My Hero Academia: Battle for All ( (ぼく) のヒーローアカデミア バトル・フォー・オール Boku no Hīrō Akademia Batoru Fō Ōru?) is a hero action game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Dimps. It was released on May 19th, 2016. People who purchased the first edition of the game received two cards for My Hero Academia: Clash! Heroes Battle.



The game is a completely singleplayer fighter.

Manga Storyline

The game will cover the manga story-line up until the U.A. Sports Festival Arc.

3D Movement

This game features 3D Movement around a field where you battle.


December 21, 2015

  • First trailer PV1 is revealed at Jump Fiesta 2016.[1]


Playable Characters

Support Characters



Pre-Order Bonus

First Press Order Bonus

  • Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Theme (Downloadable Code)
  • 2 Limited Edition Heroes' Battle card

BANDAI Namco Online Shop Bonus

  • Exclusive A4 Clear File Shop Bonus

  • PC Wallpaper

Animate Shop Bonus

  • Exclusive B3 Clear Poster

Amiami Shop Bonus

  • Exclusive 3 piece Can Badge Set A Shop Bonus

  • Exclusive 2 piece set Can Badge

Gamers (Anibro) Shop Bonus

  • Themed Microfiber Mini Towel

Game Shop Takarajima Bonus

  • Exclusive 3 piece Can Badge Set B

SevenNet Shopping Bonus

  • Digital Wallpaper

Neowing Online Shop Bonus

  • Can Badge

Futaba Books Online Shop Bonus

  • Exclusive 2 piece Can Strap

If you pre-order the game, you can receive a Tsuyu handbag.

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  1. My Hero Academia: Battle for All Trailer 1 on Youtube: [1]


  • Bandai Namco held a contest for designing Izuku's costume to be exclusively used in the game.

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