Mr. Brave (Mr. (ミスター) ブレイブ Misutā Bureibu?) is a Pro Hero.[1]


Mr. Brave wears a dark bodysuit with light patches covering his forearms and hands, the sides of his thighs, and a thin stripe under his chest. He also sports a belt around his waist, a cloth tied loosely around his neck, and headgear.


Not much is known about Mr. Brave's personality.


Shie Hassaikai Arc

Mr. Brave attends the hero meeting regarding Overhaul and the Yakuza.[2]

Later, Mr. Brave is seen fighting alongside the other heroes in their mission to defeat the Yakuza members and save Eri.[3]



Hair-Raiser ( (むしり) () Mushirige?): This Quirk allows Mr. Brave to extend and harden hair strands that he tears off from his own head.[4]


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