I get the feeling mom and sis here want to forgive you. But all I see here is the same maniac, who all of a sudden is getting rave reviews. You might look like a changed man, but you're not.
Natsuo to Enji Todoroki in "The Todoroki Family"

Natsuo Todoroki ( (とどろき) (なつ) () Todoroki Natsuo?) is a college student. He is the son of Enji and Rei Todoroki, the younger brother of Toya and Fuyumi, and the older brother of Shoto.[1]


Natsuo is above average height, sporting white spiky hair, with two short strands hanging down either side of his forehead. He has a muscular build.


Natsuo has an easygoing personality. He cares deeply for his family and exhibits his serious side when dealing with sensitive family topics.

Natsuo resents his father for his abusive actions; holding him accountable for the forced separation from Shoto as a child, Rei's hospitalization, and the death of Toya Todoroki, to whom Natsuo was close.[1][2] He also found it hard to converse with him, without being angry after the latter starts to change. Regardless, he was not above acknowledging his father saving him but voices how he couldn't forgive him.[3]




  • Natsuo's name contains the kanji for "summer" (?) and "masculine" (?).
  • Natsuo feels sensitive towards warm weather.[1]
  • He also shares his birthday with Hitoshi Shinso.
  • His favorite things are sashimi and the sea.[4]
  • Natsuo’s currently studying for a degree in health and welfare.[4]


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