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  • Hey, I see that your currently ignoring Ushi's warning about causing an "edit war" on Midnight's page. Most of the character pages don't need a photo for their Quirk section because the section itself is small and used more for the Quirk page. We had a issue yesterday where someone went into all the character pages and added a Quirk image where we had to revert which is why we are very strict about it. If you want a good example of when a Quirk image is reasonable is Izuku's page which has a full breakdown of his Quirk / Super Moves. As usually main characters will have more Quirk / Super Move information please don't attempt to increase what is already stated for the sake of adding an image.

    Thank you.

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    • From what I remember, her page had that photo/gif for ages, with no one complaining about it. I reverted what I saw as an unnecessary edit.

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    • That page was like that for awhile, which is why I explained what caused the sudden change to the page yet you refused to listen and continuously undid the edit.

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    • The only edit I saw from you was at 9:28 pm (my time). Sorry, a few wikis that I follow occasionally have people doing silly edits, and then undoing any attempts to revert the pages. I thought that's what was happening here. 

      Although, I do feel like Nemuri's Quirk Section could do with a bit of fleshing out. We know a lot about her quirk, so, I think the section should reflect that.

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