aka Addison

  • I live in Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Senior (Grade 11) High School Student
  • I am Genderfluid, Neutrois (Ze/Hir/Hirs [Zee/Here/Heres] are my preferred pronouns)
  • Bio Heyo! How are ya? I'm gay as hell and love to talk! Feel free to tag me whenever ya like!
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  • hi tsubasa my name is uglylord and im currently writing a my hero story based in america and im wanting to make it into a manga but im not good at drawing and @TasteDeTemFlakes had replied to the post i made on the fandom about need help in making story great, and told me about how you can draw, so in short if you wouldn't mind do you think you can help me out, another thing is i dont have money to people for helping but i will give them credit and ackowledge them for they did in the manga

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  • Thank you for agreeing with me on the mind controled Decu idea, I always thought it might happen to one of the charicters and I thought about it happening to Decu to make him a villen.

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  • Hi there, Tropicalcyclone1!

    I've noticed that recently you've been posting comments in Discussions that go against our guidelines, such as comments that include swearing, inappropriate topics/topics unrelated to My Hero Academia and information about your personal life (prohibited by rules 1, 2 and 9 respectively). I'd like to ask you to refrain from continuing to do this, since you will end up blocked from the wiki for a time if you do continue.


    『 Zen。』talk  08:55, February 24, 2020 (UTC)

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  • you asked about my youtube channel and i rlly don't want many people knowing about it because i'm kinda embarassed about it, but here you go.

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  • trying to pull out my turtle shell so yeah... all i gatta do is figure out a name and i will tell you one of my ocs

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  • hey tropical!btw what ur favorite mha ship? mines kiribaku

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  • Hi there, I saw your bio, it says I can do what-ever I want, it's my life. Technially, you can't. And whatever doen't need a hyphen. 

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  • i stole art room pen things and gurbstomped them cause they did weirds and now i had pink one bleed on the cubr

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  • Now, you and I both understand the amount of effort and dedication it takes, right? I know you do, because you're prepared. It's great to see other aspiring mangakas around here :)

    I've already stated my Manga series. I've been planning all the characters and story for months, and now I'm making it a reality. I'm planning on making my own website and posting the chapters on the, with ads. It helps as an easy way to get your work read when you're just starting out.n 

    If you need help with creating a story and characters, I'm the guy you can talk to.

    Here's My way of creating a character from scratch:

    Start with a sketches of what you have in your mind. Here's an example:

    I want an earnest, calm but determined character...Hmm. I'll start with the clothes i think that type of person would wear...blah blah go on from there. Eye's, how they'd wear their hair, and waht shoes they'd wear. Basics...

    Now that you've done a sketch, creating the actual personality of the character is a lot easier now. Here's a template i HIGHLY reccommend using:

    [Character Name] 






    With that template, fill it in with what kind of character you want to create.

    Here's an example:

    Izuku Midoriya

    July 15th

    Wants: To become the greatest hero and save people with a smile

    Needs: A mentor to guide him with training, a role model

    Modivation: To get better with his quirk and rise above his weakness.

    Weakness: He goes over the top sometimes and hurts himself a lot because of that.

    There you go! I hope this helps, as you mentioned you have trouble with the story aspect of creating manga...

    Needn any specific tips? Message me whenever! Thanks and remember to go beyond, PLUS ULTRA!! :)

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    • That's good then.  Something to think about when world building is how the appearance of the weather men effected society. Like, did it effect it in a good way or possibly set society back a few steps, and they had to deal with it. 

      But yeah this story is coming along GREAT! I'm pumped to see how you buid upon the world, characters and narative. 

      One question...How will you start publishing the chapters? My personal plan with my series is to post them on my own website with ads, to gain revenue. Give the chapters for free on the day they come out, then price them afterwards. People can subscribe to get free chapters weekly/monthly or something. So, what's your plan? I wanna be able to read this someday.

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    • My plan was to get the preface done and chapter 1 started. I quite probably will post them on Deviant Art and in a youtube video with a voice over. I always draw my panels on paper first and then take a photo and trace over that in Krita. All my colouring is done through MediBang Pro. I'm not sure how I will properly publish it but I was thinking of trying to make a video (speed paint of the characters, with voice over of the preface and chapter 1 as well as comments) and possibly an animatic of the preface with voice over. But of course the manga comes first. If you have any ideas on how you think I could publish it once the preface is done I'd love to hear it.

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