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|kanji=エンデヴァー ヒーロー 事防所
|kanji=エンデヴァー ヒーロー 事防所
|romaji=''Naitoai Koto Bōsho''
|romaji=''Naitoai Koto Bōsho''
|controlled by= [[Sir Nighteye]] (Formerly)
|controlled by= [[Sir Nighteye]] (Formerly)<br/>[[Juzo Moashi|Centipeder]]
[[Juso Moashi|Centipeter]]
|manga debut= [[Chapter 126]]
|manga debut= [[Chapter 126]]
|anime debut=
|anime debut=

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The Nighteye Agency (ナイトアイ 事防所 Naitoai Koto Bōsho?) is the Hero Office belonging to All Might's former sidekick Sir Nighteye.


Sir Nighteye's Hero Agency is a large, five-story building controlled by Sir Nighteye. He employs two sidekicks and two U.A. students to work for him. [1]

Inside the building contains Sir Nighteye's personal office that is decorated with multiple posters of All Might, as well as his main desk where his laptop sits and a large bookshelf.[2] On the second floor, there is a large meeting room.[3]



Nighteye Agency



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