U.A. High School


Shota Aizawa

Shota Aizawa & Nemuri Kayama

Shota unimpressed by Midnight 's "reasons" to be a teacher.

Nemuri and Shota appear on good terms, as he asked her to help his class in matters he couldn't be bothered with. They usually have a good relationship, and Aizawa doesn't bother with Nemuri's "enthusiastic" attitude towards youth, but he is annoyed when she makes decisions for him without his consent.

Nemuri is the reason why Aizawa is a teacher in the U.A. When Nemuri was personally requested by principal Nezu for the position of teacher, she submitted a recommendation to the principal for Aizawa, being accepted as a teacher, even though he had told her that the idea of him being a teacher is the epitome of irrationality.[1]

Class 1-A

Minoru Mineta

During the First Term Final Exam, she was tasked to fight him along with Hanta Sero. She nearly used her quirk on him but he was saved by Hanta. Midnight soon pursued him and took a sadistic joy in the act. However, Minoru admitted to being a fan of hers and knew about her quirk from it. Using ingenious thinking, Minoru was not a victim to her quirk and left her trapped as he dashed passed her and won the match. The pro hero was greatly impressed by his acts and complimented his strategy to best her.[2]

Pro Heroes

Yu Takeyama

Nemuri does not appear on good terms with her, as they got into an argument after Mt. Lady made comments on her liking attention. This further escalated with Mt. Lady admitted to looking up but poked at her age, resulting in the two fighting in televised interview.

By the time of the Endeavor Agency Arc, the pair are shown to have at least learn to cooperate better, as they both took part in interviewing Class 1-A. 


Kazuho Haneyama

Kazuha (Kazuho) and Kaori (Nemuri)

Kazuho and Midnight in disguise.

Midnight met Kazuho for the first time when he discovered her while Kazuho followed Koichi, who had been invited to a mixer to interact with a group of girls. It turns out that Midnight was investigating one of them as suspicious of distributing a new variant of Trigger.

Nemuri quickly recognized her as the vigilante Pop☆Step, and instead of stopping her, she decides to ask her for help, and both infiltrate the Koichi’s Mixer under fake identities.[3] After a series of incidents during the meeting, in which Koichi is unconsciously involved, they manage to solve the case and arrest the main suspect. [4]

Since then, both became friends, even Midnight gives Kazuho her cell phone number to call her if she need help.[5]. Also, due to the love that Midnight has for passionate youth makes her support Kazuho's crush for Koichi.


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