All those acts of terrorism, getting people caught up in who knows what... yet he tries to dress it up with fancy writing, talking about "liberation this" and "liberation that." The whole time, I couldn't help but picture the guy as a ranting criminal.
Miyashita's opinion about the Meta Liberation War in "The Meta Liberation Army"

Miyashita ( (みや) (した) Miyashita?) was an employee working for the Detnerat Company. He was killed by Rikiya Yotsubashi, his employer and commander of the Meta Liberation Army.[1]


Miyashita was a middle-aged man with a round, rodent-like head, possessing a pair of circular ears, dark, beady eyes and a short muzzle with a small animal-like nose. He had short, dark hair that he wore swept forward around and between his ears.

He wore a business suit, consisting of a white dress shirt, a pale blazer and a dark tie.[1]


He was very straightforward and honest with his boss, often joking with him and once making fun of his big forehead in a commercial for the company. His boss, Rikiya Yotsubashi, laughed off these comments, apparently having become accustomed to Miyashita simply speaking his mind around him.[1]


According to him, his mother died a year ago and he has no other relatives.


Meta Liberation Army Arc

Miyashita is working for the Detnerat Company. He shows his boss, Rikiya, the rough-cut of the second commercial announcing the Detnerat's entrance into hero support gear business.

Miyashita and his boss discuss the company's prospects in hero support market. Miyashita notes that the company has a lot to overcome do to their newness in the market. His boss points out Detnerat is at least the lead in 'Meta Ability-related' goods. Miyashita is confused about the term 'Meta Ability'. Rikiya corrects himself to say 'Quirks' and shows Miyashita his copy of the Meta Liberation War by Destro. Miyashita tells him that he had also read it, but he believes Destro was a terrorist whose unjustified actions caused the death of innocent people. He also criticizes the literary style as pretentious.

Without warning, Rikiya wraps his arms around Miyashita's body and begins to question him on his family. Miyashita answers that his mother is deceased as his boss starts to squeeze on his neck. As he squeezes, he tells Miyashita that he is disappointed with his view and had considered introducing him to the members of the Meta Liberation Army. Miyashita tries to plead with his boss, but the latter snaps his neck, causing Miyashita to fall dead on the floor. Rikiya is seen shedding tears at the end.[1]


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