Moe Kamiji ( (かみ) () (もえ) Kamiji Moe?), also known as Burnin (バーニン Bānin?) is a Pro Hero and one of the over 30 Sidekicks who work at the Endeavor Hero Agency.


Moe is a young woman who has big, dark eyes and pointy teeth. Her most distinguishable feature is her long, flaming green hair with two bangs on each side and a wider bang going from the center of her forehead to the right.

She wears a light-grey jacket. Her collar, belt and wrist guards are black with a smaller red line. She wears a belt with a temperature gauge on the front and a fire extinguisher on the back,[1] black knee-high socks, and short black boots. Her mask is black, similar to that of Katsuki Bakugo, and is connected to a red headband.



As her hero name would suggest, Moe possesses a burning hot personality. She is very enthusiastic and her fiery personality tends to clash with Katsuki's.


Endeavor Agency Arc

As soon as Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki enter the headquarters of Endeavor Hero Agency, after their battle in the streets against Starservant, Moe and Endeavor's other sidekicks give them a hot welcome. She starts talking about the amount of work the sidekicks face, and tells the students that they are going to have to work hard to stand out. Izuku recognizes her, and she clashes with Katsuki, then tells Shoto not to make himself comfortable just because he is Endeavor's son.[2]



Unnamed Fire Quirk: As a Pro Hero, Moe possesses an unnamed Quirk. It might be responsible for her hero name and hair having a flame-like appearance.


  • Moe shares her birthday with Dabi.


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