The Meta Liberation War (異能解放戦線 Inō kaihō sensen) is a autobiographical book with strong political content written by Chikara Yotsubashi, also known as the villain Destro.


During the time he was in prison, Destro took the opportunity to write "Meta Liberation War". In this work, Destro exposes his idea of fighting against the government's control over Quirks, believing that the free use of these is a basic human right. After completing his writing, Destro committed suicide.[1]

The book has been reprinted several times, although with the last edition much of the original text has had to be modified to adapt it to the new times. There are readers who consider this biography as simple propaganda trash where Destro tries to justify the terrorist acts of his organization. Despite this, the principles expressed in this autobiography continue to influence people in the present.[2]


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