Native (ネイティブ Neitibu?) is a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia.


He has medium-long, black hair.

His hero costume has a headgear with a feather. He also wears a feathered cape and a jumpsuit with an "N" on it and open-toed sandals. His outfit is based on the Native Americans.


He gets irritated easily and is a selfless person since he did not want the young heroes to die while protecting him.


Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Stain defeats Native

Stain prepares to kill Native.

Native is attacked by Stain while in a back-alley and the Hero-Killer immobilizes him with his Quirk. As Stain prepares to kill Native with his sword, Native curses him. Thanks to the interference of Tenya Iida, Native is spared.[1] While Tenya and Stain are fighting, Stain puts Tenya on the ground, and orders Tenya to save Native before trying to kill him. When Stain prepares to kill Tenya, he is saved by Izuku Midoriya.[2]

Unfortunately, Izuku's help is not enough to stop Stain and after Stain immobilizes all of his opponents, Shoto Todoroki interrupts Stain.[3] Shoto uses his powers to move Native, Tenya and Izuku to a safer area. After Izuku's immobilization wears off, Native notes that even though he was the first to get paralyzed, he is still not able to move his body, and after asking for the blood type of everyone, Shoto concludes that the duration of the paralysis is dependent on the blood type.[4]

After Tenya also stands up and starts to fight with Stain again, Native begs the students to stop fighting Stain and to just run away since Stain is only after him and Tenya. Shoto tells him that running away is not an option since Stain is not giving them any openings.[5] The three students are finally able to defeat Stain with their combined efforts and they all leave the area. Native carries Izuku and apologizes for his uselessness during the fight but Izuku tells him that no one could have won in a one-on-one fight against Stain. Endeavor's sidekicks, who were not able to fight any of the other villains, and Gran Torino join the four heroes and while they are all talking, they are attacked by one of the Hosu Nomu. The artificial human is able to grab Izuku and flies away. Stain, whose hands are tied, licks the blood of the artificial human and after freeing his hands he saves Izuku by killing the winged creature with a knife he had hidden under his wristband.[6]

After Stain notices Endeavor, he decides to kill him and starts walking towards the Number Two Hero. Stain's aura is enough to immobilize all of the people on the scene but before he can reach Endeavor, he stops moving because one of his ribs perforates his lungs.[7]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


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