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  • I knew that there was an unnecessary article, but the thought crossed my mind. Thank you for reminding me :)

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  • Hi Solipsius,

    it's 0 creativity boy here, i'm sorry to bother you, could you send me the evolved versions of the quirks you suggested me for the op/rp?

    Thank you for all your assistance :)

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    • Sure, no problem...
      Either by being artificially enhanced, or by long training, here are the Quirks with their limiters removed and potential fullfilled:

      Shadow Soul: Full Potential

      • The user can now casually exist outside of shadows, only needing them to sleep.
      • Melancholia: This secret aspect allows the user to darken mind and induce extreme depression and weariness on anyone by releasing shadow out of their body. The reach of this ability is greatly improved if the user uses already existing shadow to engulf their target in darkness.
      • They can also use the shadows they are part of to blind others.
      • Needless to say, the speed, range and overall ability to teleport and move through shadows is increased with the skill the user possesses.

      Monument: Full Potential

      • The user is able to accelerate very heavy objects, in any direction they choose.
      • The user can also accelerate great number of objects, if they are in their vicinity.
      • Activating this ability while touching their target also allows the user to change its direction after launching it.
      • The user can also accelerate fluids, allowing them to create powerful waves of water or shockwaves of air.
      • Dissever: By touching a stationary object, the user can use this ability to accelerate only a part of the object, seperating it as if it was cut out with a knife, while the rest of the object remains stationary. This can also be used to cut out multiple pieces out of the object at once.

      Counterweight: Full Potential

      • The user can now increase weight of any number of parts of their body, or the entire body at once.
      • They can very precisely modulate this increase and maintain it for a long period of time.
      • The user can also apply this ability on other objects, for as long as they are touching them. After losing contact, it's only a matter of seconds before the weight of the object returns to normal.
      • Neutron Star: A special aspect that can only be utilized by true master of this Quirk. By increasing and concentrating their weight as much as they can and then channeling it to the ground, the user can alter local gravitational field. They can, for a short time, increase gravity of their surroundings many times over, to a point where bones of other humans will break by sheer force of the gravity. This move, however, will exhaust the user greatly and render their ability inactive for a short period of time.

      Bunsen Burner: Full Potential

      • The user can create much more powerful and larger streams of fire, as well as control the direction of the fire they produce. They can make fire whips and fireballs with great ease and with great effectivity.
      • Bunsen Blade: This special aspect uses the highest temperature reachable by this Quirk. By releasing jet flame from all of their fingers, the user can create a powerful flame sword. This move requires trained hands, so that the jets can remain close together and the sword's shape is not disrupted. Successful usage means gaining a weapon that can cut through a metal beam like knife through butter.
      • Overcombustion: This move could be considered a final trumph card. As this Quirk uses the user's stamina as a metaphorical gas tank, this move ignites the entire gas tank into tremendous explosion, that completely scorches and burns to crisp everything in the user's vicinity. While there is only a handful of powerful people capable of surviving such an explosion, it also takes great toll on user's body. Using this move can lead to severe burns on the user's body and will drain their stamina to the point of falling unconscious after usage. It also takes longer time before the user can use their Quirk again.

      White Knight: Full Potential

      • The user can generate immense amounts of chalk and manipulate its shape and movement.
      • The user can harden their chalk by compressing the material they produce, making their chalk much less brittle and stronger.
      • The user can also turn the chalk into dust and use it to suffocate others.
      • Chalk Element: Mastering this Quirk allows the user to become chalk. They can turn their body into chalk for a short amount of time, making themselves essentially invincible. Any damage done to them in this form can be repaired by simply fusing broken parts together or making new ones out of chalk. This form has a time limit and if the user's body isn't put together when the time is up, they will receive the damage.
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  • Hey. Just wanted to ask you to please avoid moving pages without using the Rename feature - if it's not working it's better to wait until it's back on air or contact wikia support in case it's an issue with you in particular (it works just fine for me, for some reason). Also, please use the {{delete}} template to mark articles for deletion so that me or another Admin can see it even if we're no online at the moment.


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    • I do understand your point and it would indeed be much better, however, it would take quite a bit of time for you to manually replace every link in the wiki leading to Desutegoro. Until you did that, the wiki would be left with several links leading to blank pages. So at least while you do that job, please leave the to-be-deleted pages as redirects so readers won't be led to dead-end pages.

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    • Alrighty, you're the boss.

      Million thanks for letting me work on this wikia, it's awesome to be here :)

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