Nighteye Squad vs. Himiko Toga and Jin Bubaigawara is a battle fought between Sir Nighteye's group including Eraser Head, Rock Lock, and Izuku Midoriya against temporary Yakuza Himiko Toga & Twice during the Shie Hassaikai Raid.

Mimic provides support for the villains during the fight by manipulating the terrain with his Quirk


Lock Down

Rock Lock leads the way through the warped passageway.

Mimic forces the walls around Nighteye Squad to close in as the team traverses the underground labyrinth. Rock Lock uses his Lock Down Quirk to keep a stable area around them. Mimic attacks by warping the wall toward Rock Lock and Izuku uses a Shoot Style Smash to protect him.

Eraser Head worries that he won't ever be able to spot Mimic inside the wall to erase the villain's Mimicry Quirk. He surmises that Mimic must be looking at them through the wall since he's using such precise attacks.

In reality, Mimic is struggling to stop the heroes due to the massive strain being put on his Quirk. He can't push his own body enough to completely crush them and decides to lead the heroes toward reinforcements instead.

Mimic opens up the passageway before warping the path again with sudden attacks from the roof. He successfully splits up the hero squad into three sections: Sir Nighteye and the Police, Eraser Head and Deku, and then Rock Lock alone.[1]


Himiko Toga stabs Rock Lock

Himiko Toga stabs Rock Lock.

Himiko Toga suddenly appears behind Rock Lock to ambush him. The Lock Hero notices her at the last second and manages to stop the knife with his hand. The knife pierces his hand and Rock Lock uses his Quirk to lock it in place.

Rock Lock recognizes Himiko from the League of Villains and uses the opening he created to counterattack. He lands a clean blow, but Himiko turns out to be one of Twice's doubles. The real Himiko grabs him from behind and stabs him until he bleeds out unconscious.

Deku kicks through one of the walls and approaches the scene with Eraser Head. Rock Lock claims an imposter appeared and attacked him. Eraser Head inspects the body and notices the knife wounds. Rock Lock gets close to Deku and pulls out a knife on him. Eraser Head realizes the League of Villains is actually working with the Shie Hassaikai.

Sir vs Rappa's Clone

Sir Nighteye swiftly takes out Rappa's clone.

Eraser Head erases Himiko's disguise and Deku immediately recognizes her. Himiko is flattered Deku remembers her and Eraser Head pulls her away using his Capturing Weapon. Himiko swiftly rolls herself in the scarf to close the distance quickly and stabs Aizawa in the shoulder before escaping the binds completely. Before Deku and Eraser Head can act, Mimic creates a wall to close her off from the heroes.

Meanwhile on Sir Nighteye's side, Twice ambushes his group with a clone of Kendo Rappa.[1] Rappa's clone rushes Nighteye and the Police with a barrage of bullet punches. Nighteye swiftly counters with a tripping kick and then sends the clone flying into the wall using a Hyper-Density Seal.

Sir Nighteye proudly boasts he's quite agile for his size. The clone disintegrates and Twice is absolutely stunned by this outcome. He claims the Yakuza are useless right before having his mask blown in half by another one of Sir Nighteye's projectiles. Twice quickly retreats and Mimic creates a wall to stop the heroes from pursuing him.[2]


Himiko Toga keeps Twice from splitting

Himiko comforts Twice.

Twice quickly starts to panic and yells at Mimic for almost crushing him with the wall. His personalities start to split apart until Himiko appears and wraps his head back up with a cloth. She understands that it's painful to work with the Yakuza after what Overhaul did to Big Sis Magne. Himiko eyes Mimic in the wall and state that their hard work is for nothing if they're working with the useless Yakuza.

Himiko and Twice recall their meeting with Tomura, where he asked them to this for the sake of the League of Villains. Tomura believed in them, and in response, they will act freely as the League of Villains is meant to. They act on their own accord and insult Mimic and the Yakuza boss, driving Overhaul's manager crazy.

Mimic unleashes his rage by warping the underground cave in a chaotic fashion. Himiko and Twice ask that the heroes play nice for now.[2]


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