The Meta Liberation Army is a Villain organization who follow the philosophy that the free usage of Quirks is a basic human right and emphasized liberation over regulation.[1]


In the past, when regulations were being created in several countries to restrict Quirk usage, the Meta Liberation Army attempted to stop them. However, after several years of opposition, the villain group was ultimately defeated. Following their defeat, the group was seemingly disbanded and the Meta Liberation Army's leader, Destro, was incarcerated along with several of its members. After an unknown period of time, Destro died during incarceration.


The Meta Liberation Army made their mark on history as one of the most infamous villain groups and their leader is compared to the likes of All For One.[2] During his incarceration, Destro wrote an autobiography which has resulted in several reprints due to its popularity. There are mixed opinions in regards to the actions of the Meta Liberation Army. Some individuals supported their movement, while others dismissed it as acts of terrorism and ridiculed it for getting innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. [3] Unbeknownst to the world, Destro actually had a child who would carry on his legacy. Destro's son, the CEO of the Detnerat Company, is plotting to take down the League of Villains.


The Meta Liberation Army was large and powerful enough to oppose the governments of multiple countries for several years before their ultimate defeat.

Known Members

  • Detnerat Company CEO

Former Members

  • Destro (Leader and founder; deceased)

Battles and Events


  • Metahuman is a term invented by DC Comics to refer to humans with superpowers.


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