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[ Kelspeth]
[ Kelspeth]
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==How to join==
==How to join==

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This is the page for the heroes dedicated to fixing misspellings, grammar and punctuation mistakes on pages, the Grammar Department.

Current Projects

  • Fix any spelling, grammatical or punctuation mistakes on articles.
  • Correct any spelling, grammatical or punctuation mistakes on templates and files.
  • Remove unnecessary or run-on sentences.

Pages that need help

Both members and non-members may list pages that have grammar issues (punctuation, spelling, badly structured sentences, etc) in order for it to be fixed.


Grammar Department
KingCannon (Department Leader)

Sign up








How to join

To join the department, simply sign your name in the "Sign up" section of the page and your name will be added to the list of members by the relevant department leader or an administrator. However, you cannot join as an anonymous member. In order to be part of a team, you must create an account.

However, to stay in the department, you must follow the wiki policies, make good intentioned, quality edits and not go inactive for long periods of time. Otherwise, you will be expelled.

Where do I communicate with the team and ask questions?

We use the this page's comment section to discuss how we will go about doing our projects. It also serves as the place for team members to ask questions about problems they encounter. Non-members may also notify us about grammar issues they encounter by commenting.

It may also be helpful to join the Wiki's Discord Server where some users in the #wiki chat may be able to help answer your questions and concerns.

Department Navigation

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