I get the feeling mom and sis here want to forgive you. But all I see here is the same maniac, who all of a sudden is getting rave reviews. You might look like a changed man, but you're not.
Natsuo to Enji Todoroki in "The Todoroki Family"

Natsuo Todoroki ( (とどろき) (なつ) () Todoroki Natsuo?) is a college student. He is the son of Enji and Rei Todoroki, the younger brother of Toya and Fuyumi, and the older brother of Shoto.[1]


Natsuo is above average height, sporting white spiky hair, with two short strands hanging down either side of his forehead. He has a muscular build.


Natsuo has an easygoing personality. He cares deeply for his family and exhibits his serious side when dealing with sensitive family topics. Natsuo resents his father for his abusive actions; holding him accountable for the forced separation from Shoto as a child, Rei's hospitalization, and an unspecified incident involving Toya.[1]


Pro Hero Arc

Natsuo and Fuyumi Todoroki visit their mother in the hospital. He tells his mother that Endeavor was promoted to No. 1 and that he still cannot forgive his father for how he treated the family. He is surprised when his mother mentions the latter had visited her and left her flower. His mother tells him that their father is dealing with an internal problem.[1]

After leaving the asylum with Fuyumi, the siblings watch a news report of their father dealing with a villain attack. Natsuo is horrified to watch as his father is overwhelmed by a villain's attack.[2]

Natsuo remarks that Endeavor should retreat like he did with the children he had. Fuyumi disagrees and states that their father is too stubborn to ever do so.[3]

At the family home, Natsuo eats dinner with his sister and brother Shoto before their father arrives. When Enji walks in, Natsuo only stares at him. When Fuyumi reminds him that he had promised to be polite, Natsuo remarks that he cannot. He then confronts their father on what he had done to the family, explaining that he is just now learning Shoto's favorite foods, and referencing an unspecified incident involving Toya. Natsuo finishes by saying he believes his father is incapable of change. Enji contradicts him by saying he will face his past to atone before Natsuo leaves.[4]


  • Natsuo's name contains the kanji for "summer" (?) and "masculine" (?).
  • Natsuo feels sensitive towards warm weather.[1]
  • He also shares his birthday with Hitoshi Shinso.
  • His favorite things are sashimi and the sea.
  • Natsuo’s currently studying medical welfare[5]


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