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|quirk= Weather Operations<br>[[All For One (Quirk)|All For One]]<br>[[Cell Activation]]<br>Unnamed Quirks
|quirk= [[Weather Operations]]<br>[[All For One (Quirk)|All For One]]<br>[[Cell Activation]]<br>Unnamed Quirks
|status= Deceased
|status= Deceased

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Nine (ナイン Nain?) was a villain and is the primary antagonist of My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.


Nine was a man of reasonable height with fair skin and thin, rectangular gray eyes with white pupils. He also had white hair that reaches just past his shoulders, worn swept back away from his face.

His most defining feature was the large black mask that covers him from his chest to just above his nose, four extra pieces winding around the exposed skin of his face and around his head. Four darker plates cover each side of his neck, lined with dark purple, and he had what appears to be something similar to the flat muzzle of a gas mask over his mouth that’s decorated with seven gray studs, as well as a large purple and black cylinder protruding from each of his shoulder blades. Below this, he wore a full-body suit of a similar design, with plates of black covering his entire body, leaving only his fingers exposed, and, over this, a blazer and dress pants of a pale lilac color.

In the past, Nine wore black shoes, black pants, and a tattered white jacket.


Nine believed that a truly superhuman society should be one where the supremacy of one's Quirk is the only way of measuring a person's worth and that both heroes and villains are irrelevant. With the ideal that raw power is the only thing that matters, Nine was prepared to undergo whatever experimentation was necessary to increase his own power.


Overall Abilities: Due to having multiple quirks, Nine was an extremely powerful villain, being able to contend with and overpower many of Class 1-A's top students. However, due to the toll of his quirk, he was unable to fight prolonged battles.

Enhanced Durability: Possibly because of inheriting All for One, Nine possessed very impressive durability. He managed to survive a direct hit to the face from Izuku's smash with no visible damage, and was able to continue fighting against Izuku and Katsuki despite the immense pain his body was under. Even after being hit point-blank by Katsuki's explosion enhanced by One for All, he managed to survive, although he was on the brink of death, and his entire upper body appeared to have been destroyed.


Weather Operations (気象操作 Kishō Sōsa?): Nine's Quirk allowed him to control the weather; he can summon destructive thunderstorms in an instant and even create a powerful tornado with himself at the epicenter. However, according to Nine, his quirk was too powerful for him to wield and resulted in the destruction of his body's cellular tissue.

All For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan?): Nine's second Quirk allowed him to steal other peoples Quirks and use them as his own. He was able to steal as many as eight Quirks. Whether he could transfer any of these Quirks to someone else is unknown. Nine received this weaker version of All For One after he proved to be compatible with All For One's Quirk factor. However, receiving this quirk appeared to have worsened the side-effects of his original quirk and exhausted him much more quickly.

  • Unnamed Quirk Identification Quirk: Nine can see what Quirks other people have and measure their level of power.
  • Unnamed Barrier Quirk: Nine can create multiple layers of transparent barriers made of air to shield himself in a particular direction at a time.
  • Unnamed Finger Beam Quirk: Nine was able to fire purple-colored lasers from his fingernails.
  • Unnamed Dragon Quirk: Nine can summon large blue dragon-shaped attacks that he can control at will. He generally summons two at a time but can summon multiple more if he requires it.
  • Cell Activation: This Quirk allowed Nine to activate the cells in his own body or another person's body, boosting regeneration and repairing damage. However, it only works on individuals of a certain blood type.



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