Muscle Augmentation ( (きん) (にく) (ぞう) (きょう) Kin'niku Zōkyō?) is a Quirk used by Four-Eyed Nomu, Muscular, Wolfram, High-End and All For One.


Muscle Augmentation is a Quirk that gives its user the ability to manipulate and amplify their muscles. Muscle fibers can be enlarged to where they can no longer be contained by the skin. This grants its user great strength and defensive durability, as well as enhanced speed and agility.

This Quirk grants enough strength to contend with One For All at 100%. While strong, the brute force granted by this power can be bested by One For All.[1][2]


Four-Eyed Nomu

Four-Eyed Nomu used this Quirk when he battled against Endeavor and Gran Torino. It was able to increase the muscles of his whole body to increase his strength, which it then used to propel himself at Endeavor in order to surprise the flame hero with another Quirk he possesses, Tongue Web.[3]

It’s possible that Four-Eyed Nomu obtained this Quirk, along with the other Quirks he possesses, from All For One.


Muscular is the only wielder of this Quirk where it serves as his lone superpower. He uses Muscle Augmentation to cover his body with enhanced muscle fibers that protrude from his skin. He can freely choose the muscle mass he covers with his body to increase his abilities. This grants Muscular immense physical strength and speed. [4]

Muscle Augmentation

Muscular's immense strength and speed.

When fighting seriously, Muscular can obliterate a large chunk of a cliffside with a single strike. By manipulating the muscles in his legs, Muscular can move at blurring speeds that far outclass Full Cowl at 5%.

The augmented muscles provide Muscular with a high level of protection, and the fibers can act as a shield to absorb attacks. With enough protection, Muscular can even take the impact of special moves as powerful as Izuku Midoriya's 100% Detroit Smash, which is equivalent to the strength of All Might.[1]

Muscular's speed also gives him the option to completely avoid incoming attacks. In order to counter Muscular's enhanced speed, Izuku purposely trapped his hand between muscle fibers so Muscular couldn't avoid his next attack.[4]


Muscle Augmentation (Two Heroes)

Wolfram's muscles enlarge and transform his appearance.

All For One gave Wolfram the ability to enlarge his muscles and greatly increase his strength. When activated, Wolfram's muscles don't pop out of his skin, instead, they glow bright red and completely change his appearance. This is similar to how One For All at 100% changes the appearance of All Might and Deku.

Combined with the Quirk Amplification Device, this Quirk gave Wolfram enough raw strength to momentarily overwhelm All Might and turn the tide of their battle. Using this ability, Wolfram was able to injure All Might and compensate for his weakness at close range when manipulating metal.[2]


High-End Regenerating

High-End regenerating muscle fibers.

High End mainly uses enhanced muscle fibers to support its other Quirks, giving it incredible destructive power. High-End can cover its arms and muscles, transform them into powerful tendrils, and increase their power even more with another strength enhancement Quirk. [5]

The brute force of this Quirk has shown to be levels above Muscular's own raw power, and allowed High-End to overwhelm Endeavor. Destroyed muscles can also be regenerated thanks to High-End's healing Quirk.[6]

It’s possible High-End obtained this Quirk, along with the other Quirks he possesses, from All For One.


  • Aside from the transferable Quirk One For All, Muscle Augmentation is the Quirk with the largest number of named users in the series. Although most of the users, except Muscular, possess multiple Quirks.
  • Muscle Augmentation, Power, and Strength Enhancer are all Quirks capable of enhancing the users physial strength.


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