with Ochaco wanting to follow her, but Tsuyu stops her due to Himiko’s Quirk being largely unknown. After seeing that Ochaco and Tsuyu are alright, Izuku asks them to join the escort. However, Ochaco and Tsuyu wonder why Katsuki isn’t with them. Mezo, Shoto, and Izuku turn around only to find that Fumikage and Katsuki are missing.

Suddenly, a masked villain appears on a tree branch and reveals that he used his “magic” to take Katsuki by turning him into a marble. The masked magician-like villain states that the Heroes don’t deserve someone of Katsuki’s caliber and notes that Katsuki will shine even brighter on the villains’ side. Izuku demands that he give Katsuki back.[64]

Izuku hatches a plan to allow them to save Katsuki and asks Ochaco to make them weightless so that Tsuyu can throw them towards Mr. Compress. Ochaco and Shoto are unsure about letting Izuku help with the rescue, but after Izuku convinces them, Ochaco makes them weightless while Tsuyu flings them. Before Tsuyu flings them, Ochaco bandages Izuku's arms and wishes them good luck.

After the three young Heroes are sent flying towards Mr. Compress, Ochaco and Tsuyu run after them. They reach them but find out that they were too late to save Katsuki.[65]

Hideout Raid Arc

Two days later, Ochaco visits Izuku in a hospital near the training camp. Eijiro proposes a plan to rescue Katsuki, but most of Class 1-A are against the idea with Ochaco saying that Katsuki being rescued would disgrace and humiliate him.[65][66]

Ochaco watches the broadcast of the battle between All Might and All For One. She cheers for All Might to not give up in his moment of despair.[67]

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Class 1-A at Heights Alliance

Class 1-A arrive at Heigh Alliance.

Following the intense villain attacks toward U.A. students, the rescue of Bakugo and All Might retirement, Nezu orders the construction of a series of buildings to transform U.A. into a boarding school in order to protect the students.

Shota meets with his students outside of the building. He states they must start preparing to get provisional hero licenses like they had planned to during the training camp. However, before allowing them to enter in their new residence, Aizawa reads the riot act against Izuku, Tenya, Momo, Eijiro, and Shoto for participating in the Bakugo’s rescue, breaking the rules in the process, and scolds the others for having allowed five of them to rescue Katsuki without a license and did nothing to stop them, stating that aside from Bakugo, Hagakure and Jiro (due the first being captured and the others hospitalized), he would have expelled all of them for their actions, if it weren't for All Might's sudden retirement and asked them to stick to the rules from now on.

Afterwards, the class explores their new dorm. Ochaco, who is used to being poor and living in a humble flat, ends up fainting twice from how luxurious the living areas are. Class 1-A arrange their luggage in their respective bedrooms. Later that night, the boys of Class 1-A are in the common space on the first floor. The girls of Class 1-A show up and suggest a “Room King” showcasing competition.[68]

Ochaco Uraraka's dorm room

When it's time to check her room, she's really sheepish about it because her room is a very dull room, especially compared to others. When the class prepares to check Tsuyu's room, Ochaco tells them that she isn't feeling well so Class 1-A decide to skip her room and continue to the next one.

After the room competition, at Ochaco's urgings, Izuku, Tenya, Shoto Momo, and Eijiro all meet outside the dorm where they find her with Tsuyu, who wants to apologizes to them for harshly doubting their plan to save Katsuki. Ochaco explains to them that the "Room King" contest was to wipe the slate clean of their actions so that they can start anew again. Everyone apologize to Tsuyu for their actions and for worrying the rest of Class 1-A, mending their friendship.[69]

Following the recommendations of their tutor, Ochaco and Tenya head to the Development Studio for a costume upgrade, with Ochaco looking to add a function that reduces her nausea. They see Izuku waiting outside the door, but before they can greet each other, an explosion from the development studio sends Izuku flying back, much to Tenya and Ochaco's shock. While the smoke clears, Power Loader scolds Mei for the explosion. Ochaco finds Mei lying on top of Izuku. He gets embarrassed from the sight of Mei's bosom close to his face while Ochaco becomes surprised and shocked by this. [70]

Mei takes Izuku's measurements

Mei apologizes for the explosion she caused; she asks the Class 1-A trio for their names since she forgot them. Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya remind Mei of their names. Power Loader explains to the trio about hero costume upgrades. When Izuku asks for upgrading his suit, Mei immediately starts to invade his personal space and gives him an impromptu physical to get his measurements, much to Izuku's discomfort and Ochaco's displeasure. Mei's attitude and the fact that she makes them prove her inventions without their permission makes neither Tenya and Ochaco being both not very fond of Mei. Power Loader apologizes for Mei's self-centered temperament but also advises the three students to invest in their relationship with her because she is an especially talented engineer, and once they become Pro Heroes, she will be taking care of their Hero Costume needs. Ochaco mentions she would like a costume upgrade to better control the nausea caused by her Quirk, but not before Mei causes another explosion with another one of her inventions. [71]

Ochaco catches sight of Izuku

Ochaco watches Izuku practicing his technique.

After a few days of training, the girls relax together in the common area and they comment on the rough training. The group tries to get Ochaco's attention, but her mind is elsewhere. Tsuyu manages to get her attention and Ochaco reveals that her heart has been elsewhere recently. Mina believes that Ochaco is in love, much to Ochaco's shock. Ochaco denies this fact, but Mina pries further and is joined by Toru and Kyoka. When Ochaco covers her face in embarrassment, she accidentally uses her quirk on herself, causing her to float. Tsuyu and Momo tell Mina, Toru, and Kyoka not to pry into another's love life and decide to head to bed. Ochaco catches sight of Izuku training outside and thinks to herself again while blushing that it is not like what Mina said.[72]

The day of the licensing exam arrives and Class 1-A travels to the National Dagobah Arena, where the Hero Qualification Exam gonna take place. finally starts. There, Ochaco along her classmates meets students from Shiketsu High School and Ketsubutsu Academy High School. The first part of the exam involves thinning out the number of people who can succeed by playing a game, where people put three targets on their body and are given six balls to throw at the other examinee's targets. Those whose targets have been hit are disqualified. Participants need to eliminate two students to move on to the next phase of the exam.[73]

Class 1-A counterattacks

Class 1-A counterattacks.

The room in which the students are in unfolds to reveal the arena, in which there are varying environments to battle in. As the exam starts, the rest of the schools all attack U.A. at once. Thanks to their training and costume upgrades, Class 1-A manages to avoid being hit by the balls. Yo Shindo from Ketsubutsu tells his fellow classmates that he will shatter their solid defense, and uses his Vibrate Quirk on the ground, unleashing a powerful earthquake that completely shatters the ground and causing members of class 1-A to disperse.[74]

Due to this attack, Ochaco gets scattered, and have to defend herself from the attacks of the rest of the students while looks for his classmates. First she finds Santa, and later they notice Izuku fighting Camie Utsushimi (completely naked) and meet up on the way to help him. Hanta uses his tape to keep Camie away from Izuku while Ochaco arrives and tries to land on Camie but she dodges. Camie is disappointed that she can no longer talk with Izuku due to being outnumbered after Hanta and Ochaco's interference, so she retreats. Before leaving, Camie tells Ochaco how much Izuku trusts her.

Izuku asks Hanta and Ochaco if they are real

Izuku asks Ochaco and Hanta if they are real.

Izuku advises against the idea of going after Camie because her targets aren't showing up on her naked body. Then, Izuku awkwardly asks if they are the real versions of themselves. He explains that Camie was able to transform into Ochaco, and the real one gets embarrassed of the idea that Camie turned into her but naked. Izuku replies that she wasn't.[75]

The three hide behind large rocks and discuss their strategy. Izuku tells them they need to move quickly because thirty people have already passed the exam. Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta talk about their situation and how rival students are starting to split up. Izuku tells Ochaco and Hanta that he will act as a decoy while they keep a distance from him and try to immobilize as many examinees as possible. Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta prepare to enact their plan.[76]

Ochaco and Hanta's tape trap

Hanta and Ochaco‘s trap.

Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl - Shoot Style and dashes past the group of examinees, being chased by them. Hanta catches up to him and asks him to carry them both into the air. When they reach a safe height above the ground, Ochaco releases debris attached to tape that traps their pursuers by sticking them to the ground. Izuku, Hanta, and Ochaco place their balls on six examinees and pass the first phase.[77]

They head for the winner's waiting room, they are spotted by Denki, Eijiro and Katsuki. Ochaco, Hanta, Eijiro, and Denki celebrate passing together. Upon arriving at the waiting room, they find that Shoto, Momo, Tsuyu, Kyoka and Mezo had already passed the round. Momo is glad that all of them passed. In the end, all the class 1-A students manage to pass the exam.[78]

While waiting for the Second Exam to start, which will consist of rescue victims of a large-scale terrorist attack, Ochaco overhears Hanta Sero tells Denki Kaminari and Minoru Mineta that Izuku saw Camie's naked body, which leaves her silent. After Camie walks away, Ochaco's heart starts pounding and she is not able to suppress her feelings and tries to speak with Izuku about something but the exam starts.

Ochaco struggles with her feelings

Ochaco struggles with her feelings for Izuku.

A rescue scenario is being broadcast to the examinees; large-scale destruction of buildings has resulted in large numbers of victims. The damage to the roads is severe and the emergency unit will be considered late. Until the emergency unit arrives, all rescue activities will be left to the heroes and they must save every life they can. The waiting room door opens up and the one hundred examinees rush out to the disaster site to carry out their rescue operations. Ochaco, Izuku, Tenya, Minoru, and Mina Ashido head to the nearest affected urban zone.

Ochaco watches as Izuku tends to an injured child who gives him a hard time at first until Izuku's kind words reassure him. Izuku tells Ochaco and Tenya that he will take the child to the first-aid station but will return for them. As she watches him leave, Ochaco berates herself as she realizes she does have feelings for Izuku but realizes in order to focus on her dream, she must shut off her feelings for Izuku for the time being. The reason Ochaco found Izuku to be cool in the first place because he does everything he can without giving up for the sole purpose of achieving his objective and found Izuku's determination admirable. Ochaco decides to do her best as and keeping focusing on being a hero will aid her in doing so. With this drive, Ochaco springs into action.[79]

Rescue Operations

Rescue operations

Ochaco ends up being part of a rescue team led by Momo. When they find a man trapped beneath the debris, Ochaco rushes in to help by removing the rubble, but Momo stops her because there is an imbalance in the debris. Momo creates metal pillars, and with the help of Rikido, Hanta Sero tapes the pillars together, reinforcing the wall. Ochaco begins clearing out the rubble. The grandpa finds Momo, Ochaco, Hanta, and Rikido's rescue maneuvers not to be shabby. [80]

Ochaco Uraraka happy for Izuku

Ochaco Uraraka happy for Izuku.

Due to her good work and coordination with her classmates, Ochaco passes the exam, receiving her hero provisional license. All of the class 1-A get to pass the exam minus Katsuki and Shoto. Outside the stadium, when they prepare to return to U.A., Ochaco sees Izuku crying tears of joy which causes her to question his tears. He replies that the Provisional Hero License is a proof of his growth and is happy that the help he has received along the way has not being in vain. Izuku plans to immediately show his license to his mother and All Might while Ochaco agrees with him, glad to see Izuku's happiness.[81]

Shie Hassaikai Arc

The night after the exam, Izuku and Katsuki have a fight, so they are punished by Shota Aizawa. The next morning, classes resume and the rest of Class 1-A learns of Izuku and Katsuki's bout. Ochaco hopes that they made up, to which Izuku replies that their reconciliation is hard to put into words. Class 1-A leave the room to attend Nezu's opening ceremony at Ground Beta without them.[82]

Ochaco yells past Tenya

Ochaco questioning Shota about the Work-Studies.

Back in the classroom, Shota Aizawa tells his class that they must switch gears back into being students. Tsuyu Asui asks him about the Hero-Work Studies Nezu mentioned in the ceremony. Shota describes the Hero Work-Studies as hero activities outside of school, saying that it is a more formalized version of the Field Training they did with pro heroes before. Ochaco expresses frustration at needing to work so hard to be recruited after the Sports Festival if they were to do Hero-Works anyway, but Shota explains further differences between the two activities. Shota tells Class 1-A that they will be expected to write about their experiences but he will explain it at a time later.

Izuku's house arrest ends after three days, and he apologizes to the whole class for the inconvenience he caused. Ochaco is happy about his return. Shota arrives and says that they will now go into more detail about the Hero work-studies. He brings in the top three students of the U.A., who have experience with the Hero program: Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado, also known as The Big 3.[83] Despite being considered the top students, their personalities confuse Class 1-A, who get even more confused when Mirio Togata challenges them all to a fight.

Mirio defeats the remaining members of Class 1-A

Mirio easily defeats Class 1-A.

At Gym Gamma, Mirio tells Class 1-A to attack him whenever and wherever they want. Izuku decides to go first. Ochaco is surprised at Izuku's determination and mentally encourages him. Izuku takes the initiative, but his kicks phase clean through Mirio's head. Using his Permeation Quirk, Mirio easily defeats more than half of the entire class 1-A.[84] The other half tries to counterattack, Deku having discerned the functioning of his Quirk, but still, Mirio also defeats them with hardly any problem.

When the fight finishes, Mirio apologizes and explains how his Permeation works. He also states that the reason he wanted to fight Class 1-A is to show the experience he gained from the Hero-Work Study; Mirio was able to transform his Quirk and reach the top. Mirio encourages class 1-A to participate in the Hero Work-Studies as it will help them improve their career to be heroes, just as it helped him become one of the best students in the U.A. Class 1-A applauds Mirio's speech and they realize what the work-study could do for their skills.[85]

Following this advice, she plans to do her Work-Study with Gunhead, unfortunately, she can't because the school said he doesn't qualify for it, because only Pro Heroes with great accomplishments can take in a trainee. Later, at Heights Alliance, Ochaco grumbles about it, with Tsuyu and Kirishima in the same situation as her, but they congratulate Izuku for being accepted in the Nighteye Agency. Shota arrives and informs that Tamaki wants to talk with Eijiro while Nejire wants the same with Ochaco and Tsuyu, and recommends them to talk to them tomorrow. Eijiro wonders why they want to talk about, and Tsuyu thinks it will be related to Work-Studies. Unable to wait until tomorrow, the three go to the third years' room to ask them. [86]

Meteor Fafrotskies

Thanks to Nejire, Ochaco is doing the Work-Studies with Ryukyu along with Tsuyu. One day, with the help of Nejire, Ochaco, and Tsuyu defeat a pair of villains together and use a new combo move called Meteor Fafrotskies. Ryukyu then tells them that the internship will help with their fighting skills and that they might help with "The Case". The Case is to team up with Sir Nighteye's hero office for an investigation. [87]

Ochaco and her group soon gather in the meeting, which brings together several heroes such as Shota Aizawa and Gran Torino; and where she meets with Izuku and Mirio, who doing their Work-Studies with Sir Nighteye, and with Kirishima and Tamaki, who doing theirs with Fat Gum. This last three had been involved a few days ago in an incident where some lowlife thugs used Quirk Erasing bullets, which is connected to the organization that is investigating Sir Nighteye, the Shie Hassaikai.

Ochaco, Tsuyu and Eijiro in shock

Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Eijiro are shocked after knowing the truth about Eri.

In the meeting, Ochaco learns that the Shie Hassaikai leader, Kai, had formed an alliance with the League of Villains. Also, he is the person responsible for the production and sale of the Quirk Erasing bullets. Thanks to Eijiro's brave actions protecting Tamaki, they were able to obtain a bullet with the contents still inside. Fat Gum explains that after examining the contents of the bullet, they discovered that inside the bullet were human blood and cells, which disturbs the U.A. students.

Sir Nighteye explains that Kai has a daughter called Eri, Izuku and Mirio encountered her on their patrol and she had a number of bandages on her. The details about her are unknown, but he deduces that Kai is probably using his daughter to make those Quirk destroying bullets, which disgusts Ochaco, Eijiro, and Tsuyu. However, Sir Nighteye deems the bullet used on Tamaki to be a prototype that disables Quirks for a few hours and thus was distributed solely for testing purposes.[88]

Izuku and Mirio explain the situation to their classmates

With the meeting over, Izuku, Ochaco, Eijiro, Tsuyu, Mirio, Tamaki, and Nejire are sitting at a table downstairs. Izuku and Mirio explain to the others what occurred between them and Kai. Shota spots his Class 1-A students and talks to them about originally suspending their Hero-Works since the League of Villains are involved. However, he knows that if he tries stops Izuku, he would go to rescue Eri, Ochaco, and the others, after knowing the situation in which Eri is, reinforce their determination to rescue the little girl. Shota gives them permission to take part in Eri's rescue operation.[89]

For several days, students wait patiently to receive any news of Eri's whereabouts. One day, late at night, they gather after receiving a message containing information, 'on the day carry out the plan to raid Shie Hassaikai'. Hours later, everyone gathers together along with several heroes at Nighteye's Agency He and his sidekicks report everybody that Eri is in the Shie Hassaikai Headquarters and that everything is ready to carry out the rescue operation.[90] After a brief stop at the police station to gather information, the next morning At 8:30 AM, the Heroes and Police Force are outside the Shie Hassaikai's compound.

Ryukyu Squad

Ryukyu's Squad

While the heroes and the police forces wait outside, suddenly, the gates smash open courtesy of Rikiya Katsukame, and begins to attack them. Ryuko turns into a dragon and easily intercepts Rikiya’s punch with her draconian claw. Ryukyu orders her Heroes from the Ryukyu Offices to deal with Rikiya and asks the other groups to move on, while she and her team deal with Rikiya.[91]

Ryuko’s group managed to overpower Rikiya and knock him unconscious. Ryukyu orders the Police Force to restrain Rikiya while Nejire, Ochaco, and Tsuyu prepare to head after Sir Nighteye's group. Suddenly, Ochaco and Tsuyu along with the Police Force become tired due to Rikiya inhaling their vitality, much to Ryukyu's surprise since she thought she knocked him out. Conscious, Rikiya reveals that the drug he took is kicking in which has enhanced his Quirk and now he can absorb a target's vitality simply by inhaling.

Ryukyu Squad go Plus Ultra

The girls go Plus Ultra!

Now larger and stronger than before, Rikiya attacks the Police Force only for Ryukyu to take them to safety. 20 minutes pass and Ryukyu's group is in a standstill against the rejuvenated Rikiya. Only Nejire continues to fight against him.

Suddenly, Izuku appears and states that he called reinforcements and that their objective is underneath a nearby crossroad. With this information, Ryukyu hatches a plan, transforms into her dragon form, and charges at Rikiya. With the help of Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Nejire, she crashes Rikiya against the point indicated by Izuku, collapsing the crossroad, and causing Ryukyu's group along with Rikiya to fall down into underground, in the middle of the battle between Izuku and Kai.[92]

Ryukyu Squad crashes into the battlefield

Ryukyu Squad crashes the party!

Actually, the Izuku of the surface reveals to be Himiko, who used her Quirk to impersonating him. With her are Twice and a copy of Mr. Compress, whom they sent to capture Eri, but he is destroyed by Ryukyu.[92]

Ryukyu's squad witnesses the battle between Deku and a fused Overhaul, as well as a wounded Sir Nighteye. Izuku tells Ochaco that he is leaving Sir Nighteye to her as he goes after Overhaul in an attempt to rescue Eri. After a struggle, in which Eri activates his Quirk Rewind and undoes the Overhaul's fusion. Izuku manages to rescue the girl, emerging with her to the surface through the newly created hole. Meanwhile, Overhaul uses his Quirk on Rikiya Katsukame to merge with him and, continues his fight against Deku.

Ochaco stand up

Ochako witnesses Overhaul's transformation.

The girls are worried after seeing the monstrous being that Kai transforms into after fusing. A badly injured Sir Nighteye says that Kai won't go after them but going to pursue Izuku with the intention to get Eri back. However, according to his Foresight, Kai will kill Izuku. After hearing these grim words, Ochaco tries to aid Izuku in his struggle against Overhaul but falls down due to her stamina being drained. Despite Sir Nighteye's prediction, Ryukyu refuses to let Kai go after Izuku.

However, Sir Nighteye convinces her that her group cannot hope to defeat the newly fused and empowered Kai. Ochaco refuses to stand by and do nothing. Sir Nighteye asks Ochaco and Ryukyu to help him to the surface.[93]

Ochaco helps Nighteye reach the surface

Ochaco helps Nighteye reach the surface.

After dealing with a clone of Mr. Compress, Ryukyu throws a weightless Ochako and Nighteye to the surface. Ochaco and Sir Nighteye reach the surface and bear witness to Izuku and Kai's battle. Ochaco questions Sir Nighteye's vision about Izuku dying. Sir Nighteye replies that it is the unchangeable future he saw but is surprised that events are playing out differently: Thanks to Eri's Quirk, Izuku manages to defeat Kai Kai.[94]

Kai wills himself back into consciousness and attempts to attack Izuku with his last-ditch effort to get back Eri. However, Eri's Quirk spreads near Kai, which causes his fusion with Rikiya Katsukame to become undone, returning Kai back to normal. Ochaco apprehends the defeated Kai.

Ochaco restrains Overhaul

Ochaco restrains Overhaul.

Ryukyu reaches the surface, carrying Shota, Tsuyu, Tamaki, and Mirio with her. She asks for a report on the situation; Ochaco explains that they have called an ambulance for Sir Nighteye and that Izuku has defeated Kai but something is going wrong because he is suddenly in immense pain. This is because Eri has lost control of her Quirk. A wounded Shota manages to use his Erasure on the girl to deactivate her power, saving Izuku’s life.

The mission ends in success, Eri is rescued and the Shie Hassaikai dismantled.[95] However, Sir Nighteye dies hours later in the hospital due to the injuries he suffered.[96] During the following days, Ochaco has to go through a bunch of inquiries. She felts guilty for being unable to save Sir Nighteye's life, but Shota Aizawa replied that she bears no responsibility and the fault lies with the Heroes, asking her to take time and think about what she wants to do in the future. Ochaco replies that she wants to save people.

Remedial Course Arc

Work Studies group at Sir Nighteye's funeral

Work Studies team at Nighteye's funeral.

Finally, Ochaco, Izuku, Tsuyu, and Eijiro return to Heights Alliance., Where they are received by the entire Class 1-A, glad that they are alright after what they have done, checking to make sure they are doing okay, physically and mentally, after their mission.[97]

With the beginning of October, she and the rest of the Work Studies are allowed to go to Sir Nighteye's funeral, along with the Big Three, All Might, and Shota. Due to what happened, they are informed that the Hero Work Studies program is postponed for the moment, so she, Tsuyu and Nejire say goodbye to Ryukyu.[98]

U.A. School Festival Arc

With the beginning of October, Ochaco, Izuku, Kirishima, and Tsuyu are given permission to go to Sir Nighteye's funeral, along with the Big Three, All Might, and Shota. Her internship with Ryuko is postponed.[99]

Days later, in the classroom, Shota Aizawa announces that U.A. High School will be having a School Festival and tells Class 1-A to pick out a program to perform at the festival. Tenya Iida asks ideas from Class 1-A; but they did not reach an agreement. Later at Heights Alliance, the students decide to combine several ideas and decide that their school festival program will be a live performance and dance with party space.[100]

Class 1-A's School Festival Peformance

Ochaco was not able to participate in the decision-making process because, as part of the hero-work group, she was busy attending supplementary classes, but she has no problems with the idea of her classmates, being totally committed to participate in, being part of the Dance Team.[101]

Afterwards, she joins the rest of Class 1-A when Momo makes Golden Tips Imperial tea for all of them and Ochaco shows a curious Izuku a video about tea. The two see the villain Gentle Criminal and wonder about his crimes.[102] Ochaco dances at 1-A's rock performance which ends up being a resounding success.[103] Until the festival, the dance team constantly practices the choreography devised by Mina. It is also during this time when she knows Midoriya's plan to bring Eri to the festival.

On the appointed day, the performance of class 1-A ends up being a huge success.[103]

Pro Hero Arc

As November comes to a close, at U.A. in the lounge, Shota reveals that Eri will be looked after by U.A. As Ochaco and Tsuyu welcome an excited Eri, Shota states that the decision for U.A. to look after Eri is because she does not have anyone who can take care of her and because Shota is the only one who can prevent her Quirk from going out of control again. Mirio will also be helping Eri and welcomes Class 1-A to visit her once in a while since they will all be busy.

Then, Shota tells his students to return to their dormitories as they will have visitors, resulting to be the Pussycats, who came to celebrate Ragdoll's reinstatement.[104]

Class 1-A watching Endeavor fight

Class 1-A watching Endeavor fight.

Day later, at the U.A. dorms, Ochaco is present as Class 1-A watches the news broadcast of Endeavor and Hawks' battle with the Hood. She is horrified as it showed Endeavor being overwhelmed by Hood.[105] After Endeavor defeats High End and stands up victorious, she along her classmates approaches to console Shoto, who collapses to his knees, relieved his father is still alive, him.[106]

Joint Training Arc

At the beginning of December, Class 1-A and Class 1-B gather at Ground Gamma for their first Joint Training Battle exercise. Since it's the start of Winter, several members of the class has adjustments to their costumes to keep themselves warm. Mashirao comments on Izuku's costume, bringing up the glove upgrade that Mei made for him. Ochaco, hearing Izuku mention Mei, she quickly attempts to force various images of Izuku and Mei together out of her head by punching herself in the face, to Ojiro's shock.

Class 1-B students arrive at the place. Vlad King and Shota settle down the classes and introduce Hitoshi Shinso, revealing he's a special guest participating in the exercise, and that he hopes that he can join the Hero Course. Shota and Vlad explain the rules of the exercise, and say that Hitoshi will participate in two battles; one with Class 1-A, and one with Class 1-B. Then, Class 1-A and 1-B draw lots to determine their teams. Ochaco is placed on a team lead by Izuku, with Mina Ashido and Minoru Mineta. Her team will faces Monoma's team in Round 5, consisting of Neito Monoma, Yui Kodai, Nirengeki Shoda, Reiko Yanagi and Hitoshi Shinso. [107]

Until his team's turn comes, Ochaco stays watching the clashes with his teammates. Seeing Deku updating his Heroes notebook while the two classes compliment each other on their power, she tells him that he has also improved alongside his classmates who he is writing about in his notebook.[108]

Round 5 Start!

Round 5 Start!

Finally, their round comes. The two teams head towards their respective starting points, with a Full-Cowled Izuku leaping forward while Ochacho, Mina, and Minoru walk on discussing their plan. Ochaco points out that Team 5-A should focus on 1-B's members, as they could hide and only revealing themselves when ambushing them out of nowhere. Ochaco and Mina gloomily believe that they're at a heavy disadvantage, as all of them have more physical Quirks and are therefore vulnerable to Class 1-B’s long-range attacks.

Deku cheers them up and decides to act as a decoy to draw most of the battle around himself with the others as support. Izuku tells them that he has full confidence that he'll carry his team to an outstanding victory. His teammates are counting on him to win the round.[109]

Izuku leaps out ahead of his team, knowing that Class 1-B can't ignore him and stands out on purpose, fulfilling his act as a decoy, while Ochaco, Mina, and Mineta are left behind, preparing traps against Class 1-B. However, meanwhile Izuku deals with Neito and Shinso, the rest of the class 1-B attack Deku’s teammates, and Ochaco and Mina use their Quirks to defend against their attacks.

Ochaco saves Izuku from Blackwhip

Ochaco grabs onto Izuku to save him.

Suddenly, something goes wrong with Izuku.[110] Mysterious black tendrils bursts out of his arm, that indiscriminately attack both allies and adversaries. After witnessing Izuku losing control of his Quirk, her feelings resurfaced again as she starts to worry why this is happening, she uses her Zero Gravity to jump up and grab him before calling out Hitoshi Shinso for assistance.[111] Thanks to the rapid intervention of Ochaco and Shinso, Izuku was able to regain control. Despite Izuku's chaotic outburst, all of the students are still eager to win the fight.[112]

Ochaco askes Deku if he’s alright

Ochaco worried about Izuku.

Ochaco immediately shakes Izuku to wake him from the brainwashing. Ochaco calms Izuku down as they float in mid-air. Neito takes advantage of their guard being down and ambushes Izuku from behind while floating on an enlarged metal nut, attempting to touch him and copy his Quirk. He manages to knock Izuku over and Ochaco tries to subdue him using Gunhead Martial Arts.

Reiko arrives in time and saves Neito by using flying projectiles to distract his attacker. Ochaco dodges as everyone from both teams join the fray, the once technical battle turning into an all-out brawl. Hitoshi sends his Capturing Weapon flying at Ochaco, but Izuku darts out in front of her and grabs it, ready to face Hitoshi once again.[113] Despite Izuku's chaotic outburst, all of the students are still eager to win the fight.

Izuku explains to Ochaco that he can't use his Quirk after what happened earlier, saying he'll have to rely on her powers to aid him against Hitoshi.

Ochaco Uraraka uses GMA on Neito Monoma

Ochaco pins Neito to the ground.

Neito throws a large piece of metal at Ochaco, knocking her away, and time seems to slow down as he starts to think about the path he has to follow. Neito knows that, because of his Quirk, he can’t be strong by himself and is unable to follow down the path of the “main protagonist”, but he also realizes that he doesn’t regret having his Copy ability. He activates One For All, knowing now that he’ll be able to take on Izuku without being left in the shadows, and attempts to unlock the Quirk’s full power as he approaches the duo. Izuku tries to warn him about its unstable power, but Neito ignores him, starting to run towards Ochaco, attempting to use Izuku’s Quirk against her. Ochaco jumps behind him, swiftly using her “Gunhead: Martial Arts” technique to subdue him, grabbing his neck and pushing him to the floor, using her weight to pin him down.

One For All deactivates as Neito is restrained, leading Ochaco to believe that he was actually bluffing about copying it, and she calls this out to Izuku as reassurance, also telling him to go and confront Hitoshi, as there wouldn’t be any interruptions anymore. Hitoshi realizes his ally is in danger and sends out his Capturing Weapon in an attempt to retrieve him from Ochaco's grasp. This allows Izuku to grab onto the scarf, pulling himself towards Hitoshi, and, as Ochaco activates her Zero Gravity ability, the two proceed to clash.[114]

Ochaco dodges Neito's Poltergeist

Ochaco dodges the Metal pipe.

Neito sends a metal pipe at Ochaco, who's tied him up and is floating him to the cell, with Poltergeist and she dodges it quickly. She turns to him, realizing that, as five minutes has passed, the time limit of his Copy should be up now so he'll soon lose access to his teammates Quirks. Neito taunts her, saying that he could've extended his limit to ten minutes, and asks her if she thinks she could beat him one-on-one. Ochaco looks defiant but doesn’t verbally reply, and Neito realizes just how cautious the Class 1-A team has been because of Hitoshi's Quirk.

He asks if Ochaco knows how many Quirks he can copy at a time, and, noting the number of clocks on his belt, she holds up three fingers, and he slyly asks what she would do if it was four. As Ochaco starts to move Neito into the cell, he begins to explain Copy to her. He says that although he can only use one Quirk at a time, the effects of one Quirk will remain even after he activates another unless they directly affect his body. Ochaco pushes him into the cell and he laughs, knowing she doesn't get where he's coming from.

Ochaco locks the cell and starts to run back to Izuku and Hitoshi, now worried that Neito might have done something to Izuku. Hiryu sees that Hitoshi's heading back towards his team so they can capture Izuku, and Jurota comments on the apparent pressure Hitoshi brings to the battlefront.

Mina Ashido embrasses Ochaco

Mina embarrasses Ochaco and Izuku.

Ochaco karate chops Reiko, knocking her out, and Yui Kodai calls out to her. Ochaco pushes Yui right into the wall she was standing in front of, sticking her to Minoru's Pop Off balls which were already placed there.[115]

Midnight reveals that Class 1-A won the battle overall and the winners celebrate their victory, leaving the losing class to lament over their loss. Shota then questions Izuku Midoriya about the new move he used, and Izuku claims that he isn’t sure what it was, describing how his power overflowed and saying that he didn’t know why the tendrils suddenly appeared. He thanks Hitoshi and Ochaco for saving him.

Midnight continues the feedback by commending Hitoshi and Ochaco's heroism, mentioning how it "turns her on" in terms of excitement and passion. Mina also adds that Ochaco did latch herself onto Izuku's body to prevent him from losing control. Both Izuku and Ochaco began to blush rapidly and Ochaco explains that she thought it was better to take action than do nothing. Shota recalls Ochaco's previous statement of her wanting to rescue more people while praising the young hero for her growth.[116]

Despite the fierce competition and the result, the exercise ends on good terms between both classes, and in the afternoon, Class 1-B visits Class 1-A's dormitories for socializing and dinner.

My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising

Class 1-A answering calls

Ochaco answering a request.

During fall, the Hero Public Safety Commission devises the Hero Work Recommendation Project, to help to train the new generation of Heroes due All Might retirement. Weeks go by, and shortly after winter begins, after the Hero Interview Training, Class 1-A is sent to Nabu Island, a remote place in southern Japan. The Pro Heroes who protected the island are about to retire, so the students will take care of the place, performing duties as real heroes acting like their own "Hero Office", until the arrival of new Pro Heroes.

Because Nabu Island is quite isolated from the rest of the country, and therefore far from any villain activity, there has been no notable incident since the last thirty years. For this reason, their work on the island basically involve mostly minor deeds. Ochaco gets a call from a little girl who lost his brother somewhere on the island, and calls across the room and asks if anyone can help her to find the lost kid. Izuku and Kyoka volunteer to help her.

Ochaco considers Izuku a true Hero

"You are a real hero, Deku!"

The three search the island and find the little boy named Katsuma Shimano at a nearby park. His older sister Mahoro Shimano suddenly appears and scolds Izuku for taking so long to find them before leaving with her brother. Ochaco and Kyoka are confused by the exchange but Izuku doesn't mind the prank, he is just happy the little boy is with his sister. Ochaco likes this aspect of Izuku's personality and tells him that he is a true hero.

The next day, while Ochaco and several class 1-A students wait in the office waiting for a request, a neighbor and Fumikage arrive to report that the island is being attacked by a group of villains. Tenya quickly organize the class to face this crisis. Ochaco teams up with Koji to assist in the evacuation of civilians on the beach, which was under attack by villain Chimera. While several of her classmates fights the villain; Ochaco, Tsuyu, Koji and Mezo manage to evacuate all the civilians from the place.

Ochaco, Mezo and Shoto concerned about Deku and Katsuki.

Ochaco, Mezo and Shoto concerned about Deku and Katsuki.

Then they see a gigantic hologram of Deku asking for help, which was created by Mahoro. Ochaco and the other three run to the place of origin of the hologram, finding Izuku and Katsuki defeated by the villain Nine, who orders his teammate Slice to get Mahoro and her brother Katsuma. Ochaco and her classmates uses their Quirks to save everyone. Ochaco taps Deku and Katsuki and Tsuyu carries them together with her tongue. Because her leader is suffering from his illness, Slice doesn't pursue them and decides to retreat so Nine can recover.

Later on the night, Class 1-A regroup and shelter everyone to treat the wounded and feed the hungry. Ochaco goes into the room where other civilians are being healed by medical staff from the hospital clinic with healing Quirks. Izuku and Katsuki are both unconscious and the doctors can only use their Quirks to close their wounds, but they cannot treat them any further. These statements concern Ochaco, especially for the well-being of Izuku, fortunately at that time. Katsuma arrives and helps by using his Cell Activation Quirk to heal both Izuku and Katsuki.

Class 1-A stand together

Class 1-A ready for the final confrontation.

Later, they have a meeting where they discover that the objective of the villain leader, Nine, is to steal the Cell Activation Quirk from Katsuma. With this information, they devise a plan to approach them in front and keep civilians safe. The plan is to lure the villains to the furthest corner of the island where ancient castle ruins are. The heroes will engage the villains using the terrain to their advantage and spit the villains apart, so each member has to face several students alone.

After his previous fight against Nine, Izuku concludes that Nine cannot use his multiple Quirks for too long as he suffers from intense pain when he does. To deal with Nine, everyone will attacks him in waves to force Nine to use his Quirks all the time until he reaches his limit and cannot continue fighting.

Ochaco attacks Nine

Ochaco attacks Nine.

The next morning, Nine and his crew arrive at the entrance to the island. They fall into Class 1-A's trap and are forced to split up by Yuga and Momo's Ultimate Moves; and as planned, the students take turns attacking Nine to force him to use his Quirks as much as possible. Hanta and Ochaco commence their assault on Nine by constantly throwing boulders at him. The villain uses his Laser Bullet Quirk to destroy the rocks and attack Ochaco and Sero, forcing them to retreat.

Ochaco is overusing her quirk, and Sero grabs her before she falls down and uses his tape to swing to higher ground, retreating to a certain position where Minoru awaits them with a trap they had prepared: a large amount of rocks contained by wooden posts. Ochaco pushes her Zero Gravity Quirk to the limit to remove the posts, falling to the ground, exhausted, and having to be moved out the way by Sero of the massive rock slide that she caused.

Nine defeats Ochaco

Ochaco is injured when she intended to attack Nine.

Minoru uses his Quirk to make the rocks stick together even harder to bury the villain. However, Nine is able to break free easily with his Quirks and the shock wave knocks down Ochaco, Sero, and Mineta. The Villain prepares to shot a powerful attack on them when Izuku and Katsuki steps in and attacks him. Deku and Katsuki continue to fight Nine, as the villain keeps using his various quirks to hold them off.

Ochaco tries to take advantage of a Nine's distraction to sneak attack him from behind and make him float with her Quirk, but Nine activates his Hydra quirk to attack Ochaco with its jaws and throws her into the air. Deku quickly rushes and catches Ochaco, holding her in his arms. She apologizes to Izuku for not being able to help him anymore before passing out. Deku lays her gently on the ground to right after furiously fires back along with Katsuki at Nine, proclaiming that he will pay for hurting Ochaco.

Ochaco and Minoru are rescued

Ochaco is rescued.

Ochaco is unconscious for the rest of the combat, and in that time Izuku and Katsuki managed to finally defeat Nine. Shortly after, field force of professional heroes and the military arrived on Nabu Island, rescuing everyone, and providing humanitarian aid. The Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu is in charge of helping Ochaco

For the next two weeks, Class 1-A continues to stay on Nabu Island to help repair the damage done by Nine and his villains until the Public Safety Commission suspends the program and orders them to be sent home. With the island being repaired by the military and the heroes, Class 1-A boards a ferry to return to the U.A. High School.[117]

Endeavor Agency Arc

Class 1-A Christmas Party

Class 1-A's Christmas party.

Sometime after Katsuki’s and Shoto’s interview, as Class 1-A reacts to the edited interview, Ochaco believes that the station was covering for Katsuki’s behavior. When the news covers the attack on Deika City and the more supportive responses of the public, Ochaco points out that everything's changing since the "Can't You See?" kid showed his support for Endeavor during his battle with Hood. Ochaco later participates in a Hero Interview Training taught by Mt. Lady. The heroine congratulates Ochaco for her performance.[118]

Days later, the Hero Work Recommendation Project takes place, staying several weeks on Nabu Island before returning.[117]

On the night of Christmas Eve, the whole class celebrates Christmas. Ochaco states that she and Tsuyu will return with Ryukyu. She is very happy when Shota brings Eri to celebrate Christmas with them, finding her adorable dressed as Santa Claus. Then, the whole class participates in a random gift exchange in the dorms. By coincidence, Ochaco receives an All Might keychain from Izuku, and Izuku receives a bag of Mochi chips from Ochaco. Both are happy for the gifts and blush.[119]

With the start of the second Hero-Work Study, Ochaco, along with Tsuyu and Nejire, returns with Ryukyu.[120]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The Winter break ends and the students return to the U.A. to show their progress. In the girl's changing room, Toru comments on how Ochaco's new costume looks good on her while Kyoka comments on how heavy Ochaco's wrist guards are, to which Ochaco says there's a wire in them that she can use her Quirk on to nullify the overall weight. While Mina carries Ochaco's other wrist guard, something falls out of it which is revealed to be the All Might key chain Izuku gave her for Christmas, much to Ochaco's embarrassment. Mina teases Ochaco for it but she denies any thoughts as she puts it away.[121]

Deku and Uraraka's bond

Deku and Ochaco thank each other for supporting each other.

At Ground Alpha, the students show off their development by fighting Villain Bots under the supervision of All Might. Ochaco and Tsuyu show off their improved determination. After Izuku's turn, he approaches Ochaco, thanking her properly for helping him during the Joint Training Battle. Ochaco brushes him off, and reveals that his new abilities inspired her to add wires to her costume. She thanks him for helping her get stronger, and says that they've both helped each other up, fist bumping Izuku.[122] Later, Ochaco and her classmates enjoy a Hot pot party.[123]

The months go by until it's late March. Thanks to the police investigation and its spy Hawks, the Hero Public Safety Commission has found out the plans of the Paranormal Liberation Front and its allies. With this information the Commission organized a large force of Pro Heroes, divided in several teams to take down the villain organization.

A team of heroes has the mission of storming the main headquarters of the Paranormal Liberation Front, while another team lead by Endeavor will do the same at the Jaku General Hospital, where the Nomu are created. Finally, a third team, made up mainly of students and lead by Burnin, will be in charge of evacuating the residents of a city near the hospital and taking them to a safe place. Ochaco is in the last one. When everything is ready, the operation start and Burnin signals the students to start evacuating the citizens.[124] [125]

The Evacuation Team run away from the destruction

Everyone flees from the massive destruction.

The evacuation of the city proceeds without any problem, but Ochaco notices that something is wrong with Izuku. She calls out to Izuku in concern, as he turns to face the hospital. Suddenly, the building and the entire area around it begin to falling apart, and the disintegration spreads rapidly until it reaches the city itself.[126]

Izuku unleashes a St. Louis Smash Air Force to push the spreading disintegration back, but it continues with no sign of stopping, causing Ochaco to remark that this is not some sort of shockwave. Burnin quickly orders everyone to run away from the unstoppable destruction, and the students begin to run as fast as possible while evacuating the civilians who were still in the city as best they can.[127]


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