Nine (ナイン Nain?) is a villain and the primary antagonist for My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.


Nine is a man of reasonable height with fair skin and thin, rectangular gray eyes with white pupils. He also has white hair that reaches just past his shoulders, worn swept back away from his face.

His most defining feature is the large black mask that covers him from his chest to just above his nose, four extra pieces winding around the exposed skin of his face and around his head. Four darker plates cover each side of his neck, lined with dark purple, and he has what appears to be something similar to the flat muzzle of a gas mask over his mouth that’s decorated with seven gray studs, as well as a large purple and black cylinder protruding from each of his shoulder blades. Below this, he wears a full-body suit of a similar design, with plates of black covering his entire body, leaving only his fingers exposed, and, over this, a blazer and dress pants of a pale lilac color.


Not much is known about his personality at this time.


Overall Abilities: While the extent of his abilities is currently unknown, Nine is said to be powerful due to having multiple Quirks.


Weather Operations: Nine's original Quirk that allows him to control the weather.

Unnamed Quirks: Nine's other Quirks are unknown.



  • It is currently unknown how Nine steals Quirks.

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